Taimi asks pop star Zolita 20 Questions on how to avoid being a Crazy Ex

Last Updated 14.02.2023
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The new music video “Crazy Ex” by pop star sensation Zolita in collaboration with Taimi, a fully inclusive LGBTQ+ dating app, shows just how crazy things can get when people are breaking up in a non-healthy way. We asked Zolita 20 questions about her dating experience and how to stay sane when breaking up.

February, 10, LA - Pop star Zolita in collaboration with Taimi, a fully inclusive LGBTQ+ dating app, presents a new music video “Crazy Ex”, one of a four-part video series to accompany her latest EP “Falling Out / Falling In”. To promote healthy relationships and even healthier break-ups we conducted a Q&A session with Zolita and asked her 20 questions about online dating, her break-up experiences, and how to make sure you are not becoming someone’s crazy ex.

“I wrote an entire concept album about my cheating ex called “Evil Angel”... and then she tried to cancel me online. I don’t know who was the crazier ex in that situation.” says Zolita in her Q&A.

Now she seems to know what a healthy relationship is supposed to look like and shares her break up dos and don’ts alongside with recommendations of how to get over your ex and find a new crash.

“We are incredibly fortunate to collaborate with Zolita, probably the biggest lesbian pop star there is nowadays. Her music is very powerful, and we absolutely love how she can convey her message both lyrically and visually through her music videos. We are thankful that Zolita is using her platform to promote healthy relationships and together, we hope to create a much safer, thoughtful, and overall better dating environment for queer people.”  says Diana Lysenko, Partnerships Lead at Taimi.

“Let yourself be sad and wallow. Put on the sad playlist, cry, journal, hide out, don’t avoid the feelings or else they’ll sneak up on you. But also go out with your friends. Push yourself outside your comfort zone. Try new things. And channel your heartbreak into art!” advises Zolita to those who recently got heartbroken.

With this collaboration, our main takeaway is that relationships shouldn’t be hurtful to one another and if you and your partner are unable to turn your relationship into a healthy one, maybe you are with the wrong person. And it’s not the end of the world. Just do each other a favor and let go, so both of you will be able to find a better fit. Because in the end, it’s important to fight for your love, but not against the person you love.


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