Will COVID-19 Pandemic Change Our World Permanently?

Last Updated 23.03.2020
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With social distancing and self isolation now the new norm will the way we live ever be the same?

There is no doubt the world today is quite different. There is also little question in anyone’s mind about the changes COVID-19 pandemic brought upon our society and its functions.TAIMI — the world’s first LGBTQI+ Social Network and Dating App reminds everyone that social distancing and self isolation are currently the best tools to stop and prevent the further spread of the virus.Both CDC and WHO have clear instructions on the proper hand washing techniques, things you can do to avoid catching the new strain of coronavirus and what to do if you suspect that you have been affected by COVID-19.Certainly, dating seems like the last thing people want to be doing these days. Indeed, a huge change to how people communicate and start relationships is already evident. The recent boom in sex toys sales is a testament to that. Recently, NYC Health Department issued a warning about sex, and guess who is the safest person to make love to these days? Yourself!!! name="5dba" id="5dba" class="graf graf--figure graf--iframe graf-after--p">So, people are going to stay indoors, stay away from one-another and stay in by themselves. However, the basic need for human connection we all have won’t go anywhere!Despite the global COVID-19 pandemic, people are still in need of interaction and communication. Although, it may seem odd looking for a partner during the pandemic it may end up as an interesting story in the long run.Before the COVID-19 most dating apps with TAIMI being no exception were used as an introductory platform. People matched, chatted and scheduled in-person dates and meetings. However, TAIMI is not just a LGBTQI+ dating app it is also a social network that always gave people an opportunity connect in many ways online prior to meeting up.TAIMI’s users are able to share stories, post the latest news, update each other, chat, and video call. Today amid the pandemic TAIMI’s features are offering people different ways to find that human connection we are all longing for.
We encourage our users to limit face-to-face contact in order to prevent catching the virus. We would rather see you catch feelings and develop them over chatting and video calling on TAIMI.So, use the features to avoid (for now) getting to know each other in person. Don’t force it, this may end up a healthy communication that leads to a long-lasting, meaningful relationship.Click here to get TAIMI now!If you’re already with us make sure to follow us on social media Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all our latest info!

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