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7 min read

Polyamory Lesbian Relationships: Navigating Challenges And Overcoming Myths

Does the nature of your intimate relationships wit...

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20 min read

Taimi X Gigi: March Q&A Bi+ Health Awareness Month

Taimi’s sex expert, Gigi Engle, is here to answer ...

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9 min read

Dating, Mental Health And Neurodivergence - Destigmatization & Tips

You open up a dating app on your phone and click o...

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8 min read

What to Expect in a Gay Polyamory Relationship

Polyamorous relationships have gained a reasonable...

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4 min read

The Complex Relationship Between Pride And Body Positivity

We should all love our bodies. Self-acceptance is ...

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3 min read

America the Beautiful For All

Unless you have been living under a rock, you are ...

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