Quad Polyamory - What is it? What does it mean?

Last Updated: 12/16/2022
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Quad polyamory or quad poly is a term that typically describes any polyamorous relationship structure that involves four individuals. This means that one person may be involved with three other people or each of the individuals may be involved with one, two, or three people at the same time. The term refers to consensual relations between adults.

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Terminology & History

The origin of the term's usage is somewhat unknown in the community. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the quad is an adjective that may mean: having or composed of four items or elements. 

Polyamory is a noun that can be defined as the state or practice of having more than one open romantic relationship at a time

Therefore, the term describes a relationship that involves four members at a time. 

Quad Polyamorous Partners

Partners who connect based on similar as well as relevant interests and lifestyles may create connections of one couple with the other couple. Some people may even search for quad poly relationships online using dating websites or a poly dating app. These may connections may also be considered polyamorous. Even though they may be different for each individual. Some of the below are examples of these relationships that have existed in the community for a long time:

  • Full - all partners are involved with one another
  • Arrow - one individual is dating three people but none of them are dating each other
  • Double - where A is dating B and C, D is dating B and C but B and C are not dating A, as well as A and D, are not dating each other
  • Plus One - three members have a triad and one person is dating someone else 
  • Complex - where A, B, and C are dating, while A, B, and D are dating, but C and D are not dating each other. 


People who create relations that may measure as polyamory can be from the LGBTQ+ community and beyond. They can be of any gender. They may use a variety of different pronouns ranging from gender-specific like he/him and she/her to gender-neutral like they/them or neopronouns of their own choice. people are on the multisexual spectrum. That said, they can be cisgender, 

It is crucial to always share your pronouns in written and oral communication. Never assume someone’s pronouns based on their gender identity, expression, or the type of relationship they are in. 

Flag and Symbols

There are two versions of the flag. The most commonly used flag in the community was created by Deviantart users in 2016. It features dark blue, turquoise, light orange, dark orange colors as well as a yellow square in the middle. It has no confirmed meaning. 

Quad polyamory flagQuad polyamory flag

The other version of the flag was created in February 2021. The flag has four dark hearts that make up a diamond shape. It  features the following colors: 

  • Light blue represents peace
  • Dark blue represents consent
  • White represents unity
  • Purple represents attraction 
  • Green represents kindness
  • Yellow represents dedication

Alternative flagAlternative flag

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