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LGBTQ Wiki by Taimi is an extensive free article encyclopedia with pages on LGBTQ+ terms. It is a helpful resource for members of the LGBTQ+ community and beyond which includes many trending articles. The database provides pages full of explanations, definitions, history as well as interesting facts about terms that are associated with sexual and romantic attraction, identity, and genders.
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Welcome to LGBTQ+ Wiki

This is a go-to resource for LGBTQ+ terminology readily available under unless otherwise noted circumstances. Here you will find many pages that refer to health, culture, ethnicity, significant people in LGBTQ+ history. You may also refer to pages focusing on gender identity and expression to discover more information on words that exist and you may be curious about.

This page is not only a helpful article encyclopedia. It is a dictionary, a glossary of popular terms, as well as an overall book of knowledge of queer, gay, bisexual, transgender, asexual, genderqueer, non-binary, fluid terminology. It is a helpful tool for people who are either questioning or curious about their sexual orientation and identity.

This Wiki page can also serve as a gateway of accurate information for people who do not identify as LGBTQ+ but would like to learn more about the history and terminology. The free online encyclopedia provides an extensive list of terminology that is not only popular and well known but also words that are among the lesser-known terms.

The Wiki by Taimi offers resources for people who are questioning their gender to learn more about genderfluid, xenogender, agender, and more. It also provides information on the sexuality spectrum. There are many opportunities to find out more about orientation, sexual as well as romantic attraction.

Our Mission

The community site is part of Taimi’s mission to not only improve the lives of LGBTQ+ people around the world but provide a safe and secure environment for everyone to be able to express themselves in their authentic way. Taimi stands by all people and believes authenticity allows them not only to uncover their sexuality but help make a significant contribution to society.

The LGBTQ+ Wiki stands as a part of that contribution. It is an opportunity to create more than a page full of a glossary of terms. It provides pages with an insider’s look into the many intricacies of identity, expression, sexual as well as romantic attraction, and so on. This Wiki gives folks who are LGBTQ+ an opportunity to read, create and contribute to an article, find relatable terms as well as flags and symbols they can use to express themselves.

Given that there are still many places around the world where being an LGBTQ+ person is prohibited or frowned upon, we hope to provide a page where people can learn more about the history as well as proper ways to address their gay, bisexual, lesbian, trans colleagues and friends without criticism and judgment.

Where to Start?

As said above, this Wiki by Taimi is a trusted resource for people who identify as LGBTQ+, allies as well as those who are simply wondering about the proper use of one term over the other. This is the place to discover more about genders, sexualities, and so on.

LGBTQ+ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, + includes others as well as allies of the LGBT+ individuals. The term is deemed to be a more inclusive adaptation of its predecessor LGBT which stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. There are many variants out there including LGBTA with the A standing for ace spectrum individuals and possibly allies, LGBTQI which includes intersex individuals who are often not in the community, LGBTQIA includes both intersex and ace spectrum folks and variants like LGBT+ and LGBTQA+.

If you are new to the world of Taimi feel free to browse our website as possible. If you are looking for something specific go to the glossary to select the term that you would like to learn more about.

You may also browse specific categories like sexuality, orientation, identity, and so on. You may also select categories that are more specific like m-spec, galactic orientations, multigender identities.


Frequently asked questions

What is Wiki?

Wiki can be defined as a website or an online database that is developed in collaboration by many users. Essentially, it is a community site that allows a multitude of people to add, edit as well as suggest content. LGBTQ+ Wiki focuses on topics that are related to queer, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, non-binary individuals unless otherwise noted on the page itself.

This Wiki is a community-based database created by a large team of people. This means the folks who contribute to these pages are not only focusing on trending articles but also the adaptation of texts created in the past. Among them are Taimi team writers, editors as well as analysts, and activists. Taimi community members are also able to post as well as suggest content that is published on the page. It is important to note that all the writers are either LGBTQ+ people or their allies.

Inclusive language is always evolving so it may need to be updated in the article post its publication. Many LGBTQ+ glossaries exist with pages on health, culture, ethnicity that are no longer accurate and need to be updated. So, the terms are updated frequently because the terminology is always growing and expanding. Gender, sexual attraction as well as romantic attractions are on a spectrum. There are many identities, expressions as well as attractions that often require a new and updated definition. So, sometimes outdated terminology may be available under unless otherwise marked by our users or staff.

We are open to constructive criticism. If you feel that some parts of the text do not explain the subject well or are exclusive of some information, feel free to submit your updates to wiki@taimi.com. This is the email address to send new and exclusive information to as well as add your article and suggestions. Please note that only messages that clearly explain the mistake as well as provide links to a trusted page will be reviewed by our team.

Just like any website run by many users, there are pros and cons to having an article database. Among the many benefits are the opportunities to provide more information, history, terminology and definitions, resources, and education.

That said, there are cons associated with a general article knowledge database. There may be terms that are now outdated, some may even find them offensive, there may also be information that some people will be more sensitive about than others. We strive to make our Wiki as inclusive, understanding, and extensive as possible.

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