The Creepiest Villains Have Gone Queer! Out on a Creepy Date!

Last Updated 21.10.2022
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Taimi, the fully inclusive LGBTQ+ dating app, wants to spice up your imagination this Halloween. For those who are into something extremely frightening around all Hallows’ Eve, we have invited the most terrifying villains ever to be your virtual queer boo.

October, LA – Taimi, the first fully inclusive LGBTQ+ dating app, encourages you to try virtual dating with iconic horror characters. Eight beasts will lead you through frightful but sexy date narratives and immerse you deeply into terrifying dates - the stuff of which nightmares might come. From October 21 through October 31, as you are casually swiping, you may meet Freddy Krueger, Pennywise, Bride of Frankenstein, Demon Nun, Chucky, Ghostface, Slenderman, and Young-hee from Squid Game. Liking a certain character, you can start a conversation, navigate the storyline, and choose how it develops. These creatures have joined Taimi to express their queerness and entertain you on a virtual date.

Inspired by the revelation that several of our favorite characters from comic books and movies were LGBTQ+, all of us folx at Taimi began thinking. What if symbols of Halloween, from classic to pop culture horror icons, were queer? What if they could join an LGBTQ+ dating app to express their identity?

We decided to reimagine iconic villains, who are not necessary canonically gay, and to entertain you with their “parallel” queer selves, also normalizing queer characters in all genres. After all, what holiday is more queer than one that involves ornate costumes and dedication to an aesthetic.

“Our community’s trust is extremely important to us, and to earn the LGBTQ+ people’s confidence in Taimi, we need to build strong connections with the audience via authentic communication, respectfulness, diversity, and celebration of LGBTQ+ culture. Halloween is part of queer culture, and our main idea is to bring its spirt to online dating routine and have some fun,” says Yana Andyol, Head of Brand and Communications at Taimi.

We chose characters that we believed could be awesomely LGBTQ+ and ran with it. These eight villains represent Halloween itself. Some of them, such as Freddy Krueger, Pennywise, Bride of Frankenstein, Demon Nun, and Chucky, are classic characters who come through decades as icons of the horror genre. Others, like Ghostface, Slenderman, and Young-hee, represent internet and pop culture. But all of them are in the front of your mind during Halloween.

“We strongly believe that Halloween gives a chill-spinning experience to everyone, but we also believe that there is no Halloween without fun. So, Taimi teams up with iconic horror characters to give our users the opportunity to trick or meet their next horror crush,” adds Roman Kalynchuk, Product Manager at Taimi.

Keep an eye out on the app. There are some fabulously horrifying characters waiting to meet you.


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