3 Tips On How To Get More Conversations On a Dating App

Last Updated 01.11.2018
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A match is a trifle, a dialogue is rocket science. To find out how deal with conversations on dating apps we asked someone, who knows how to deal with math — Taimi app in-house analysts.Our analysts have studied 2 million matches and here is what they discovered. Take a look at these easy, yet backed with big data, tips on how to perform better in messaging.

Tip #1: Make the first moveYou never interacted with 40% of your matches. That’s plenty of lost opportunities. To break the vicious circle, we recommend starting the conversation first. No worries, the probability to be rejected is meager. You’ve already sent a like to each other: you two have potential as a couple.72% of first messages are sent within 5 minutes, 8% are communicated within 1 hour, and 20% are sent after 1 hour. If you don’t get a line from a crush an hour after you matched, it’s high time you flip the script.If you don’t get a line from a crush an hour after you matched, it’s high time you flip the script.

Tip #2: Don’t dawdleOnce you fancy receiving a reply within 24 hours, don’t put off composing a message. According to our big data, it doesn’t make any difference if you send a message right after a match or in 10 minutes. Nevertheless, in 1 hour your chances to get a prompt response are to reduce by 10%.

Tip #3: Write something briefNice way to start a dialogue is to send a text message. A few words instead of an image will elevate your chances by 1.5%.Don’t exert yourself with writing a poem — brief notes up to 15 characters work best.Copies like “Hi”, “Hey”, “What’s up”, “Hey there”, “Hola”, “Morning” will increase your chances by 2%. Don’t forget to make a message more personal, referring to a person by name.___Now that you’ve mastered these 3 clear secrets, it’s time to practice. Download Taimi app and try finding someone: a one night stand or a love of your life.

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