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The best bisexual dating app for LGBTQ+ people offering amazing online dating experience with livestreaming features.
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Free Bisexual Dating App With Benefits

For many bisexual people, signing up for online dates is not on the list of priorities. Bisexuality is an identity that has long been undervalued in the world for not being straight or queer enough. That is why Taimi prides itself on providing an incredible journey into the dating world. The app is truly an online dating platform for bi singles.

The platform provides a range of services aimed at bisexual men and bi ladies to connect, start dating, find love. The social network gives daters a free online resource to voice their thoughts, join communities, interact, meet the right partner for them while dating online.

User-Friendly Features

Are you new to the world of bisexuality? Looking for new dating opportunities, but don’t know where? Here is a quick guide to the features that set Taimi apart from other bisexual dating sites.


This is where to communicate with bi people. Discovery is full of opportunities. Bisexual users on the dating app can set dating preferences, sexual orientation options, age, locations, even sexual preferences.

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Live Streams

This feature sets Taimi apart from top popular dating apps. Livestreams offer a great way to connect with the bisexual community. Talk about bisexual romance or give advice for a someone planning to come out of the closet.

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Taimi is among the best bisexual dating apps because the dating platform provides an experience beyond bisexual dates. Find the latest stories, follow, comment, enjoy the world of dating to the fullest.

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Video Calls and Private Messages

A bisexual women can make a video call or send a private message to female users. Bi men can also use the feature to connect with gay and bi curious men.

Don’t go yet! There’s plenty fish in the sea! Download Taimi app to find your love!

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Discover Bisexual Passion

There is a misconception that a bisexual person is always looking for a polyamorous relationship in a bisexual chat. Bisexual people are the largest part of LGBTQ community, but often do not find the need to come out because of stereotypes associated with bisexuality. Sometimes online, women will be invited for sexual encounters with a couple just because they identify as a bisexual. Often dating services ignore the needs of bisexual users.

This is why Taimi is unique and different from bisexual sites. The app allows bisexual singles to meet. A bisexual girl on online dating site may encounter couples seeking a third wheel. Not on our dating app! Quite on the contrary a bi woman logging onto Taimi will come upon a relationship with bisex or lesbian women, not straight couples mandating a threesome.

Talking to people on a dating service may be a tough sell for LGBTQ+ folks. On our social network and dating app everyone is welcome regardless of their sexual orientation. This is a social platform that is by far the best bisexual products out there.

How To Get Started on Taimi


Download Taimi Today

The best LGBTQ+ product for bisexual singles available in the AppStore or Google Play. Taimi is the platform for real relationships.


Set up Your Dating Profile

Describe yourself, put up a fun picture, set your couples goals, write about your likes and dislikes, share interesting information about your hobbies and talents.


Find Love on Taimi

Join the home of diversity. This is where LGBTQ+ individuals can start livestreams, become group members, comment on posts, connect and fall in love!

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An App To Find The One

The search for the partner of a lifetime can be exhausting, especially for bisexuals. Couples often breakup because of too much- too soon. This is why on Taimi we give our users the ability to connect and interact as much as possible. Starting with icebreakers and finishing up with video calls and livestreams, the LGBTQ+ social network is the perfect space for those identifying as bi to get their match.

Safe Dating Site for LGBTQ+ Folks

This is a safe and secure space where interactions range from likes to long talks about life, an app where no matter your gender or sexuality - all are welcome. Whether you are a bi man seeking a gay man or a bisexual woman looking for a lesbian lover, Taimi offers many ways to be a part of a nurturing community.

The Perfect Setting for Bisexual Singles

Bisexual people often face the stigma of being promiscuous on dating sites. On our platform bisexual daters have the ability to communicate with people who enjoy bisexual dating. We understand that finding the one takes time and effort for a bi person, this knowledge makes our product the best place for bisexual men and girls to connect with all genders, and interact with members of the LGBTQ+ community on different levels.

Still not convinced if Taimi’s the Dating app for you?

We’ve got something that might tilt the odds in our favor. Read about how other bisexual people experienced our app, and let these testimonials inspire you to get started on Taimi today. Who knows what’s in store for you?

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Get The Most out of Bisexual Dating Websites

Far too many times users with the best profile are looking for the one on all the wrong dating apps. Taimi is the world's largest LGBTQ+ social platform with features that stand out from other dating apps.

The dating site allows millions to find not only partners and become couples, but also discover friends, join groups, and watch interesting livestreams to follow. Whether meeting the one is on top of your list or not, on Taimi you will reach friendly, fun, exciting people on many levels.

Dating apps can be a daunting experience with options that are confusing and even repulsive. Sometimes bi singles face hurdles in the dating area because of their identity.

On Taimi, which is a safe and secure space for all LGBTQ+ folks. The platform provides a place of inclusivity and diversity. It is a product that helps everyone who is seeking a connection meet amazing persons to have the best relationships with.

Taimi: Influencers View

Taimi is such a fun, easy app to use when I want to connect with people in my community. The new Taimi app offers a pleasing experience when it comes to meeting new friends. Sign up and enjoy.
Jerry Elliott
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Michael Albert
Taimi allows me to personalize my profile in a way that makes me feel well represented and confident when talking to new people. You can even add your zodiac sign! This Pisces is sold.
Taimi has been a great tool for me to connect with guys both locally and across the globe. The app's commitment to security, safety and authenticity in dating is unmatched and it certainly shows with the quality of guys I have been able to meet through using Taimi.
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Scott Frenzel

The Bisexual App To Change Your Dating Life

Whether you are seeking a serious relationship or friendship, this is the app to take you on a dating adventure of a lifetime.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

LGBTQ+ people can use the social platform to make connections of all kinds. On Taimi, bisexuals can find both friendship and relationships. The product offers many options for bisexuals like private messages, video calls, groups. It also provides a space to be themselves, celebrate their bisexual identity, be vocal about it, share their opinions and thoughts.

Unlike what many believe, being a member of a gay dating website has a lot of benefits. The most obvious advantage is that they provide a place for men who identify as gay to meet other men. No bar or blind date can replace the convenience of online dating sites: modern dating is all about swipes, matches, and instant messaging through dating apps.

Bisexual women and men are the largest community of LGBTQ+ individuals. They often hide their identity because of the fear of being judged. There are many bi folks who shy away from disclosing their true sexuality. There are just as many bi guys who do not speak of their real feelings towards the same sex. Taimi has many bisexuals registered on the app!

The world’s largest LGBTQ+ online platform that features a social network, livestreaming, dating and more is free. The product offers the most secure user experience on the market with many verification layers like 24/7 profile moderation, PIN/Fingerprint/FaceID, live support staff that answer all user messages. The free version is available for both Android and iOS operating systems.

To use Taimi you do not need a Premium account since the online dating app and social platform for LGBTQ+ persons is completely free to download. There is a premium subscription available to users. The subscription offers an enhanced experience on the product for LGBTQ+ people.

The premium subscription allows you to access features unavailable or limited in the free version of the app.

The Perfect Setting for Bisexual Singles

Bisexual people often face the stigma of being promiscuous on dating sites. On our platform bisexual daters have the ability to communicate with people who enjoy bisexual dating. We understand that finding the one takes time and effort for a bi person, this knowledge makes our product the best place for bisexual men and girls to connect with all genders, and interact with members of the LGBTQ+ community on different levels.

Bisexual Dating Opportunities Galore

We realize that bisexuality is one of the most misunderstood identities even among the best bisexual dating sites out there. Bisexuality is a real identity, not a phase that will magically have the person turn either gay or straight after it passes. So, couples looking for a bi friend may simply be stuck with the wrong dating advice.

In fact, looking for a date for bisexual women and men may prove to be quite hard. This is where our app focuses on providing quality relationships ranging from friendly acquaintance to love. Here, you can join groups, comment, create posts, meet like-minded men and women. Livestream and video call, message and like each other as much as you want. This is the place to explore the options available on dating sites. There are no limits, no questions, and no rules when it comes to falling in love for bi couples.

The Dating App To Be Yourself

If you think you are alone on bisexual dating apps, rest assured there are thousands of other bisexual+ folks in the world of dating sites. Many of them are on our platform. Bisexuality is a complex identity with factors that go beyond liking a boy or a girl.

This is the LGBTQ+ product that offers the space to be open, free, true to yourself and your feelings. The app allows bi women and men to share their thoughts and talents, to showcase their uniqueness in a manner that is right for them. Knowing that you are safe and secure on the app while discussing queer life, makes the experience all the more special.

A Different Kind of Bisexual Dating Site

The social platform provides a safe and secure space for all people regardless of where they identify on the gender and sexuality spectrum. Our product that stands for diversity and inclusivity in all its senses. The app that featured events with LGBTQ+ celebs is known for great features and options that are available to bisexual people.

What sets our product apart is that we know what it is like to be different. We love people for who they are, bisexuals are not gay, they are not straight either, and that is wonderful because in the world of Taimi - all colors of the Rainbow are welcome!

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