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20 Best Places To Have Sex With Your Partner

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Have you already tried a bunch of sexual activities in the bedroom and now want to get a new thrilling experience? It's time to get out of your comfort zone and find new places to have sex.

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    Couples who enjoy sex in public describe their experience as overwhelmingly exciting, pleasurable, and rewarding. So if you are looking for new ways to spice things up, think about visiting the following places to hook up with your partner.

    Indoor Sex

    Each couple has its unique sexual desires and fantasies. So when fun places to hook up, you should take into consideration your personal preferences rather than someone else's recommendations. Check out the following options and find the one that is right for you.

    Department Store

    Are you going to go shopping this weekend? Turn your shopping experience into a sexual adventure! Here is a quick guide for you:

    • Go to the store in the early morning to avoid big crowds.

    • Find a store that sells sexy lingerie.

    • Choose a few outfits.

    • Go to a fitting room with your lover to show them how well those outfits suit you.

    A dressing room is suitable for a quickie, but not a long sex session. Are you worried that you and your lover can't get turned on fast enough? We can assure you that in this case, you have nothing to worry about. Since you will be half-naked and the risks of being caught will boost your sensations, you will get turned on very fast.

    Many people fantasize about having lovemaking in a fitting room. Probably your lover has the same dream.

    Tip: You can also have sex in a furniture store. You can hide behind the high shelving, or you can do it on couches or beds.

    Hotel Room

    A hotel is just a perfect place for couples who want to rekindle their relationship. When you invite your partner to spend a romantic night in a hotel room, it adds a sense of novelty and activates dopamine production.

    Do you want to enjoy steaming hot sex? Travel to Las Vegas, wait for the night time, find an open hotel balcony, and start your kinky play. Don't be afraid to get caught up by other tourists - remember that these people see you for the first and last time.

    Tip: Before you start your sex game, visit a strip club. It will get you in the mood and boost your sensation.

    Movie Theater

    Are you going to go to the movie theatre this weekend? Here is a quick reminder: back-row seats are a perfect place for kissing and making out. You can do whatever you want when you sit in the dark behind other people and know that no one can see you.

    Tip: Since you will not be able to undress, Choose an outfit that will give your lover easy access to your intimate body parts.

    Many people have already tried out this experience. Some of them even share their excitement on Twitter.

    Film Set

    Is your partner obsessed with the movie theme? You can give your sweetheart an unordinary sexy surprise. Find a way to get to a movie set at night. Once you get there, pretend to be actors filming a steamy sex scene and enjoy a new sexual experience.

    Your Parents' House

    Not ready for sex in public? What about having sex in your parents' apartment? If you had never done it as a teenager, this idea might be thrilling for you now. Invite your lover to your childhood bedroom and let yourself be a naughty adult.

    Or, you can skip into your parents' bedroom while they are busy in the garden and have sex right in their bed. It will make you feel like you are breaking the law, so you will have euphoric feelings during an orgasm.

    Photo by Binyamin Mellish

    Your Friend's Apartment

    Don't want to accidentally shock your parents? Opt for an alternative solution: visit your friend's house rather than your parents' house. If your friend sees you naked, that will be an awkward situation, but it will not destroy your relationship.

    You can make love on your friend's couch, kitchen table, porch swing, or even balcony. Do you want to make this experience even more extreme? Keep the curtains open - feel the thrill of getting caught by your friend's neighbors.

    Empty Classroom

    Do you work as a teacher? Ask your partner to meet you after work and offer them to role play in your classroom. Here is a role play idea for you: you can be a bad teacher, and your lover can be your favorite student who deserves a "special reward".

    Tip: Start your sex play only after your colleagues and students leave the building, and keep your door locked.

    Do you have access to a school bus? The bus also can be a great place for public sex. There are so many seats in there, and they are pretty comfy! It's a great spot to enjoy all sex positions, including sitting and standing ones.

    Photo by Andy Barbour

    Deserted House

    Do you want to have sex on the kitchen counters with windows open but don't want your neighbors or postman to see you? Find an abandoned house somewhere in the wood and use it to have fun with your partner.

    Tip: If this house also has an outdoor shower, don't be shy to use it. Get wet and naked to drive your partner crazy.

    Photo by Wendy Wel

    Night Club

    A crowded party is one of the best places to have sex in public. When everyone is standing extremely close to each other, and when the light is dim, you can touch (or even penetrate) your partner. It's risky, but it makes the experience only more exciting.

    Photo Booth

    A photo booth is another great place for a quickie. By choosing this place, you will get an awesome bonus – the most erotic photographs ever. Do you want to know what face you make when you orgasm? Use the camera to catch that moment – and you will be amazed at the pictures you get.

    Ferris Wheel

    Do you want to have sex "in the air"? Get into the Ferris wheel cabin and get right to the business. You have just a few minutes to achieve orgasm, so don't waste your time and start your naughty play right away.

    Photo by Ashley Fontana

    Outdoor Sex

    Do you want to feel some fresh air while touching and kissing your partner? You can go outside to find a place for mind-blowing public sex.

    Picnic Place

    Are you one of those romantic couples who go on a picnic every weekend? You can turn your romantic experience into a sexual one. You can make love on a picnic blanket, picnic table, or even right on the wet grass.

    Public Park

    Parks have so much to offer for kinky couples! Depending on how crowded the park is and depending on your erotic preferences, your next love-making session may take place at one of the following locations:

    • In the so-called "secret garden" – the least crowded part of the park where you can feel the intimate atmosphere

    • Under willow tree (if you prefer standing positions). Push your partner against the rough tree bark and enjoy rough sex.

    • On the bench, once it gets dark.

    Photo by Ketut Subiyanto

    Golf Course or Tennis Court

    Do you look stunning in sports clothing? You can use your sexy outfits to seduce your partner on a court and have intercourse while everyone else is focused on a game. Does it sound like a crazy idea? If you are ready for crazy experiments, you should bring this idea to life.


    Have you ever enjoyed spa days with your lover? Shared spa procedures can bring you closer together and enhance your relationship, especially if you end your spa day kissing in a hot tub or steam room.

    Tip: Choose a private spa where you can book some special services and enjoy your privacy. Make sure that there are no security cameras in the room that may film your "steamy affair".

    Fishing Boat

    Are you both into fishing? Have you ever thought about adding an erotic touch to your not-erotic hobby? Rent a boat, get to the middle of the lake, and start your make-out session. Just imagine how great it will feel: the boat will be swaying on waves making your body movements and feelings more intense.

    Photo by Zukiman Mohamad


    Playgrounds are not for kids only. If you want to have an extreme sex experience in public places, you can use playgrounds to bring your sexual fantasies to life. You can get naked and make love in a bouncy house. Or you can try new positions at a swing set.

    Tip: Visit playgrounds at night and make sure that no one can see you. Be aware that you will deal with serious legal issues and even get jailed if someone reports you to the police.

    Public Pool

    It's summertime, and you can't miss an opportunity to go to the pool and have fun there. While standing in the pool, hug your lover tightly, kiss their ear and neck, and then get your hands into their panties.

    Keep in mind that when you are dressed in sexy swimwear, you can turn on your partner in a wink. So make sure to find a semi-private spot once you enter the pool area. It can be a shower, changing room, locker room, or any other place where you can hide from people's eyes.

    At the pool, you will meet lots of hot boys and girls, and maybe even want to invite them to join your erotic play. If you have a fantasy about group sex, discuss it with your mate beforehand.


    Sex in the car is a must-try for every couple! You can use your own car or a rental car. You can do it in a parking lot, parking garage, gas station, truck stop, or any other place where no one will disturb you.

    Just keep in mind that the front seat is not the best spot. The back seat provides more space and allows you to enjoy different sex positions. Plus, if your rear windows are fully tinted, you should use the back seat to add some privacy to your play.

    Photo by RODNAE Productions

    Dark Alleyway

    Basically, you don't need to use Google Maps to find a perfect place for public sex in your city. And you don't have to plan your sexual activity in advance. You can be spontaneous. Once you happen to be in a dark, not crowded place, like an alleyway, you can take your lover's hand, take them aside, and start the foreplay.

    Expand Your Sexual Horizons

    Even if bed sex and missionary position feel good to you, you should never stop exploring your sexuality. You should find new places to get new mind-blowing erotic experiences and make your sex life better.

    The choice of places is limited only by your imagination. You can have your next steamy session literally at any public place: a bowling alley, pool table, ski lift, or even a horse trailer. You can do it at a cruise ship, parking lot, or tanning bed at a local beauty salon.

    Consider all the options with your lover and take your sexual relationship to the next level!

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