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Last Updated 05.09.2019
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TAIMI — world’s first LGBTQI+ dating & social network releases riveting data on dating types and preferences.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder or at least that is the phrase most of us hear when it comes to love interests.Yes, we know that nobody likes labels but for research purposes, we asked our users to best describe themselves and those they were looking for.

So, how do relationship-seekers want to be perceived?What types of people are they looking for when it comes to long-term relationships?Are they compatible?So, what truly is a type? Do all of us have one?To help answer these tough or even somewhat uncomfortable questions, the world’s first LGBTQI+ dating and social network TAIMI looked at data of 150,000 profiles to see what words describe the users’ preferences best.

Evidently, self-reflection is not easy for some, but we trust that most of the people were honest in their responses.The younger crowd likes to party, work-out and play video games.

No surprise there, as over 40% of the United States and Canada-based users aged 18–30 describe themselves as gamers vs. 29% Europeans and only 23% Central and South American users of the same age.Athletic types seem to stay that way regardless of their age or location. In addition to hitting the gym, Europeans really like to hit the dance floor. 18–30-year-old users from Europe claim the party animal crown at 35%. Their North American counterparts prefer binge-watching (whopping 38%!) TV rather than partying.That may also explain why nearly the same number of USA+Canada users describe themselves as sarcastic.That number, however, drops down to 24% for users over 45.Well, when it comes to the perfect partner — some users prefer to select I don’t have a type, others are very explicit in whom they envision by their side forever.

One thing is clear — more than 50% of users ages 18–30 want to meet an athlete.Also, that statistic doesn’t really shift too much with age as more than 30% of users age 46+ want someone that will work out with them or make them work out!

Europeans and Latin Americans want models while they are in their youth but users who are 30–45 years old would much rather kick-back with a geeky movie buff rather than a surfer or a bodybuilder.

Regardless of what type you consider yourself to be or whom you’re looking for — there is someone right out there for you to work out, play video games, surf on the waves or binge-watch countless hours of your favorite TV series.TAIMI believes in real love, and we hope this statistic give our current and future users a bit of insight but in no way discourages them from looking for true meaningful connection.GET TAIMI: AppStore | GooglePlayFOLLOW TAIMI: FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTERLEARN MORE: WWW.TAIMI.COM

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