Is finding true love a myth?

Last Updated 26.07.2019
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Let’s face it. We’ve all been there. We’ve all looked for someone to be our “soul mate”, “other (or even a better) half”, we’ve all searched for “the one”! Oh, the endless search to find someone to complete us.Thankfully, for our society, and our sanity, we live in an era of self-empowerment, independence and body-positivity. Yet, that sappy voice in the back of our heads won’t let go of the ultimate desire to connect.A connection is the core of human existence. Speaking of which, Taimi — gay dating and social network has chosen to reinvent the meaning of deep connections.More often than not users on dating apps, discard potential long-term partners based on superficial criteria. Taimi is more than just an ordinary app. It is a network that allows people to socialize, express themselves, get-to-know one another and hopefully form meaningful relationships of different kinds. From acquaintance to influence to friendship to love. Yes, love!Long-term commitment is not the first thing that pops up in mind when we talk about dating apps. Reinventing deep connections for Taimi means much more than just hookups.Taimi offers people choices, variety, without judging them. Taimi is where you will find someone to start a relationship with that can grow far beyond just having fun. Perhaps, it is the network where you will be able to meet your true love or at least someone really close.

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