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Are you tired of the same old lesbian dating apps? Taimi offers a great change of pace, people, and experiences.
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The biggest dating platform for lesbian women you'll ever use

Get ready for a lesbian dating site like you've never seen before. Taimi offers an ocean of advantages to its users. Everything you do on this free site opens you to new people and relationships. No matter what it is that you want, you'll certainly find it on Taimi. Whether you're looking for a partner for casual dating or a serious relationship, we'll give you what you want.

Plus, Taimi is a dating app created for everyone. Unlike many other online dating sites you don't need to pay anything to use our dating app. That is unless you go beyond the app's free version and choose a premium version instead.

Features that make Taimi the dating app everyone loves

The Taimi app's features are its bread and butter. Here are the features that make Taimi one of the best dating apps on the market and what put it on top.


The Discovery feature gives you access to single lesbians who put themselves out there. This is also where you can find friends and kindred spirits. On Discovery, you swipe to let someone know you're interested.

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Live Streams

Did you know that you can go live and share what you're currently experiencing with other lesbians? Whether it's a beautiful beach or an uplifting story, this is how you let everyone know what you're witnessing.

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Do you also want to share other things that aren't happening live? The feed is the place for that. The feed also acts as a social network for all lesbian personals.

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Video Calls and Private Messages

Finally, what makes Taimi the best dating platform for queer women is its easy-to-use and intuitive video calls and private messaging feature. It's one of the most secure systems on the internet, plus it's fun to use.

Don’t go yet! There’s plenty fish in the sea! Download Taimi app to find your love!

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A finder to help you meet local women and women from other parts of the world

Are you resurfacing from a bad breakup or traumatic experience? Taimi brings new meaning to the phrase "many other fish in the sea." Yet, the extensive communities of Taimi and other sites are essentially useless without a good finder. The finders on the typical dating sites and apps are often the same. Taimi uses some factors of the other successful finders and then adds its unique matcher to increase the chances of good matches.

Our finder is what makes Taimi one of the best lesbian dating apps out there. It uses a complicated matchmaking algorithm that ensures everyone finds the person with whom they match best. However, like other popular lesbian dating apps, you need to use Taimi frequently. The more you use Taimi, the more it begins to know you and understand your tastes. With more usage over time, your matches will become more and more accurate.

The finder works whether you want to meet local singles in your area or people from across the globe. Also, you don't need to know all of your preferences when you enter them. Feel free to explore your orientation.

Here are the three steps to start online dating on Taimi


Download Taimi on Your Phone

The app is available on both Android and iOS. It is the perfect app to find a friend or a life partner.


Set up your profile

Select preferences, write about yourself, and find your ultra match on one of the best app for lesbians. Make sure to enter all the information and come up with a secure password.


Find Love or Friendship

Join diverse groups, host livestreams, connect with people, have fun, fall in love! All can be found on the app that is so different from lesbian dating sites out there.

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A dating app designed for lesbians who want dating partners

By going to one of the world's top lesbian dating sites, you put yourself in a good place. With Taimi, you don't need to venture across the world to meet someone. Meeting another lesbian is as easy as logging in and using the Discover feature. The same goes if you're trying to find someone to date in your locality.

As lesbians, we understand that it can be tricky to find someone with the same gender identity and interests. Finding a partner can be a hassle and may even cause some unnecessary stress. This is why millions of queer people worldwide choose Taimi. They know that they can join quality conversations and make meaningful connections, friendships, and relationships here.

Still wondering if Taimi’s the right place for you?

Read about how other lesbians experienced our app and see if their stories resonate with yours. Maybe their happy ending could be your happy ending? Let these reviews inspire you to begin your own adventure with Taimi today.

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Taimi is one of the top-rated lesbian dating apps that ensure your comfort

The other members of Taimi aren't all veteran dating site users. You'll most likely meet others who are new to the online dating scene. You don't need to force yourself to become a social butterfly to create relationships with Taimi. You only need to be genuinely interested in your matches and to be somewhat open to dating.

To help you find the people who best suit your preferences, use our search filters. You can also customize your profile to ensure you attract the women you want to meet. If you want to find a new platform within Taimi to meet more women, consider joining the lesbian chat.

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The best place for you to meet women to date, live with, and more

Are you looking for serious relationships and a long-term partner? Or would you rather look for someone with whom you can have a fling? Do you want to find women interested in the same things as you, with whom you can share romantic relationships without sexual expectations? All kinds of people are on Taimi, creating a diverse community with diverse dating preferences.

A community for everyone who identifies as lesbian

Are you tired of the dating sites and apps that only feature a specific group of people? Nothing is wrong with those groups finding a safe space online. Yet, other queer people who don’t belong to a certain group may find themselves looking for their own space for dating lesbians, as well.

Taimi drifts away from the typical free lesbian dating apps and instead opens its doors to all kinds of queer women. You could be in your youth, older, or middle-aged. You might identify as butch, femme, or have other vibes and still find the niche for you.

Taimi: Influencers View

My favorite thing about TAIMI is that I see get more than 250 words and photos. I love watching the lives and stories - I feel like I get to know more of WHO I’m crushing on.

Memphis Mori
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Abigail Taylor

I like what I like, and TAIMI has created a platform for me to embrace that! TAIMI Is the only dating app that has worked for me, and the app has connected me with so many beautiful and fun people in the LGBTQ+ community!

Taimi has been a great tool for me to connect with guys both locally and across the globe. The app's commitment to security, safety and authenticity in dating is unmatched and it certainly shows with the quality of guys I have been able to meet through using Taimi.

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Scott Frenzel

A Lesbian Dating App Like No Other

A social platform that gives lesbian women an opportunity to connect with each other, find friendships as well as form meaningful relationships.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Taimi values the user experience above all. We want you to feel safe, comfortable, and confident on our app, no matter your sexual orientation. It’s also why we offer free membership to all lesbian personals. Everything you’d ever need in a dating app is already on Taimi. You can even join local events to find friends in real life.

Other popular lesbian dating apps attract users with their various features. The difference with Taimi is that it does the same thing but also improves the dating experience. Our app provides a healthy space for and encourages its community to grow. The queer women who use our app can tell you themselves how Taimi changed their love lives.

As a worldwide app, you can use our app in a variety of languages, too. We understand language barriers can create tension and hassle for queer people who want to understand each other.

Are you afraid of getting matched with fake profiles of single lesbians? Many users of other dating sites have had experiences with catfishing and scams. On Taimi, you can rest assured that we have mods to check that all users follow the site’s policies, terms, and conditions.

Are you having trouble with the Taimi app? Getting help from our customer service and support team is easy. You can access it through the app or the website. We assure you that our customer service team is ready to help 24/7. You can also check the support webpage for links to other FAQs that we didn’t cover here.

As an app specifically made for queers and other members of the LGBTQ community, almost everyone online wants to join Taimi. The app already has millions of active users. In the past year, we achieved a user base of over 10 million. Our vast user base is the key to a diverse, open, and fun community. Meet the millions of queer women today.

Taimi is completely free to all interested users. You don’t need to pay any fees to get started on Taimi. You’re free to enjoy dating on Taimi.

Besides the free version, we also offer a paid subscription to upgrade our users’ dating experiences. You gain access to features like:

  • Extra search filters
  • Seeing who visited your profile
  • More profile control options;

The all-in-one app for lesbian dating that you need and deserve

Joining the dating scene as a lesbian can lower the quality of the experience once you come out. It is why apps like Taimi are essential to today's dating and hookup scene. Because it's exclusive to LGBTQ+ people, it's easier to find matches that suit your taste.

You only need to use the app's four best features to give the matchmaking system a chance to get to know you some more. No extra effort is necessary. Simply enjoy yourself on the app.

Get matched with lesbians that are worth your time

Have you had bad experiences when it comes to dating other lesbians? Before you give up on your chances at finding love, give Taimi a shot. Our finder or matchmaking system will match you with all the potential matches that best suit your personality and preferences.

Do you want to try face-to-face dating again or as close as you can get? Feel free to join the local events organized by other Taimi users and groups. You can learn more about these events by following Taimi influencers and talking to other people in your area. The Discovery feature can also give you a heads up on local, national, and even international online events.

Celebrate your gender and sexual orientation without shame

Do you live in an area where coming out of the closet can put you in grim situations? Although many countries are accepting the different gender identities today, some people are still closed-minded and conservative. Taimi wants to give you the chance to learn how to be your authentic self, even if only in online interactions. It is our way of bridging the LGBTQ world together.

Since almost all users are part of the LGBTQ community, you don't need to hide what you are on our app. This is your chance to learn how to be bold, confident, and comfortable in your skin. Feel empowered and celebrate being a lesbian or queer woman daringly.

Doing this improves your quality of life and opens you to new opportunities. Being more open about your sexual preferences can get you in communities in which you'd hesitate to join otherwise. When you join these groups, you forge connections. Some may have powerful impacts on your life.

In the wider world, some people need to be more courteous with how they treat others, and some are still positively bigoted. This is where your training may come in handy and even save your life. This is only one ripple effect of joining and participating in Taimi.

It's optimized to open you to the many other fish in the sea

If you're limited to meeting lesbians in your locale or city, the LGBTQ community can feel quite small. Knowing that there are only a handful of lesbians in your area can make you feel lonely. It doesn't matter if you always see or chat with more lesbians online.

The good news is that creating a free account on Taimi can open up your world significantly. You may never even know that more lesbians reside near you. They may even be right next door and have been keeping low-key all this time. And that's only checking in your proximity.

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