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There are 9 million users on Taimi from all over the world. With the Finder feature, you can connect with any of them in just a few clicks. Taimi is a safe and supportive community where you can meet queer people, gay men, lesbian women, bisexual people, trans individuals, non-binary folks, and other members of the LGBTQ+ community. Make new friends, explore your sexuality, and find someone to go out with — all in one app!


Taimi isn’t just about meeting people in your area. It’s about helping you connect with like-minded people no matter how far they are. That’s why our chat is perfect for starting new relationships and maintaining them for a long time.

Send text messages, exchange pictures, videos, or playlists, and hop on a video call when you feel like it. On Taimi, you can be sure that you’ll be safe and won’t come across any hate or discrimination.

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digest & groups

To make it even easier for you to find like-minded people on Taimi, we have launched Taimi groups that will help you find thousands of people with the same interests. In some groups, you can discuss your queer struggles and give each other relationship advice. In others, you can share your art, queer memes, or your cute selfies. And if you have an idea for a new group, create it yourself and help other users connect with each other.


On Taimi, your profile is everything. You don’t need professional pictures to make your profile stand out. Add your cute selfies, post some stories, fill out your profile, and tell us more about your personality. When you are more specific, there’s a higher chance of meeting a real soulmate. Wouldn’t that be nice?

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live streams

Taimi livestreams are perfect for expressing yourself and connecting with other members of the LGBTQ+ community. The streams will help you introduce yourself and meet new interesting people in a way that feels real and authentic. Show us your makeup routine or a workout session and host a Q&A to help your new friends get to know you better.

We love to see our users express themselves and step out of their comfort zones. That’s why we have a reward program for streamers who get the most views and reactions. For the best of the best, we have also launched the influencer program that will help your profile go viral.

Taimi is proud to call itself a place for people of every spectrum of the rainbow. A place that offers more than online dating and a place where you can explore all the beauty that diversity has to offer. Our goal is to work on building a safe and inclusive environment for queer folks of all ages, identities, and interests to meet other queer people in the most fun and interactive way. We believe that Taimi is just as much about building love relationships as it is about extending your network and becoming part of the growing queer community. There is nothing else we value more than diversity and ensuring that everyone can find a special person to connect with, no matter how niche or common their interests are.

In Taimi we believe in the magic that is created within our community. And watching it grow so rapidly reminds us of the fact that our priorities on user experience have been set right. We are beyond honored to host millions of users who identify as queer with sexual identities of all rainbow spectrum from all over the world.

Advantages of Queer as a Bisexual Dating App and Chat Platform

By becoming a part of our diverse and ever-growing community, as a queer person you will be able to take Taimi wherever you need it. Whether you are looking for a serious relationship, something casual, or just want to meet new people and become a part of a community, Taimi is a flexible tool for your personal needs and goals. Taimi really has it all — and as a queer person, you won't ever get enough of it.

As a platform that features an online dating app and a social network for queer people, Taimi is the most secure and safe space for dating, chatting, and networking — strong security measures and verification layers are aimed to keep our users extra protected.

We greatly care about both the technical and the social parts of the user experience. So we work hard on ensuring that as queer person, you will have nothing to worry about, except for keeping up with all the people you are texting.

Taimi is becoming more and more popular among queer people globally. But our community doesn't lose its sense of unique identity due to the many features which make Taimi a cozy and friendly place. You can find like-minded folks by joining plenty of groups, participate in live streams, and build your own community — all within the app.

Now, enough of talk, you can download Taimi for free so go and explore its magic yourself!

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