How Gender Neutral Sex Toys are Transforming Love and Sex

Last Updated 13.02.2022
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For many years the sex toy industry has largely focused on creating toys that were aesthetically and functionally meant for men or women. By doing that, they missed a significant market. Additionally, individuals who were trans, nonbinary, gender-fluid, etc. were often stuck with toys that were clearly not created for them.

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Fortunately, this is a problem that is being resolved, albeit very slowly. Sex toy brands are embracing customers who are nonbinary, trans, or otherwise gender non-conforming by introducing toys that aren’t inherently male or female. This is a transformative move that will have impacts that go beyond the bedroom.

Why was the Lack of Genderless Toys a Problem?

For the longest time sex toys were made to only appease the sexual appeal and needs of a cis audience. Gendered toys take the imagination out of sexual play, and communicate that bodies are supposed to look a certain way to be acceptable. Manufacturers often design these toys assuming they will only be used in very traditional ways.

Traditional Sex Toys And Gender Dysmorphia

For many CIS, hetero people, gendered toys are not a problem. In fact, they are quite desirable. However, for others, they can create feelings of inadequacy and contribute to poor body image. For many people who are gender-nonconforming, these toys can spur feelings of dysmorphia. When companies offer genderless toys, they help an important part of their customer base feel seen and heard.

For the unaware, gender dysmorphia is the presence of a disconnect between a person’s gender and assigned sex at birth. The stress, depression, and anxiety associated with gender dysmorphia can be triggered when someone who is trans attempts to enjoy sexual experiences with traditionally gendered toys.

Finally, traditional sex toys may not meet the functional needs of people in the transgender community who may have undergone gender affirming surgeries. 

Amazing Examples of Genderless Sex Toys

First, what is a genderless toy? These are toys that aren’t explicitly designed to act as stand-ins for binary-gendered body parts. They are created in a way that doesn’t presume that certain characteristics are desired in sex toys. 

Additionally, many of these toys are created with trans people and their needs in mind. They allow both pre and post-op individuals to enjoy sexual experiences on their own terms. 

Fortunately, there are sex toy companies that have truly stepped up to meet these needs. They provide well-made toys that offer sexual pleasure without adhering to outdated gender norms. Here are a few of our recommendations.

The Enby 2 by Wildflower

The Enby 2 is a flexible silicone vibrator. It may be straddled as is, rolled into a cylinder, or manipulated into other shapes. The unit is fully submersible and has five operating speeds. It can be used by anybody regardless of gender identity, because users are encouraged to use the toy in any way that gives them pleasure.

The Transformer by PicoBong

The Transformer transcends anything you ever thought you knew about sex toys. Have you ever seen one of those multi-tools that you can use for ten or twelve different things? Well, The Transformer is the multi-tool of the bedroom. It is a double dildo, vibrator, cock ring, and so much more. 

Tryst Multi-Erogenous Zone Vibrator by Doc Johnson

The Tryst is an extraordinarily versatile sex toy that can be used to provide pleasure for any body part. This includes the clitoris, penis, scrotum, and breasts. This toy also bears no resemblance to any body parts, so it’s a great choice for people with gender dysmorphia or who simply want to experiment with nontraditional sex toys

Starsi by Cute Little Fuckers

The Starsi is a colorful, starfish-shaped vibrator with a cute little backstory. It’s also a fabulous sex toy for individuals who are trans femme and struggle with dysmorphia. The toy can be cupped in the palm of the hand and used to cover the genitals while providing intense sexual pleasure. This empowers the user to experience sexual stimulation in new ways and to map new pleasure pathways between the genitals and the brain.

Cute little fuckers makes a few other toys that are worth mentioning. These include the Princette and the Zeep!

Crescendo by MysteryVibe

The Crescendo is marketed as the first body-adapting vibrator. It can be used internally, for example for vaginal penetration. It can also be used externally to provide stimulation to other body parts.


Every human being deserves to enjoy sex in a way that aligns with their identity, preferences, and abilities. In order for that to happen, sexual products must be inclusive. Gender-neutral sex toys meet an important need and contribute to a culture of sexual wellness.

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