Sex Games For Couples To Spice Up Relationship

Last Updated 29.05.2022
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Our sex life, just like our everyday life, has its ups and downs. Sometimes we have a strong desire and are ready to make love 24/7, and sometimes we feel like our sex life is getting boring.

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If you want to keep the flame alive in your relationship, you should try to play sex games for couples. It's a fun way to increase intimacy and expand sexual horizons. Here is a list of the best sex games of all time.

Sex Games You Can Buy Online

Boardgame manufacturers design a bunch of different adult sex games every year. If you have never played such games, you should definitely try them out! Offer your partner to play one of the following sexy games and enjoy a brand new experience.

Lucky Sex Scratch Tickets Game

Do you like to play the lottery? Do you like to feel the sensation of winning a prize? Buy sex scratch tickets and experience that sensation while in bed with your partner.

There are eight tickets in a set, and each ticket is a "lucky" one. You need to scratch it to reveal your "prize" – a sex position or foreplay activity. Sex play scratch tickets are available on Amazon, and according to the customer reviews, they provide a "fun and sassy experience".

Oral Fun Board Game

If you and your partner are big fans of oral sex, you must try this fun board game. It will take your oral play to the next level. You will receive and give oral in ways you have never tried before.

Every player needs to travel across a total of 69 squares. Each square comes with a symbol that relates to one of a few naughty categories that requires you to perform different saucy actions, from licking and sucking to kissing and lubing.

Trivia squares contain a few entertaining questions: three of them require believable answers, and one needs a fun answer. Whether you reach square 69 or not, you will enjoy interacting with your partner.

Sex Dice

Do you want to play with your partner in a new exciting way? Throw sex dice and follow the direction – try out a given sex position or perform a designated action on a chosen body part. A set of "dices for adults" includes four pieces:

  • 12-sided dice with names of body parts: ears, lips, neck, upper and lower buttocks, inner thigh, below navel, nipples, belly, feet, toes, and the most intimate parts;

  •  The 8-sided dice with designated actions: stroke, lick, scratch, stroke, kiss, sauce and lick, use ice, warn breath;

  • Two 12-sided dice with 24 sex positions.

Tip: Use erotic dice to spice up the foreplay. Let luck decide what you should do next, and let yourself enjoy being submissive.

Monogamy: A Hot Affair with Your Partner

Monogamy is a board game for romantic couples who want to rekindle their relationship's passion. The game includes three levels:

  • The first "Intimate" level comes with simple questions. You need to answer those questions to "warm up" and connect with your partner.

  • The next level is the "Passionate" level. It includes naughty questions and tasks that help to create sexual tension.

  • The last level is a "Steamy" one. This round is played under the time limit, which adds excitement and builds up anticipation.

By playing sex games like this, you can learn more about your partner and their preference. If you want to improve your relationship, it will be wise of you to buy and use erotic board games.

All Night Love Affair Game

Do you want to try new things in bed, but it feels like most adult games promote sexual perversion? Try this card game. This game will help you spice up your relationship by completing fun and adequate tasks. We can assure you that you will not feel weird or awkward playing this game.

All Night Love Affair comes with 96 game cards (there are three card categories in total) and one game dice. The rules of the game are pretty simple: a player rolls the die and follows the instructions written on a corresponding game card. The first player who rolls a Love Affair card becomes a winner.

The Path to Pleasure Game

This sex game will show you that the game playing can be as enjoyable as sex itself. The rules do not differ from similar games for couples: you roll the dice and move from one square to another, completing simple tasks.

Each square presents an intimate question or asks you to perform a sensual act. The more you move along the "pleasure path", the more excited you and your partner get.

Strip Twister

Strip Twister is one of those classic games that can take a sexy twist. This game can be played by two people, or it can be used for group fun.

The rules of this sex game don't differ much from the standard twister. The task of each player is to place the called-out body part on an empty circle of the designated color.

When the referee spins the spinner and calls out the moves, a player must try to place his hand/foot on a color-appropriate circle without falling. Players who fall or touch the mat with an elbow or knee need to take off one piece of clothing.

Even if you have never played this game before, you have seen it in a movie or TV show. This game is also widely discussed on social media. Check this tweet.

Tip: If you want this sex game to be fair, make sure that all players wear the same number of articles of clothing and accessories before the game starts.

Simple Sex Games You Can Play Any Time

Do you have a date night today and don't have time to shop for a sex game? Don't worry. There are many other sex games for couples you can play without using a game board.

Naked Pillow Fight

Have you noticed that you feel horny after a fight with your partner? It happens due to hormonal responses. After the quarrel, your body releases cortisol. To calm down and normalize hormone levels, you unconsciously want to experience physical closeness with your partner because it's one of the best things that can calm you down.

If you don't want to argue with the person you love but want to have hot sex, we recommend you try a naked pillow fight. Since this sex game feels like a fight, it provokes the same hormonal response as a real-life quarrel. The only difference is that a pillow fight impacts your romantic relationship only in a positive way.

Cake Game

Do you have a "sweet tooth"? You can bring some sweet food to your bedroom to play an adult game. Here are some quick guidelines. Let your partner lie down comfortably. Take whipped cream, Nutella, sliced fruits, and your favorite berries and spread it all over your partner's breast.

Once your partner's body is fully decorated, you can take the game to the next level. You can lick the whipped cream, eat fruits without using your hands, and kiss your partner's lips to make him feel the sweetness of your play.

Interesting fact: Food and sex bring out dopamine and cause similar neuronal reactions. So when you eat sweets and enjoy the foreplay at the same time, you double the positive emotions.

Strip Poker

What is strip poker? Basically, it's a poker game with an erotic twist. You can play it together with your partner or a company of up to six people. It all depends on your personal preferences and the degree of your openness.

The best part of this classic game is that you don't have to be good at poker to enjoy the game play. And you don't have to be a winner to get erotic pleasure. This game is all about stripping, not strategic bluffing.

If you are ready to undress in front of other people and want to see other people stripping, this game is right for you. All you need to have a standard deck of playing cards. Chips are optional. Play this card game once, and you get obsessed with this unique erotic experience.

Truth or Dare

The chances are you played Truth or Dare when you were a teen or child. But what about playing this game as an adult? Have you ever played it with your sex partner?

The best thing about the Truth or Dare game is that it allows you to get more pleasure from sex and helps you know your partner better. By telling the truth to each other, you can strengthen your relationship and become even a happier couple.

Where can you find questions to play this sexy game? You have a few options::

  • You can download a mobile app, Truth or Dare: Dirty Game.

  • You can buy a "Pick-a-Stick" game online

  • You can use the list of questions offered by Cosmopolitan or any other magazine.

  • You can come up with original questions on your own.

Red Light, Green Light

When you explore your sexual fantasies and deepest desires as a couple, you should always check how your partner feels. You should stay connected with your lover to ensure that you both are experiencing the same emotions.

For instance, if you start a dirty talk, you should ensure that your partner finds it enjoyable and exciting, not outrageous and gross. You should remember that even if you and your partner have similar preferences in sex, you still may have different feelings toward some crazy kama sutra positions or futuristic sex toys.

Red Light, Green Light is a fun game for couples who want to expand their sexual horizon while staying on the same page. This game is easy to play.

If you want to stop your partner from performing the current action, you say "red light". If you want your partner to continue, you say "green lights". You can play this game when you practice mutual masturbation, experiment with new sex toys, or try BDSM for the first time.

Role Play

Do you want to role-play? Wait no more! Choose the new roles for your couple and immerse yourself in an imaginary world. Be whoever you want to be: a nurse, plumber, policeman, or college professor.

You can play a dominant or submissive role – pick whatever role appeals to you. Engage your partner in the play and enjoy the opportunity to explore each other's bodies in a brand new way. Reveal the other side of your personality and see your partner from a new angel.

"Role-playing is a break from normal, vanilla sex. It's a chance to explore fantasies and kinks outside of your routine. You can be anyone you want to be, do anything you want to do," says Gigi Engle, a certified sex coach and sexologist.

Dirty Pictionary

If you don't want to play a card game and don't want to strip, you can play this sexy game. Take a big piece of paper and a permanent marker, and sketch something you would like to try in bed. It can be anything from wearing handcuffs and using a new vibrator to trying a new sex position or having a threesome.

Let your partner guess what your sexual desires are. If they guess it right, you will get a chance to bring your sexual fantasies to life. If not, you will continue the play and let your partner sketch their wild desires.

Blind Sex Game

It may surprise you, but such a little thing as a satin blindfold can take your sex life to new heights. When your eyes are closed, you can get distracted from the world around you and focus purely on your own feelings. When you lie in the darkness, every touch, every sound, and every smell feels to you differently, building up anticipation.

The use of a blindfold is one of the simplest yet one of the most exciting games for couples. When your partner can't see what you are doing, every little move and touch facilitates their sexual arousal and boost pleasure.

"When one sense is dulled, the brain can temporarily compensate and allow us to become more sensitive to the stimuli from our other senses," says Myisha Battle, a certified sex coach.

Tip: Blindfolds made of satin work the best for sexy games. They are nice to touch, and they don't slip as much as silk items.

Candle Play

Have you ever used a massage oil candle to give pleasure to your partner? It's a great experience, and you must try it out! Light on a massage candle, let it melt, pour it on your partner's body, and rub it into the skin gently.

Tip: The oil must be warm enough to arouse the senses but not too hot to hurt.

The combination of hot oil and essential aromas will put both you and your partner in the right mood. It will enable you to ask your partner to do you some extravagant sexual favors you have never dared to ask before.

Candle play can bring you more pleasure than your favorite sex toys because it arouses the senses to the top level. And it can be a great start for the progressive play.

Ice Cube Play

If you don't want to play with hot candles, you can play with ice cubes. When ice touches your body, you feel a burning sensation. The cold stimulates the neuroreceptors under your tender skin and enhances your sexual desire.

How to play with ice? Take one cube, place it on your partner's stomach or breast and start moving it around. Draw circles while avoiding erogenous zones – build anticipation and excitement first, and only then start playing with your partner's "hot spots".

Ice cube play is one of the hottest sex games, and it doesn't require you to use any additional sex accessories. Just take some ice from a freezer, and get kinky with your partner tonight.

If you need some inspiration, you can find it in the movies. Pretty often, producers encourage actors to use ice cubes to make sex scenes more impressive. For instance, you can find such a scene in the "Do the Right Thing" movie.

Sex Fantasy Jar

No matter how close you and your partner are, you may find it difficult to share your weird sexual fantasies. If you feel shy to talk about your desires, we recommend trying this trick.

Take small pieces of paper and write down all the things you want to try in bed (one sex thing per one piece of paper). Then ask your partner write a list of their desires and sex positions they want to try. Roll up every piece of paper and put it in a clear glass jar.

Once you are ready to play, shake the jar and take one piece of paper. Read the note, and then offer your partner to bring this sexual fantasy to life.

Many couples have already created sex fantasy jars. And some of them discuss it on Twitter.

Kindu for Couples

Kindu for Couples is a mobile app that you can use as an alternative to a sex card game. Upload this app, and you will get over 1,000 ideas on how to arouse your partner. You will get access to personalized wild cards, which will blow your mind and make you rip your partner's clothes off.

5 Tips on How to Get the Most of Sex Games

Whatever game you choose, you should follow a few important rules to ensure that the play-game experience will benefit your relationship. Check the following tips before throwing a game night.

Know the Limits

Before you start playing a steamy game, you need to discuss it with your partner and set the limits. You should agree on the sex things you both find acceptable and unacceptable.

If you don't do it in advance, the card game may go all wrong. Don't force yourself to complete the tasks that feel weird to you! Remember that you should feel comfortable to get maximum pleasure from the sex game.

Don't Be Pushy

Don't be pushy if you see that your partner feels awkward and doesn't want to go on a new sex adventure. Accept the fact that your lover is not ready for a new experience, and agree to try it another time.

In such a way, you will show your partner your love and support. In the long run, it will positively influence your sexual relationship.

Schedule a Hot Game in Advance

Not all people love surprises, especially sexual surprises. So if you want to enjoy a sex card game to the fullest, it will be a good idea to schedule a date night in advance. Probably your partner needs time to get prepared for the gaming.

Start Small

Choose games for beginners if you are not sure whether your couple is ready to do crazy things in bed. Start from simple games and simple tasks just to feel that special erotic vibe. Once your couple gets comfortable with erotic gaming, you can move to an advanced level and try new kinky games.

Create a Romantic Atmosphere

Is your partner hesitant about playing sex games for couples? If so, you should put some extra effort into creating the right atmosphere. For instance, you should light the candles and play your partner's favorite song or do whatever makes your partner happy.

Be Open to New Sex Expiriences

Have you known your partner for many years? Is it challenging for you to keep the flame burning in your long-term relationship? You should understand that the only way to overcome boredom in the bedroom is to be open to new sexual experiences.

Don't be afraid to try new things together with your partner. Choose a card game or any other game mentioned above and add it to your sex bucket list ideas. Take the first step today to make your romantic relationship better.

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