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Sex Without Penetration? Oh, The Possibilities

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It’s called outercourse – this having sex (and even orgasm) without penetration. And just why do people want this kind of sex?

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    There could be lots of reasons, but maybe it just feels great. Penetration may be what many envision when they think about sex.  But penetration doesn’t have to be the goal of your sex. There are just so many other things to enjoy. Let’s unpack just what non-penetrative sex can look like. Here are six that are just the tip of the iceberg.

    Dry Humping (aka Grinding, Tribbing, Frottage)

    “Don’t knock what you haven’t tried.” Check out some resources on dry humping and make a decision to try some of the possibilities. While you may think that amazing orgasms can’t happen this way, nothing could be further from the truth. You’ve got nothing to lose here.


    Now, here is some non-penetrative sex that comes in all varieties. There are lots of toys that are made for this, but even those designed for penetration can be used in so many different ways. A vibrating toy rubbing on the clit is just one simple example. And the best part? Toys can be used with a partner or solo, when you are just in-between dating partners, have been dumped or dumped someone, or when you just want a quiet evening with your own horniness.

    Mutual Masturbation

    Doing things together is so nice for couples. And why not mutual masturbation? Each partner can watch the other masturbate. And the possible side benefit? You may pick up some tips on how your partner likes to get off.

    Once you know how your partner likes to masturbate, you can do the same for each other, at the same time or taking turns. Watching your partner orgasm is a huge turn-on, so try it with the lights on.


    Oral sex is not just for great foreplay. It can be the “be all and end all” of some crazy and amazing sex and star-studded orgasms. In fact, many prefer it to penetrative sex

    If your partner has a v-jay-jay, your tongue is the most valuable organ you have, and it can be used to flic, to lick, and to encircle – such a versatile little beast, and such a giver of pleasure. Of course, the mouth can play a secondary role too.

    If your partner has a penis, then both your mouth and tongue become valuable. Encircling the head of the penis with the tongue is really stimulating, as is, of course, going down full force on that penis. Licking the balls and even the ass have been known to send shock waves through a receiver of such play, followed by a grand orgasm. 

    In terms of positions, almost any of the positions that are used for penetrative sex can be used for oral sex as well, with only a few modifications. Get creative and explore some positions other than just the common 69.

    How About Sex on Video Chat?

    Being horny doesn’t go out the window just because partners may live miles apart or are having a temporary separation. Gladly, technology has taken care of that.

    If you and your partner are physically apart, penetration is obviously impossible. Still, it can be pretty hot because you can watch each other doing many of the things mentioned above, using both hands and toys.

    Get Some Kink On

    BDSM is a real turn-on for lots of people. It can be mild or pretty damn spicy, depending on your preferences. Orgasms can be strong and mind-blowing. Find the right tools, do lots of experimentation, and get it on.

    Just a Tip…

    There is an entire iceberg of non-penetrative sex activities. These suggestions are just the tip of that iceberg. If you really want to explore all of the possibilities, do some research on your own. There are lots of videos out there that will show you. Sex is so much more than just penetration. If you don’t try non-penetration sex, you are really missing out on some amazing stuff.

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