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4.8 out of 5
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An ocean of benefits in an exclusively gay dating package

Whether you are seeking a lifelong partner or casual dating, you will find exactly what you are looking for here. With the largest and most diverse dating pool on the planet, finding your match(es) will be a breeze. And when you experience our top technology, you will see how easy it is to navigate through all of our features.

You have lots of options with all of the functions we offer. Sign up now, let us know who you are looking for, and let the matches roll in. As you get to know our unique dating app, you will enjoy its many great features. Taimi is your perfect fit.

Features? We’re Loaded

Taimi’s gay dating app operates like a well-oiled machine with each of its features working together to offer the best of its kind on the market.

Rich Profile Development

Your profile is the second thing that a potential date will see (your photos are first). Check all of the boxes for the general, common things. Then, follow our prompts and suggestions to create your perfect narrative.

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All dating apps have a message feature. But Taimi gives you full safety and security - you can talk freely and openly about anything - get as intimate as you want, knowing no one else will see. Now that’s freedom.

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Video Calls

Ready to go beyond just messaging? Have at it. These calls take place right on our gay app with the same privacy your messages get. You are free to have your own “show and tell” sessions on your terms.

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Video calls and private messages

What kind of dating site doesn’t have these specific features? It’s not Taimi, that’s certain. These fun features help you get in touch with old and new friends, hookups, dates, and partners.

Don’t go yet! There’s plenty fish in the sea! Download Taimi app to find your love!

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Vitor Rocha, 31


John Frew, 24


Anthony Tully, 27


Have you tried other gay dating sites with no success? Then it’s time to try Taimi.

Gay men the world over struggle to find their perfect matches on other dating apps. A lot of this is because their technology is old and outdated. The Finder feature at Taimi takes matching to a new level of the gay chat experience with state-of-the-art technology. We continue to monitor your likes and dislikes, your profile updates, and anything you post on our social features, and then churn that information to filter and refine your matches. In short, the more you use Tami, the better your matches will be. It’s all very scientific, and it takes gay dating to a whole new level.

Our Finder technology is what has drawn over 11 million members of the LGBTQ+ community to our doors. They find long-lasting love; they find casual dating relationships; they find friendships; they find one-night hookups.

And best of all, they find a huge community of caring, open-minded, welcoming souls who find their perfect matches but also participate in the social aspects of Taimi. As a gay man joining Taimi, you, too, will find your perfect match(es) and all of the other love and friendship that our community offers.

What are You Waiting For? Three simple steps will get you the best gay dating app ever


Download the Taimi app

Nothing happens until you have the app. Go to the Google Pay or App store for the free download and begin your amazing journey into our gay world.


Set up your account

Come up with a catchy and memorable username. You can always add stuff to your account as you go.


Find love and more

Get ready to find just what you are looking for- serious relationship, light dating, hookups, or just friendships. Your matches are waiting for you

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Its friendly and kind users are who make Taimi one of the best gay dating sites

You may be frustrated that you have tried a bunch of other online dating sites/apps and come away with nothing for your time and trouble. What you want is something different – great conversations, other gays who get you, and a safe and secure environment for privacy.

Taimi understands all of this and has designed its gay dating experience to be fun and exciting. You will be introduced to the perfect matches that our sophisticated technology finds.

Are you ready for the best dating experience of your life? Start your journey now.

What Other Dating Platforms Lack, We Have Filled In

You may be looking for a serious relationship, casual and light dating, friendships, or just a social outlet. At Taimi, you will have it all.

We will become your one-stop shop for every dating need and want, once you are onboard and steering your own ship around. There’s nothing better than Taimi.

You Older Males? Our App Ocean is Deep and Wide

Age is an attitude, not just a number. If you are older and think gay dating apps aren’t for you, think again. We have a pretty big community of older gays still looking for everything regarding senior gay dating: from long-term relationships to casual hookups, to friendships, and anything in between. This is no time to be shy. Put yourself out there and join in. We are a social app as well as a dating site - You’ll find whatever you want.

You Asian Gay Men? Plenty of Action Right Here

The LGBTQ community is a diverse one indeed, and Taimi celebrates that diversity with full inclusion. Whether you are Asian, East Indian, Muslim, Black, Latino, Native American, or anything else, you are welcome here. What’s more? We have members worldwide, anywhere you are or plan to be. You’ll learn that our open community is full of members ready to find you for an amazing asian gay dating experience. Come on in - the water’s fine.

Wondering about what Taimi has in store for you?

Discover what people think about Taimi, and let their testimonials inspire you to begin your own adventure. Their success stories could be yours - the only thing between you and a bright future is an “Install” button.

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4.8 out of 5

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Taimi is such a fun, easy app to use when I want to connect with people in my community. The new Taimi app offers a pleasing experience when it comes to meeting new friends. Sign up and enjoy.

Jerry Elliott
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Michael Albert

Taimi allows me to personalize my profile in a way that makes me feel well represented and confident when talking to new people. You can even add your zodiac sign! This Pisces is sold.

Taimi has been a great tool for me to connect with guys both locally and across the globe. The app's commitment to security, safety and authenticity in dating is unmatched and it certainly shows with the quality of guys I have been able to meet through using Taimi.

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Scott Frenzel

Taimi is more than an ocean of gay men looking for love and dates. It’s a world of love and acceptance

Stop surfing the web for gay dating apps - you’ve already found an app that is the perfect fit. Try our free version first and move on up to the premium to access everything done here. Bring that surfboard to shore - we are a grand beachfront resort with all the amenities.

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Here are some common questions we get about Taimi and its app. If yours is not among them, reach out.

We have become the largest LGBTQ dating app on the planet with over 15 million users worldwide. They stay because we offer everything they want in a dating app, and then some. No matter where a user is or what they are looking for, it’s all here.

Let’s recap what this page has told you. App sign-up is free; your account is easily changed and modified. Our top technology keeps refining the matches we send you. You can participate in discussions and online events. Choose to go stealth and only be seen by those you choose. And, you have options for communicating privately - messages and video calls - or by going public with participation in our social groups.

We are in 138 countries and support all major languages and even some others, like Finnish. When we make plans to expand our app into a new country, we also make sure that we present the app in the language of that country. The number of languages we support is constantly growing.

If you could spend a day in our IT department, you would understand how we protect the safety and privacy of our LGBTQ community. We encrypt your personal information and keep checking and verifying user information, so nothing fake is posted. You won’t find fake profiles on this app, and we also have a process for photo verification as well.

For privacy, your messaging, phone calls, video conversations, and such only go to those you want., and they are also protected by our security measures - your communication is only between you and your date.

We have more than 15 million active users and allies of the LGBTQ community. And we are nowhere near finished. As we move into new countries and regions around the globe, our user base grows. Will we ever stop? Not as long as there are people of any gender identity looking to date. Other apps may reach their limit - we never will. We will always work to be the best gay dating site wherever we go. And so far, we have been.

Nothing. Join free, set up your account, and start the whole matching process. You’ll enjoy lots of free features with your account. Most users move to our premium features because there’s just more to do and see. Even then, your subscription is reasonable and well worth it. But if the free version is working for you, then just stay there. Among the best gay dating apps for the entire LGBTQ community, Taimi ranks first, by a long shot, even when only the free version is used.

We All Need to Connect

We lead busy lives in a world that has become increasingly digital. Our phones go everywhere with us, and we use them to shop, to get our news, to do our banking, and to order food. All of these things we used to do in person, and we connected with other people, if only for very short periods of time. Those connections are missing from our lives now.

And yet, connecting with others on a personal level is a human need. And that is why online dating sites have become so popular, in fact, the preferred method for so many to make those human connections, gays included. In fact, as of the end of 2021, 55% of the LGBTQ community is involved in online dating, most often through dating apps on their phones, but also through dating sites accessed via their computers.

Connecting with others satisfies a strong emotional need that people cannot find anywhere else. And it satisfies the types of needs that all kinds of different people have - casual friendships and hookups, exploring the possibility of some short-term connections, or serious relationships that are long-lasting. And for people who use the best gay dating sites or apps, finding potential matches is much more streamlined and efficient.

Let Taimi Help You

Among all of the best dating apps, Taimi stands out as the absolute top dating platform for gay singles. Here you can enter and register for free, navigate through our site, and start your dating experience immediately. Our gay user base is huge, and so are your potential matches. Join for free. Become one of our active users, create a solid, exciting profile, and then navigate all around our dating site to find all that we offer. In the meantime, your matches will begin to come through, and you are on your way. As you use our app, we will continue to collect your publicly shared information, feed that information into our database, and then further filter your matches.

Among Online Dating Apps, You Just Can’t Ask for More Than you Get Here

Once you are on board, you will begin to get to know us. And the more you get to know us, the more you will see that the Taimi app is the only one you will ever need. Forget those other dating apps - they will never be able to do what we do. Taimi has it all and does it all - and it’s all about you and the larger gay community. Our mission never changes - to offer every member an amazing dating experience, no matter what they are looking for. As a dating app for gay men, it just doesn’t get any better.

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