Top 12 Freaky Sexual Things to Try in Bed

Last Updated 14.03.2022
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No matter how good your sex life currently is, you can always find a way to improve it. There are plenty of freaky sexual ideas out there, and you shouldn't hesitate to try at least some of them.

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Are you ready to spice things up in the bedroom? In this article, you will find valuable tips that will help you explore your kinky side and take your relationship with your partner to the next level.

General Guidelines On How to Get Kinky

Before we start discussing unordinary sex ideas, we want to pay you attention to some key points of getting kinky:

  • Don't set too high expectations. When you get into the kink for the first time, you may or may not get the pleasure you expect. Freaky sex doesn't always feel as good as it is shown in erotic movies.

  • Make sure that your partner doesn't mind taking part in your freak sex play. Are you interested in BDSM sex, but your partner is not? You can't force your lover to try out this experience. Remember that you should get sexual consent before trying out any freaky things.

  • Start small. Reveal your freaky side step by step. Try some simple ideas first, and then move to extraordinary ones.

  • Use a "safeword". You or your partner may get overly excited about rough sex, and, as a result, your game may go all wrong. Come up with a "safeword" to prevent any negative experience.

  • Don't ignore safety rules. Some freaky sex games are associated with high health risks. Be careful when trying new sex experiences for the first time. For instance, if you want to use erotic asphyxiation, make sure you have a good understanding of how to use it in a safe way.

Sweet Up Your Game

If you want to have great sex, you should engage all your senses, including your taste. You can use whipped cream, chocolate sauce, or any other delicious food of your choice.

Put some sweet sauce on your lips, breast, tummy, and ask your lover to lick it off. Lead your partner from one of your erogenous zones to another, maximizing your sexual excitement.

Offer to Watch an Erotic Movie

The fun fact about porn is that almost everyone watches it, but only some people talk about it openly. Yep, there is still a stigma around watching erotic movies. The chances are both you and your partner watch porn but never discuss it.

Interesting fact: The results of a recent statistical study reveal that the world’s top 100 adult movie sites got 3.3 billion unique visits and 14.5 billion views in 2020. According to this study, an average user spends around six minutes watching sex-related videos per session.

Have you ever watched such kinds of videos together? You shouldn't feel ashamed about sharing your sex preferences with your partner. There is nothing wrong with it.

Invite your partner to your bedroom and offer to watch your favorite erotic scenes. It will add intimacy to your relationships and inspire you to try things you have never dared to talk about.

Tip: Offer your partner to copy the actions of pornstars. Try to move your body in the same way the actors do it, and you will have amazing sexual intercourse.

Talk Dirty

When we make love, we concentrate our attention not only on movements and sensory feelings but also on sounds. And in some cases, audio stimulation plays an even more important role than visual stimulation.

When you groan and scream with pleasure, you help your partner understand that he is moving in the right direction. And when you tell some dirty things, you excite him even more. Don't be afraid to be a naughty girl in the bed. Your sex partners will love it.

Many men and women find whispering dirty things during lovemaking sexy and excitatory. Here is a tweet by Gage that proves this statement.

Have Phone Sex

As we have already mentioned, you can use the sound of your voice and dirty words to turn your lover on. Basically, you don't even need to be in one room to feel the desire and arousal. You can call your lover over the phone and offer him to listen to a sex story - a fantasy you have created for him.

Want to have mind-blowing phones sex? Try to provide your lover with as many details as possible. Tell him what you are wearing, and describe where and how you are touching yourself and where you want to kiss him. Focus on the words that define your physical sensation as well as your feelings.

Susan Block, Ph.D., and sex therapist, emphasizes the importance of using a sexy tone of voice and using the right technique of breathing:

"Get into that slower, softer way of talking. Try to concentrate all of your sexiness into your voice."

Tip: Make sure to choose the right moment to make a call to your lover. If he is busy at work or in a crowded place, he won't want to have a hot conversation.

Experiment With Different Positions

Most people have from two to six favorite positions that they stick to. What about you? How often do you try new positions in the bed? You should experiment all the time to increase your partner's sex drive and enjoy a brand new feeling.

Think about the positions that you saw in adult movies. Which one has driven your curiosity the most? For the beginning, choose one or two poses that you are physically capable of doing.

Here are a few great poses you should add to your sex bucket list:

  • Golden arch. This position is the best one for having intimate eye contact and G-spot stimulation.

  • The caboose. Do you want to avoid eye contact and concentrate on your fantasies? This seated position is the right choice for you. Lean your back toward his chest and enjoy every movement.

  • Reverse cowgirl. This position is similar to classic cowgirl. The only difference is that it allows you to fully control the pace and depth of penetration while giving your lover a great view of sexy you from the back.

  • Ballet dancer. Have you ever made love in a standing position? This pose is the easiest one to try out.

  • Wheelbarrow. This is a standing position of "advanced level". If you have strong arms, you can try this position to enjoy deep penetration.

  • 69. Everyone knows how to get in this position. No additional explanations are needed.

Use a New Sex Toy

Do you use sex toys when in your bed with your lover? If you have never done it before, you should definitely try it out. You can start with using vibrators for foreplay and, if you like it, move to use some extraordinary freaky toys.

You can experiment with toys of different sizes, colors, and textures. There are many sex devices available on the market, and each of them can help you achieve different types of orgasms. So go ahead and try out every toy you can find: from clitoral and rabbit vibrators to penis rings, butt plugs, and nipple clamps.

Well, you may feel weird when using such stuff for the first time. But you will enjoy it more and more with every next time. Just make sure to choose toys of the highest quality. They feel nice and are absolutely safe to use.

Make It Cold

An ice cube is a great (and cheaper) alternative to vibrating toys. If you use it in pair with your warm mouth and tongue, you will send your lover over the edge. Here are a few basic "exercises" for you to try out:

  • Put a cube in the mouth and start kissing your lover, passing a piece of melting ice back and forth.

  • Move the cube along the erogenous zones of your lover's body, creating a wet "path". Then follow this path with your mouth giving your partner passionate kisses. For instance, you can start moving the cube from the chest to the belly button, making your way to the pubic area.

  • Ask your partner to use a piece of ice to strengthen your sensation. Offer him to put the cube in his arm or mouth and stroke your naked body paying attention to your breast and inner thighs.

Tip: If you have super sensitive skin, enjoy "ice play" while having your sexy underwear on.

Try Anal Play

Well, anal sex is not for everyone. While some people enjoy it to the fullest, others say that it's a "dirty thing" that has nothing to do with real pleasure. You will never know on which side you are until you try it.

If you are curious about this type of sex, you should discuss your fantasies as well as concerns with your partner. If he doesn't mind getting such kind of experience, buy some lube, get prepared mentally and physically, and make it a try.

Tip: Don't forget to use high-quality condoms to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections, including gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, herpes, HPV, and HIV.

Enjoy Oral Sex

Gender inequality affects all aspects of modern life, including sex life. Have you ever heard about such a problem as an "oral sex gap"? That's a real thing! In reality, most women don't mind giving oral sex while rarely receiving it from men.

Interesting fact: According to the study conducted by the University of Toronto, modern women perform oral sex on a man twice more often than men perform oral sex on a woman.

Want to make oral sex even more enjoyable? Try to use a blindfold. When your eyes are closed, nothing distracts you from the process, and you can enjoy every touch and every move.

Use a Massage Candle

Sensual candle massage is another great way to surprise your lover in the bed. Do you know how massage candles work? Such candles are made of essential oils, not paraffin and soy.

When they start to melt down, they turn into hot oil that can be rubbed into the skin just like ordinary massage oil. The high temperature of the oil increase arousal and sharpens the senses.

If you want to try wax play, you can use ordinary wax candles. They also work great for spicing up the foreplay and helping your lover achieve an orgasm. Many people do like to play with hot candles. Here is a Tweet of one person who loves to get this kind of experience.


Does your partner want you to be a real freak in bed? Buy some wooden spoons, belts, harnesses, and clothespins, and try BDSM. Get over your complexes, go wild, and show the freaky side of your personality.

Term definition: BDSM is an umbrella term for sexual practices based on bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, and sadism.

Just make sure to discuss the roles with your lover before putting on bondage. If you want to be dominant, make sure that your partner doesn't mind taking a submissive role.

It's very important to ensure that both of you are in a good mood and ready to try out a new freaky experience. Keep in mind that if you force your girlfriend to do things that she doesn't like, you will hurt her feeling and ruin your relationship.

Angel Rios, a sex expert for AdultFriendFinder, emphasizes the importance of using a safeword:

"Choose a word that you can use during sex to stop what's going on at any time. If you say this chosen word at any point during a scene, you can expect that you will be removed from any bondage situation and checked-in to see if you're alright".

Enjoy a Virtual Sex Date

Do you struggle to maintain long-distance relationships? We have good news for you. You don't have to be in one bed with your lover to bring your freak idea to life. You can have fun and in an online mode.

Turn your camera on and let the show begin. Start dancing erotically and take your clothes off slowly. Depending on how close you and what type of fantasies you have, you can touch your body and masturbate using toys.

If you show your passion in such a way, you will blow his mind. He will be surprised and sexually aroused. And he will be dreaming about taking you to his bed as soon as possible.

Forget About Your Shyness and Do What You Truly Desire

Are you a shy and modest person in real life? Are you worried that your lover will think that you are a sex freak and that will scare him away? We can assure you that most people like trying new wild things in the bedroom, and your desires are totally normal.

Just be yourself and follow your instincts. If your lover is the right match for you, he will support any of your ideas, including the crazies ones.

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