Finic - What is it? What does it mean?

Last Updated: 12/16/2022
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Finic typically refers to people on the multisexual spectrum or m-spec. These individuals have a preference towards the feminine in nature people or those with certain features that may be considered feminine. 

This means that people develop an attraction for folks who are feminine or woman-aligned.  They may show romantic or sexual interests towards people whose gender presentation is of feminine nature regardless of the person’s gender identity. 

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Terminology & History

The data shows that the term seems to have originated online. Resources suggest the earliest mention of the word appears to be in May 2020 on Tumblr site. The word is intended to be used by anyone who has a preference for femininity and is attracted to two or more genders. 

This term can be used to describe sexuality on its own or be a modifier for another sexuality. For example, a person can be both finic and pansexual. So it is an acceptable term for someone to refer to their sexuality. 


They can be cisgender, transgender, non-binary and any other gender. They may use a variety of pronouns ranging from gender-specific she/her or he/him to gender-neutral they/them or neopronouns xe/xem and so on. 

Remember to never miss someone’s pronouns based on their sexual orientation or gender expression. Always share your pronouns in written and oral communication. Please note, if are unsure of the person’s pronouns - politely ask them. Some people may prefer to use their name. 

Flag and Symbols

There is only one flag version currently available online. The flag features purple and orange shades but has no confirmed meaning.

Finic flagFinic flag

How to Know if You are Finic?

If you are on the multisexual spectrum, feel attracted to people who are feminine in nature, you may identify with the term. It is up to you to decide whether this label fits your sexuality well. Remember, it is valid no matter what. Sexuality may change and evolve over time and that is absolutely okay. 

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