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Last Updated: 12/19/2022
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Orbisian/Trixic flag

Trixic typically refers to non-binary individuals who are attracted to women. This attraction to femininity may be sexual or romantic for non-binary individuals. The word orbisian also refers to enby people attracted to women.

Trixic may include people who are not exclusively attracted to women. Trixic people may or may not be attracted to other genders in addition to females. Some trixic individuals may also self-identify as lesbians. Some trixic non-binary folks who love women use the abbreviated version NBLW.

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The terminology to describe non-binary people's attraction to females seems to have originated on a discord server and Tumblr in 2017. According to Urban Dictionary, the term trixic stands for: 

“Trixic is a sexuality. It is where a non-binary person is attracted to women”

Another word that was coined at around the same time on a discord server and Tumblr was orbisian. Ultimately, both terms are now used to identify non-binary people sexually and/or romantically attracted to women. The terms trixic and orbisian are now synonymous. The created words gained attention and became commonly used terminology to describe enby people attracted to women as well as other genders.

A term to describe NB people attracted to men exclusively or not is toric. It sometimes may be used in content to provide more information on attraction. Toric and trixic may in fact be the words to best identify enby people's sexual and/or romantic attraction.

Flag and Symbols

There are many versions of the orbisian flag on Tumblr and other websites. The flag is not used exclusively by those who are orbisian. In fact, the trixic flag on Tumblr is the same as the orbisian flag.transparent;">The original orbisian flag was created on Tumblr in October 2017. The colors of the flag represent the following: 

  • Purple on the flag stands for being a non-binary person
  • Yellow on the flag also represents enby people
  • Pink represents attraction to females

Simplified trixic flagSimplified trixic flag

The flag that most people recognize as a trixic flag features the same colors as the orbisian flag with purple, as well as yellow that represent NB people and pink represents attraction to women. This flag was created to showcase attraction for females. The flag also includes a non-binary as well as female symbols to symbolize attraction to femininity.
Orbisian/Trixic flagOrbisian/Trixic flag

An alternative trixic flag was created and posted on Tumblr in 2021. This flag features purple stripes to represent the attraction to women. The poppy flower stands for love. The format of the flag is similar to the sapphic flag, achillean flag, and diamoric flag. 

Alternate trixic flagAlternate trixic flag

There is also another alternative four stripe version of the trixic flag available on Tumblr. It features a similar color scheme to represent enby people exclusively loving women. 

Alternate trixic flag by frcgdad_.Alternate trixic flag by frcgdad_.


The most commonly used symbol for trixic individuals features two symbols. It is a cross of the non-binary symbol: 

Non-binary symbol

with a symbol that is typically known as Venus to represent women: 

Venus symbol

The two symbols together represent the enby people's attraction to women: 

Trixic/Orbisian symbolTrixic/Orbisian symbol


Trixic people, most of the time have a non-binary gender identity. This means that a trixic person will typically use gender neutral pronouns like they/them but some may use pronouns that are typically associated with a gender like she/her or he/him.

A non-binary individual may also use gender-neutral pronouns that fit them much better. Examples of gender-neutral pronouns are: 

  • xe/xem
  • ze/zir
  • ee/eem

Some people may also like to use pronouns that they have created for themselves. Some friends may choose to use abbreviated versions of names. It is always best to seek more information. So, it may be better to use the person's name to keep everyone content. 

Some people may be male aligned others may be female aligned there are many non-binary people that do not have an alignment at all. Never assume someone’s gender based on their gender expression. Always ask a person about their preferred pronouns in conversation. Do not forget to share your pronouns on social media with the people who follow you and those whom you follow as well. 

How to Know if You are Trixic?

If you identify as a non-binary individual or genderqueer person but are attracted to women you may be trixic. Coming to terms with a new word to describe your sexual orientation may be daunting at times. Remember that the only person that can put a label on you is you alone. Nobody including your friends can tell you whether you are trixic or not.

How to Support Trixic People?

If you want to help and support trixic persons start by doing the following:

  • Read more about sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression
  •  Seek out the information on LGBTQ+ history
  • Read all about LGBTQ+ rights around the world, educate yourself and others
  • Provide resources and information to colleagues, coworkers, fellow students

Alternate design of trixic flag: 

Alternate trixic flagAlternate trixic flag

Poppy enby trixic flag version: 

poppy enby/trixic flagpoppy enby/trixic flag

The dark purple version of the trixic flag: 

Alternate trixic flagAlternate trixic flag

Another version featuring black and dark purple: 

Alternate trixic flag featuring black and dark purpleAlternate trixic flag featuring black and dark purple

Demitrixic flag: 

Demitrixic flagDemitrixic flag

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