A list of inspiring trans celebs in honor of Trans Day of Visibility

Last Updated 30.03.2021
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March 31 marks Trans Day of Visibility. Taimi — world’s largest LGBTQ+ platform complied a list of amazing transgender celebrities that inspired us to be ourselves and do our part in changing the world!

Transgender Pride Flag
March 31 is the day to show your support and celebrate transgender people around the world. It is on this day, we recognize all the amazing contributions of trans people to our culture, arts, science, education, and more.
Unlike Transgender Day of Remembrance (read more about it here) TDOV is not about mourning, it is all about celebrating transgender people who come from all walks of life: different faiths, races, nationalities and ethnicities.
Today more than ever trans celebrities have a loud voice of change that can help put the onus on eliminating transphobia, violence against trans and non-binary people.

Here is a list of truly inspiring trans celebrities that give all of us at Taimi a reason to break barriers and be ourselves.

Laverne Cox

One of the most visible transgender actresses in the world. Cox gained notoriety for her starring role in “Orange Is the New Black”. Laverne Cox is an outspoken LGBTQ+ rights advocate. She has won several awards for her acting as well as activism. Cox is also the first trans woman to appear on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine. Laverne Cox is indeed a ground-breaker.

Elliot Page

The Canadian star of a popular Neflix series “Umbrella Academy” came out as transgender on December 1, 2020. In a post on his social media account, Elliot Page said that he felt lucky to have arrived at a place where he could be himself. He later revealed that at the time of his open letter he was recovering from top surgery which Page described as “not only life-changing, but life-saving”. Elliot Page is a true inspiration to all of us.

Jazz Jennings

One of the most high-profile trans activists in the world, Jennings became a popular face when she was just 6 years-old. Her supportive parents were there for her every step of the way during her transition, and now Jennings proudly shows off her post-procedure scars, calling them her “battle wounds”. Jess Jennings is an avid activist for human rights. She is a voice of trans kids all over the world.

Jake Graf

An actor, screenwriter, director , and trans rights activists are just a few of the ways to describe the talented Jake Graf. His work often focuses on transgender issues that may seem unfamiliar to the general public, but are so important to highlight. Jake is married to Hannah Winterbourne, who i the highest ranking transgender officer in the British Army. In 2020, they welcomed a daughter named Millie. Jake and his wife serve as an inspiration to thousands of trans couples.

Valentina Sampaio

The first transgender woman to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Sampaio also made history by becoming Victoria’s Secret’s first-ever openly trans model. Valentina Sampaio who comes from Brazil often speaks of the violence against trans people in her native country, but underlines the fact that she was never bullied for being a trans woman. She uses her fame to raise awareness about trans rights and the need to fight for equality in many countries across the planet.

Caitlyn Jenner

This former Olympian lived her life in the spotlight for a very long time. As part of the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” family, Jenner went through a very public falling out with her family, including ex-wife Kris. In her memoir, Jenner talked openly about her life-long struggles with gender identity, and the family being unsupportive of her desire to live as her authentic self. Her 2015 “Vanity Fair” cover announced Jenner’s name and gender identity.

Chaz Bono

Chaz is a writer, musician and an actor. He was born to one of the most famous celebrity couples in the world. Chaz’s parents are Sonny Bono and Cher, he often appeared on their show “The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour” as a child. A documentary of his transition aired in 2011 on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Chaz is a very outspoken LGBTQ+ rights advocate and an inspiration to trans people everywhere.

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