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In the times when gay society is still struggling with discrimination based on sexual orientation, the violence both offline and online is of a great concern for us, which is why we prioritize the security of our application above everything. We see Taimi as a safe place, where gay people can meet, find friends, express themselves and date. And we are firmly confident that Taimi is already this place and here is why.ModerationTaimi moderates user profiles in the most deliberate way. Our moderators check every profile to filter scammers. Users can also receive the label “Verified” after they confirm email, picture and facebook profile. Verified users have a chance to request verification of other users.Video callsIf you are still having doubts about the person you are talking to, and feel a bit anxious about meeting someone you’ve never seen before, you can use the video call feature. Less awkwardness on the first date, more confidence that the person you are texting is not a catfish.

Pin/fingerprint loginWe give users the opportunity to protect their accounts by pin-code and fingerprint to keep the data safe even if a phone gets stolen. No more need to leave your phone at home on a Friday night out.Incognito modeFor an additional charge, you can enjoy the privilege of making your profile visible only to users whom you have liked or texted. A bit exclusive? Yes, but also, extra safe.We hope these features make your experience in Taimi as safe and fun as it gets. Now, wait no more, log in and slay all these fierce features yourself.Download Taimi

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Taimi is free to download. Taimi Premium subscription provides access to features unavailable or limited in the free version of the app.

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