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7 min read

Dating Among The Intersex Population

You may have noticed that LGBT has expanded. Often...

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13 min read

Gay Dirty Talk - Up Your Game

Communication. Think about how this has changed th...

16 Mar 2023
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4 min read

Sapiosexual Dating And Relationships - When Sex is Not Enough

Sapiosexuals form a rather unique minority group i...

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13 min read

Have a Gay Fetish? Join the Club

The first question that comes to mind is what is n...

10 Mar 2023
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9 min read

Sexual Riding - Ride 'Em Cowboy (or Girl)

We all know about sex positions - missionary, side...

07 Mar 2023
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11 min read

Sending Nudes: Some Guidelines to Follow

Remember when nobody would ever admit to sending n...

04 Mar 2023
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