What Are The Best Sexual Positions For Beginners

Published 01.04.2023
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You and your partner have just embarked on your sexual journey together. So far, you've been relying on the good old missionary position to get it on. It's great, but you know you're missing out on some exciting sex. Now, you want to mix things up a bit and try a few new positions.

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The only problem is that so many of these sex acts seem difficult, or even uncomfortable. You want to have great sex, not pull a muscle. That's sensible. It's good to start slowly with easy sex positions that let you experience new sensations without making your romantic time awkward or uncomfortable.

What you need is some practice and a few easy positions for beginners to help you get started. Before long, you'll have fun experimenting with your partner and enjoying incredible sex.

What Makes The Best Sex Positions For Beginners Challenging?

What makes a sex position difficult for some couples? There are a few factors that can cause issues.

One Person Has to do All The Work

Some positions are fun, but they leave one person either doing most of the work or bearing the other partner's weight. This is challenging to maintain. This can be even more stressful when both of you are pretty inexperienced. Imagine trying to get things right while you also have to support your partner. Naturally, you may want to start with something easier that requires equal participation from both of you.

Stress on Your Muscles or Joints

Have you ever read the Kama Sutra? If so, you know that some of those positions require gymnast-level flexibility and endurance. Try these before you really know what you are doing and it may feel as if your hips are about to dislocate and your thighs are on fire. In severe cases, you might even injure yourself. If that happens, you can forget about most sexual pleasures in the near future.

It's Just Awkward

Some positions aren't painful or difficult. They're just awkward. You may have to kneel, sit, squat, or bend in ways that just make you feel weird. It's hard to enjoy an intimate position, let alone orgasm if you feel weird or unattractive.

Physical Limitations

You and your partner may have mobility issues or other limitations that can make good sex a challenge. Common positions may not work for you. Fortunately, there are many adaptations you can make that may open up some options that are fun and cause less stress on both of you.

Best Kinky Acts When You're Just Starting Out

You're ready to start mixing things up. These new positions are fun, and you can start enjoying these to your heart's content right now.

Make Missionary Better

You've been relying on the old standard missionary to enjoy some amazing intimacy. It may be getting a bit boring, but keep in mind that missionary is a classic for a reason. It's generally comfortable for both of you. This position allows easy access, and it works!

Even better, you can use missionary as the foundation for some fabulous face-to-face action. All you have to do is make some adjustments to make missionary one of the most exciting positions you enjoy in bed.

Ankles to Partner's Shoulders

Take this standard position to a new level of amazing sex with this simple move. If you are on top, grab your partner's ankles as they lie down and push their legs out and back so their feet are up near their shoulders. This will give you amazing access to deep thrusts that are absolutely orgasmic. Men who bottom respond well to this deep penetration that can help them experience so many different sensations. You can modify this position by putting just one of their legs back.

Try a Standing Sex Position

Here, the partner who is on their back scoots all the way down to the edge of the bed. The other partner enters them from a standing position.

There are a couple of reasons this is a good alternative. First, this position doesn't require the partner on the bottom to be under the weight of their partner. That's important if there's a significant size difference between both people. Also, whoever is on top isn't hunched over or supporting their own body weight. This is a great position for beginners who want to enjoy longer sessions without getting worn out.

Kneeling With a Pillow

This one may be a bit hard on your knees, but it's an interesting way to switch things up. Here, the person on the bottom has a pillow or wedge under their lower back. The other one is on their knees and will lean forward a bit for penetration.

Doggy Style

Doggy style is a great beginner's position. It's just a little bit kinky and adventurous. It's also very comfortable for both of you. Nobody is supporting their own weight or that of the other participant. It's also quite accessible for many different types of penetration. It's fairly simple for even very inexperienced people to achieve and can be done on the bed or floor. However, it may feel weird to have both of you facing the same direction.


This position has one partner laying on their back while their partner sits on top. This position can be challenging as one partner does most of the work. However, the guy on the bottom can bend their legs so the "cowboy/cowgirl" can lean back and get a bit of help. Many people like this for beginners because the top partner controls the speed and depth of things.

If you are new to this, start on the floor. The springiness of a bed can make this a bit too much of a workout for your legs.


If you are interested in relaxing sex positions for beginners, try this one. Both of you lie on your sides in bed, on the couch, or on the floor. The one in the back enters the other from behind. This can create a very cozy and romantic sexual experience. If you are the partner in the back, try helping your partner hold up their top leg. This can help make both of you more comfortable.

Tips For Enjoying New Positions

The best sex positions are the ones you both enjoy. So, relax and do what works for you. It's your sex life after all. Try a new position every night if that makes you and your partner happy. If you find one position that becomes a standard favorite, that's totally awesome.

Meanwhile, here are some tips that will help you enjoy any position just a bit more.


Sometimes a sex position affects penetration. You may also decide to experiment with anal or just go at things a bit harder and faster than you normally would. This is fine, but the guy or girl on the receiving end is going to need plenty of lube. Follow these guidelines to keep things smooth and comfortable:

  • Don't go cheap - spend money on good lubricant

  • Use the right lube for the job - there are specialty lubes for anal

  • Try a flavored lube to start things off on the kinky side

Use The Right Tools

So many of the best sex positions are challenging because they can be a bit uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are some items you can use or purchase that allow you to adapt sex to make it easier to enjoy for both of you.

For Example, many guys will only top because penetration isn’t fulfilling for them. If you want to switch, try a missionary position with some pillows under his back. It will be more comfortable, and he’ll have an entirely new experience

Does one of you struggle to support your own or your partner's weight for long periods of time? Invest in a sex wedge to try exciting sex positions for beginners without the physical strain.

Watch Adult Videos

Sex positions for beginners can be challenging if you aren't sure about the execution. You have to learn the best way to do things, instead of just grinding into each other haphazardly.

When it comes to learning what to do and experimenting with your sexuality, adult movies are a great teacher. You can watch videos for new ideas, and pause or slow things down so that you can really see how things are done when the actors start moving around.

Talk About What Feels Good

Healthy sexuality isn't about randomly trying new things. It's communicating with one another so you have an idea of what both of you want to try. This should be a fun, intimate experience.

So, talk about this before you try something new. However, the most important thing is to listen to each other while you are trying something for the first time. Otherwise, you might dismiss a position as not working for you when just changing position slightly or modifying how you thrust your penis would make things amazing.

Get Some Rest

There's no reason to struggle through sex with your back or thighs aching with each thrust. This isn't an endurance competition. It is perfectly okay to take a break or switch to something new.

Try Foreplay

You should be at least slightly aroused before you try something new. Yes, guys dig foreplay too! Both of you will enjoy longer sex sessions and more passion if you slow down instead of trying to get off right away. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Don't turn trying new sex positions for beginners into something awkward. Try to avoid these mistakes.

Eye Contact is Good: Staring is Bad

Positions, where you are facing each other, are really intimate. Just avoid the urge to stare into your partner's eyes the whole time. That can take the pleasure out of trying something for the first time and just make it weird.

Forgetting to Kiss

You can get so caught up in a beginner's nerves and try to coordinate your body with theirs that you may forget the romantic side of this. The best sex positions give you plenty of opportunities to kiss and caress one another during the act.

Failing to Account For Size

This is a mistake that beginners make. They don't plan on having sex safely and comfortably. For example, is your bed at the right height for one of you to scoot down to the edge for a bit of experimenting? Will one of you bump your head into the wall or headboard if you lose control during a particularly orgasmic session? Will that cheap couch support both of you without collapsing to the ground?

Making it All About Intercourse

There are plenty of fun things to try during the main act, but don't forget about giving head or other enjoyable acts. You can try so many slightly different variations of foreplay that you might not ever run out of great things to do.

Doing it on a Full Stomach

You don't want to be starving before you start having sex. However, you do want to be just slightly hungry. Otherwise, you could begin to feel a bit nauseated. This is particularly true if you try something where the man or woman has to lie face down.

Moving on to More Challenging Sex Positions

You're both having a great time in the bedroom. Now you are ready for something slightly different. That's great, but be aware that switching things up and trying something new can be hell on your hips. So, be sure to stretch and take things slowly.

If you aren't sure where to begin, there are plenty of books that cover this topic. You will find something that you can try with your lover. Just be aware that some choices truly require an exceptional amount of muscle control. Others allow you to lie down for an easier time.

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