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Last Updated 08.01.2024
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Hi ! So me Asher age 22 and her joy age 21 download the app for fun I Asher got a notification that I had a super like I had to view And sure enough, it was a match For a few days, we went back-and-forth with a great flow of conversation We both just really really liked each other. We had the same interest. We have similar morals. And most of all we had the same sense of humor We FaceTimed a few times and texted all day until I got the courage to ask her to hang out ! She drove two hours to come see me and we talked at the beach for 8 hours ! It was Just effortlessly an amazing connection I had never experienced before.

The bare minimum I have been begging for in past relationships she was already delivering without me saying anything . And one of the conversations the first day we physically met in person I said that I have always just wanted to be in a Porsche. I have never experienced that and that would be amazing. I unfortunately was going through a lot of financial trouble at the time, and she wanted to see me so she ordered me an Uber which I declined but she insisted When I came outside, it was a Porsche that was driving me two hours away!! We then hung out at her place for a few days, and went to our first date, which was a Jaden Hossler concert. Ever since that we have been inseparable We both got engaged about eight months later, which are the photos I have sent you through Instagram.

If it wasn’t for this app, I would have never ever met the love of my life, so I am extremely grateful to you guys! you have permission to post wherever you guys would like!

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