Last Updated 12.10.2023
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LAS VEGAS (October 12, 2023)  – Taimi is thrilled to announce that it has been awarded еthe ANA Multicultural Excellence Award for its "America The Beautiful" brand campaign. This honor recognizes Taimi's unwavering commitment to inclusivity and its efforts to uplift LGBTQ+ communities across America.

Since 2001, the ANA Multicultural Excellence Awards have celebrated marketing campaigns that make a difference and demonstrate a genuine dedication to effectively engaging with diverse, multicultural audiences. Taimi's "America The Beautiful" campaign has been recognized as a best-in-class example of multicultural marketing, highlighting powerful cultural insights that resonate with diverse consumers. Taimi is proclaimed the LGBTQ+ category winner.

The "America The Beautiful" campaign, launched in May 2023 in partnership with Emmy & Clio award-winning marketing agency Known, spotlights LGBTQ+ communities facing adversity in several red states, including Georgia, Oklahoma, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, and Colorado. Despite media bans in some of these states, the campaign became possible thanks to the resilient media owners who supported it and championed the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals by donating millions of dollars in inventory.

"In receiving the ANA Multicultural Excellence Award for 'America The Beautiful,' Taimi sends a powerful message of support to the LGBTQ+ community, reaffirming our dedication to championing their rights and promoting inclusivity in America and beyond." - Yana Andyol, Head of Brand and Communications at Taimi

Learn more about the campaign here

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