An LGBTQ+ Dating App Free From Hetero Limits

Taimi stands out because it is truly LGBTQ+ centered. Designed to curate flexible dating and sexual experiences for lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, and others who don’t identify as cis-het.
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LGBTQ+ Dating That Fits Your Identity

The people who use Taimi are members of the LGBTQ+ community who are seeking an alternative to CIS-HET dating models. What they have found at Taimi is a dating model that works for them, and they are embracing that. This app offers them sexually intense experiences or maybe true love, with the fluidity that allows them to be exactly who they are.

Everybody seeks connections. Taimi simply recognizes that there isn’t only one way to achieve that. That’s why the app is built around the concept of dating fluidity.

Why Taimi?
Why Choose Taimi as Your LGBTQ+ Dating App?
  • A Queer-Centric Bio
  • Authentic Connections
  • A Place to be Yourself
  • Harassment Prevention!
  • Bios designed to embrace your queer identity. Your bio allows you to choose your gender identity, sexuality, and pronouns to show the world exactly who you are.
  • Tired of apps that recommend people who are barely compatible? Taimi Vibes help you connect with someone on multiple interests and traits.
  • We believe you should only come out when you are ready and that you get to decide what is safe for you. Stealth mode allows you to use Taimi incognito and share only the data you want to users you have liked.
  • We have removed the ability to take screenshots of dating profiles. This prevents harassment and bullying which includes outing people.

Taimi Has Just What You Are Looking For

How do we know this? Because our app was developed and continues to be improved by input from members of the LGBTQ+ community. We listen to you all along the way. When you keep in touch with us, ask questions, and make suggestions, we listen. Tell us what you want your best dating app to offer or improve, and watch that happen.



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Wondering about what Taimi has in store for you?

Discover what famous people think about Taimi, and let their testimonials inspire you to begin your own adventure. Their success stories could be yours - the only thing between you and a bright future is an “Install” button.

4.8 out of 5

How it works

1. Download the Taimi App

Visit the App Store or the Google Play Store to download Taimi.

2. Register

Take a few minutes to complete your bio, verify your face, share your location, and talk about your dating goals.

3. Upload Content And Share Your Identity

Got amazing pics? Put ‘em here!

4. Get Out there and find someone!

It’s why you’re here! Like the folx you vibe with and ask them out!

Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions about Taimi? Keep reading to see if the solution to your query is in our FAQ segment below.

Great news! You can use Taimi for free. We want everyone to be able to access this app even if they can’t pay for it. It’s that important to us to be able to provide a fun dating app to the LGBTQ+ community. In the free version you can check out profiles, add friends, chat, and more.

There’s also a premium version, and we’d love you to check that out. It makes finding the ideal connection even easier. Try it and enjoy all features available for premium subscribers.

We have created Taimi to be a space where members of the LGBTQ+ community can be themselves. There are strict policies against bullying, threats, and harassment. We give users the ability to block profiles to prevent future interactions. Our team also responds promptly to reports of any issues. Abusers and trolls will be banned.

To put it simply, you can meet people who have identities and preferences that align with yours! That’s what dating fluidity means!

We are proud to say that we have millions of users all over the world! No matter where you are, Taimi will help you connect with others. We’ve worked hard to create this global presence to make our community available to as many users as possible.

The Taimi app is available in many different languages. Users in many countries can use the app to find people to date. If Taimi isn’t in your language, please let us know! We are constantly growing and expanding, and would love to increase our reach.

Building a Community Where Everyone is Comfortable

The team at Taimi sincerely believes that dating should be a fun, affirming, and worry-free experience for everyone. We also understand that this isn’t always the case for members of the LGBTQ+ community. When you feel uncomfortable sharing, it feels impossible to be who you truly are, and to connect with others authentically. It's so important to have queer spaces that are genuinely inclusive.

This is what we have built in Taimi. This is your space to be who you are without fear of judgment, bullying, or harassment. We affirm that our community includes CIS, nonbinary, trans, and all other gender identities. Each has a place here. Come to Taimi where you can feel free to be who you are. Check us out on The App Store or Google Play!

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