Aydriel and Kaelani

Last Updated 08.01.2024
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Honestly, it was funny that the two of us found each other on Taimi. We both had the app downloaded for about a month and weren't finding anyone that felt like our type and then the day that I decided I was going to delete the app.

I received a rainbow-like from Kaelani aka Liliana and then I saw her tiny avatar pic and decided to look into who was interested in me because from what I had seen in that lil pic, I may be interested as well. So I clicked on her profile and I was instantly enamored by her beauty and became excited because I saw that she was also transgender. I thought to myself, "I told myself I wasn't approaching anyone else, but this girl seems like someone I need to get to know." So I decided to send her a message and I said "Hey, Gorgeous!" and that was all it took. We began chatting and never stopped.

We found out that we were over 600 miles away from each other and that at first was a little discouraging but we quickly discussed that if things continued to progress, one of us would end up making the move. She worked from home so we decided it would be easier for us to move her to Illinois from Atlanta, GA. Some people said that things moved a little quickly, but the distance was honestly creating a big gap for us. After I traveled to meet her in person it only confirmed everything for us. So months later, I rented a vehicle and drove all the way to Georgia from Illinois, packed up her stuff, and brought her home.

Since she has moved here, we have created so many opportunities for each other. For example, I have introduced her to the world of drag (something she was never able to experience in her previous relationships because she was asked to hide the fact that she was transgender.) She helped me finally get my name and gender markers legally changed. And we've successfully helped each other learn how to communicate our feelings without lashing out or yelling. So far it has been an invigorating experience and I cannot wait to see what else our lives together are capable of creating.

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