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Do you want to expand your horizons and find a new person to connect with? Do you need an online chat community where you can be yourself? Joining a transgender community and chat is what you need. Make friends with gender-fluid people, drag queens, or trans community members here.

Taimi is all about connecting everyone who belongs to the LGBTQ+ community via the trans chat. Whether you’re gay, transgender, bisexual, or of any other sexuality, you’re welcome here.

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Why Join Taimi Transgender Chat?

Being part of an online community can help you break down social barriers that would usually keep you from making friends in real life. Say goodbye to awkward icebreakers and say hello to a faster way of connecting with other trans people and people of all genders.

The community you’re joining is a safe and comfortable place, perfect for receiving support from other transgender people. You won’t get judged for being genderfluid or transgender. This atmosphere makes Taimi the ideal place to find your gender identity.

Speaking of gender identity, Taimi is the best place to find your orientation, too. The best part is that you don’t need to let everyone know that you’re on this journey. Taimi can give you just enough anonymity to find yourself until you’re ready to be open on your profile, post photos, or show your age.

Also, Taimi has chat rooms focused on offering support as a transgender chat platform. If you’re on a journey to find others who identify as transgender, this is the right place. You’ll meet other LGBTQ+ members, too.

How to Get Started On Taimi

We understand you may have questions about Taimi’s chat services for transgender people. Before you join a chat room, here are some frequently asked questions and our answers.


Download Taimi On Your Phone

Good news! You can access Taimi on both Android and iOS devices. Just visit the App Store or Play Store to download our transgender chat. If you’re having issues, contact the support page.


Set Up Your Taimi Profile

Step two is to create an account on the transgender chat. Make sure you prepare your email for verification. You’ll also need to provide other information during registration. Don’t forget to set up a complex password!


Find Love and Friendship

Now, you’re ready to make friends and meet someone special! Enter the chat room instantly and break the ice by sharing something fun and exciting about yourself, like sharing quirky photos.

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Extensive and Boundless Transgender Chat and Social Network

Taimi’s trans chat service is more than a place for trans members and LGBTQ+ members to meet online. It’s also a social network for trans men and women. You can do it all with Taimi - send messages to other users, upload photos, and customize your account. Our trans chat provides you with a unique opportunity to define your gender preferences and transgender identity.

Support other transgender persons and gain support from others, no matter what their gender identity is, as you discover chat rooms for your niche.

Be open-minded in the chat rooms, and feel free to follow transgender chat groups. You can even check out someone you met in a chatroom!

We heard trans chats were disappointing, so we decided to reinvent them just read our reviews

Each person deserves the chance to meet like-minded folks and find love regardless of their gender. That's why we decided to create an online dating site with all the colors in the LGBTQ+ flag.

But we're more than a transgender dating site - we're a social network where our members celebrate being gender fluid, trans women find quality matches, and LGBTQ+ singles gather in a safe environment.

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Benefits of Transgender Online Chats

The chat rooms aren’t the only places to expand your profile. Do you want to create a profile where you can share all your thoughts as photos? Use Taimi’s stories to express yourself. They can even attract another single who enjoys the way you communicate.

Whether you’re trans or have another orientation or gender, the chat rooms are also a social network for finding people you’ve met. Use the chat as a way to hit them up and re-introduce yourself. Don’t forget to mention your real name when you chat with them - if you’re comfortable with that.

Do you plan on throwing a big coming-out party and need support from the many other trans people who know the feeling? Share your plans in a chatroom. You never know; you may learn something new from their experience, too.

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Taimi App is one of the best LGBTQ+ apps, as a Trans Girl dating apps have not always been the best. Other apps do not filter my interest as great as Taimi. Taimi app allows me to really filter my personality with its features, which makes it a lot better to connect. Thank you TAIMI.

Queenn Jael
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Violet Jai
As a trans woman I’ve always been iffy when it comes to dating apps. I was so unbelievably satisfied with my experiences I’ve had on Taimi! I can’t describe the feeling of not having to worry about explaining my status and worrying about a negative reaction. Highly recommend!
Taimi has been a great tool for me to connect with guys both locally and across the globe. The app's commitment to security, safety and authenticity in dating is unmatched and it certainly shows with the quality of guys I have been able to meet through using Taimi.
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Scott Frenzel

Find Other Singles or Your Future Best Friend via Matches

Like other social networks, Taimi is accessible in many parts of the world. Today, over 11.5 million people from 138 countries have access to this trans chat. That’s how extensive Taimi’s reach is. So many unique profiles are within your grasp on this transgender chat

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We understand you may have questions about Taimi’s chat services for transgender people. Before you join a chat room, here are some frequently asked questions and our answers.

Transgender chat is a form of online communication or interaction with transgender people or other LGBTQ+ members. A transgender chat room works just like other chatting platforms and social networks. The difference is that it’s focused on attracting crossdressers, transgender people, transwomen, and others, no matter what their gender identity is. On Taimi, you’ll meet a lot of trans men and women from all walks of life.

Taimi’s chat services offer members of the trans community safety and security. You’re more than the typical transgender side character. On Taimi, you’re the main character of your story. Use our chat as a dating site to find other singles, a safe haven, and a place to make friends who accept your gender identity in your area.

Everyone can benefit from joining a trans chat in numerous ways. One benefit of joining an online chat room is that it can boost self-confidence as a transgender person.

The more you talk to people, the more comfortable you become with your communication style. Plus, our transgender chat is secure. Make sure you give a working email address, a complex password, and a unique name.

The Taimi transgender chat is free. Freely meet transgender people or join the transgender community. Share photos, get customer support and join popular chat rooms for free. This transgender chat also has premium upgrades on profiles. The memberships last weekly, weekly, or yearly. Before you upgrade, read all the terms and policies. You don’t need a premium account to find peer support or make friends.

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