An LGBTQ+ Dating App Free From Hetero Limits

Taimi stands out because it is truly LGBTQ+ centered. Designed to curate flexible dating and sexual experiences for lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, and others who don’t identify as cis-het.
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Taimi – Embrace Your Identity, Fluidity, Diversity and Connect

If you are looking for a dating app that embraces diversity and inclusivity for the entire LGBTQ+ spectrum, then you have found it.

If you are looking for an LGBT dating app that fosters deep connections and bonds – emotional, intellectual, social, and communal, then you have found it.

Discover a dating world in an app that transcends all boundaries, where you are free to be who you are at any given time, to make respectful and genuine connections, and to evolve in a welcoming and safe dating platform.

Why Choose Taimi as Your LGBTQ+ Dating App?

  • Bios designed to embrace your queer identity. Your bio allows you to choose your gender identity, sexuality, and pronouns to show the world exactly who you are.

Taimi Has Just What You Are Looking For

How do we know this? Because our app was developed and continues to be improved by input from members of the LGBTQ+ community. We listen to you all along the way. When you keep in touch with us, ask questions, and make suggestions, we listen. Tell us what you want your best dating app to offer or improve, and watch that happen.



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Member Reviews

Our users write exceptional Trustpilot and SiteJabber reviews of their experiences on the Taimi app. They tell their stories of love, acceptance, respect, and success in finding the relationships they have longed for. All of this is in a safe LGBTQ environment that values them for who they are now and who they may become. This cannot always be said about other dating sites.

Rating title

I had such a good experience with their live support! They are very helpful people; I like this app a lot.


I came to NYC without any contacts a couple months ago and have found a good circle of people. It's also easy to put the profile together so you specify what you're looking for.


Oh I am new to dating apps and this is easy to use and set the profile! I like how quickly you get to liking pictures and talk to people without writing about yourself forever haha.


I love how you set up your profile with those emojis, so cute! I like the instant messages below the pics as well so I can just tap and send something quick to whoever I like!


This is a great experience. I'm feeling well when I text with someone on Taimi. We respect each other.


Found eachother! Thank you, Taimi!


Julia was amazing!!! She helped me go through something personal with fraudulent activity. She’s calm and makes the best advice you hope for.


I found my now fiance on this app an we've been together for almost a year its such a good app an iv usebit for years

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How it works

1. Download the Taimi App

Visit the App Store or the Google Play Store to download Taimi.

2. Register

Take a few minutes to complete your bio, verify your face, share your location, and talk about your dating goals.

3. Upload Content And Share Your Identity

Got amazing pics? Put ‘em here!

4. Get Out there and find someone!

It’s why you’re here! Like the folx you vibe with and ask them out!

You Have Questions; We Have Answers.

When members of the LGBTQ+ community join the Taimi community and download our app, it is only natural that they have questions about how everything works. Here is a compilation of the most frequently asked questions our new members have. If yours is not answered here, contact our support team.

Taimi is a fully inclusive dating app, serving the entire spectrum of LGBTQ+ identities. It operates as a dating app, of course, but it is also a social platform, supporting networking and building a strong community among all of its members.

Taimi is best known for its safe and welcoming environment – an app that brings comfort and acceptance to all of its users.

Taimi's app has several protocols and features in place to protect its users:

  • It verifies the identities of all bios and profiles and eliminates fake profiles
  • It provides secure messaging features for privacy protection
  • It offers members personal and customized privacy settings

In short, Taimi ensures that its users are who they say they are and then allows those users to have as much privacy as they want. You won't find this on many other dating sites.

Taimi welcomes a user pool from anywhere on the LGBTQ+ spectrum. This means any gender identities and sexualities, and anyone who is gender fluid and/or seeking their identity. Many other dating apps only serve certain segments of the LGBTQ+ population.

Taimi's app has strict policies in place forbidding any intolerance, judgment, criticism, or discrimination within its community. Violators receive disciplinary action including cease and desist warnings, suspension, and expulsion.

Absolutely, yes. Within the community are those who seek friendships, and casual connections all the way to serious relationships and marriage, and everything in between. Again, there are never any judgments regarding the type of relationship any user may look for. All sexuality options are embraced.

Many other dating apps cater to only one category on the spectrum. Other dating apps serve some but not all. Taimi sees the entire community as just that – a community that embraces every gender identity and sexuality. We foster acceptance, tolerance, and respect for everyone using our app.

Taimi supports and partners with a number of LGBTQ+ advocacy groups, such as GLAAD and the Trevor Project, as well as organizations in many other countries, in order to be a loud voice in the goals of equality, tolerance, and acceptance. Other LGBTQ+ dating apps have a much narrower focus, promoting their own app but not the broader goals of the community.

Taimi is free to join, and that free version includes many features for which other dating apps charge. There is also a fee-based premium membership that unlocks additional features, at reasonable pricing. Once you have downloaded our app and begun to explore its features, you can choose to remain in the free domain or enhance your options through the premium app membership.

Protecting user personal data is one of our top priorities. All user information is stored via the most sophisticated technology and is never shared with anyone else. We also urge our users not to reveal their personal information to anyone on our app until they are comfortable doing so.

Success stories

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Honestly, it was funny that the two of us found ea...
08 Jan 2024
Ashley and Chelsea
My name is Ashley and I met Chelsea via Taimi app....
08 Jan 2024
Asher and Joy
Hi ! So me Asher age 22 and her joy age 21 downloa...
08 Jan 2024
Alyssa and Sarai
I will forever be grateful for TAIMIOne day I got ...
08 Jan 2024

Building a Community Where Everyone is Comfortable

The team at Taimi sincerely believes that dating should be a fun, affirming, and worry-free experience for everyone. We also understand that this isn’t always the case for members of the LGBTQ+ community. When you feel uncomfortable sharing, it feels impossible to be who you truly are, and to connect with others authentically. It's so important to have queer spaces that are genuinely inclusive.

This is what we have built in Taimi. This is your space to be who you are without fear of judgment, bullying, or harassment. We affirm that our community includes CIS, nonbinary, trans, and all other gender identities. Each has a place here. Come to Taimi where you can feel free to be who you are. Check us out on The App Store or Google Play!

Our Support

Welcome to our gallery of experiences, where we take pride in the thoughts of our clients. Here, you'll find more than just reviews; you'll discover stories of satisfaction and success that inspire us to become better every day. Our clients are not just service users; they are part of our shared history.

Tetiana Lavrichenko
Support Team Lead
Tetiana Lavrichenko
Support Team Lead
Spreading positivity and ensuring comfort and joy for our users 💜
Pushing for the representation of LGBTQIA+ values in every aspect 🌈
Nurturing love and diversity through inclusivity 💜
Protecting our users and doing everything possible to make their experience here as enjoyable as possible! ✨❤️
Championing LGBTQIA+ rights: Your voice, our commitment—equality in every interaction!
Setting the seal on a secure and welcoming environment through thoughtful content moderation 🫶🏻 💚
Any LGBTQ+ Identity is Welcome and Safe

We are a gathering space for everyone – gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, queer, fluid, seekers of identity, and anyone else on the full LGBTQ+ spectrum.

Each of our members has their own unique needs for friendships, connections, sexual and/or romantic relationships, and more. And Taimi honors and values every one of these and the members who claim them.

When a member crafts their profile and states their preferences, we go right to work. Our legacy algorithm takes that data, analyzes it, and then makes suggestions for matches that “fit the bill.” No matter where you sit on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, you will find others who share your preferences. Other apps do not always have the matching sophistication that ours does.

All Members are Safe and Secure

At Taimi, you can be just who you are without any worry about criticism, judgment, or harassment. We have created this space with policies and protocols that enforce zero tolerance for any inappropriate behavior.

You are free to be who you are, to express yourself, to connect and converse with who you want.

The other prong of our safety protocol is the full protection of your personal information. You do have to provide it, just as all members do. After all, we have to verify identities to prevent a fake profile from slipping through. Your personal information is securely held and will never be revealed to anyone else – count on it.

Taimi Makes it Easy and Fun

Using dating apps to find friendships, connections, and love should be easy, and it should be fun. We have designed our dating app so that you can navigate around seamlessly. And we want our users to have fun with their experiences on the Taimi app.

You can go through profiles, send messages, flirt, and choose those you want to get to know better. You can chat, instant message, and even have video chats – whichever method suits you best. Ask questions, share jokes, and see if this choice is someone you want to pursue more.

In short, have fun.

Everyone’s Experience is Personalized

You are a unique individual with unique needs and desires. You want connections and relationships that meet those. We want that for you too. That’s why we have put into place advanced algorithms to find matches that meet your vibe, your lifestyle, and your preferences.

It doesn’t matter what you are looking for – a hookup, a friend, a casual dating relationship, or a serious long-term relationship, partnership or marriage, you are bound to find it here at Taimi.

You’ll Be Part of a Supportive Community

In a world where the LGBTQ+ are often the victims of intolerance, discrimination, bullying, and harassment, Taimi is a sanctuary – an inclusive society of sorts. Here, members can share their stories, their experiences, and find happiness in who they are and who they want to be.

Here, members have access to articles that provide information, tips, and strategies for living their best lives. Here, members have full freedom to express themselves without fear of judgment.

We are all part of a community that has come together to promote the health and well-being of one another. It’s a great feeling.

And should you feel anxious, stressed, or “out of sorts,” someone is always there. No matter where you may be physically, if you have downloaded our app on your mobile device, Taimi is only a couple of clicks away.

Speaking of Support, Our Staff Has Your Back

Problems with your registration, bio, or profile creation? Problems navigating throughout the site? Difficulty editing your profile or uploading new content or photos?

Not to worry. All you need to do is get in touch with our support desk. It’s available 24/7, and there will always be live people ready to resolve any issue or answer any question you have. Unlike other dating sites, we do not use bots to respond to our members. You’ll always have a fully trained and knowledgeable person on hand.

We Have Community Rules

Because many online dating apps don't monitor their user accounts or behaviors well enough, members can be subject to fakes, scams, trolling, catfishing, and more. In these environments, online dating can become a bit of a minefield. And a potential date in real life can even become dangerous.

This doesn't happen on Taimi's dating app. Not only do we want to ensure that our user base has a safe space in which to explore LGBTQ+ dating, but we also have community rules for behavior. These are stricter than those of most dating apps, but our user base deserves protection.

We urge all of our members to review these rules. They include such things as being honest and genuine while dating to more serious behaviors involving obscenity, harassment, promotion of products, services, or another social app, threatening statements, and more. LGBTQ+ dating on dating apps should not be a "free for all" for anyone to behave in a way that would injure someone else, emotionally or physically.

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