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Last Updated 12.10.2020
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To raise awareness about COVID-19 and AIDS, Taimi — world’s largest LGBTQ+ platform featuring a social network and a dating app — partnered with Pride Podcast.

Photo credit: Straw Hut Media, Pride Podcast

The recent Pride Podcast episode's main topic was discussing the similarities between COVID-19 pandemic and HIV-AIDS crisis in the 80s. The idea was suggested by Laurie Marhoefer, an Associate Professor of the University of Washington, Germanist, and the historian of queer and trans politics. As the world’s biggest LGBTQ+ platform, Taimi was honored to support the episode and help

Prof. Marhoefer draws a comparison between the two health-related crises: the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and HIV-AIDS crisis society faced in the first half of the 1980s. The main common thing between them is the relatively large period of time between the first case being found and the public availability of tests. HIV tests became available 4 years after the disease was discovered in 1981. As prof. Marhoefer states, this is similar to COVID-19 — people in Eastern Asia knew about the dangers of coronavirus and wore masks even before the pandemic was officially announced, unlike Europe and the US, where people started treating COVID-19 too late.

What’s encouraging, prof. Marhoefer says, is that the fight against COVID-19 is more collaborative and focused on results, instead of getting credit for being first. In the 1980s, American and French scientists fought for the HIV sequencing credits and agreed to collaborate after some time. Right now, we have open-source international collaboration and sharing of genetic sequencing information between different nations, which will hopefully lead to creating the vaccine from COVID-19 faster.

You can listen to the full 28-minute podcast on Apple Podcasts. Taimi is grateful to Pride Podcast for this collaboration!

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