Taimi and Pride In London Form Partnership to celebrate the UK's largest and most diverse Pride event

Last Updated 26.06.2023
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Taimi, a fully inclusive LGBTQ+ dating app, has formed a partnership with Pride in London to support the UK's largest annual event that celebrates diversity, inclusion, and all things queer. In conjunction with this partnership, Pride in London has unveiled its new 2023 campaign, 'Never March Alone: Championing Trans Allyship,' which aims to provide support to members of the trans and non-binary community who face increased adversity due to media representation and recent political developments, including the blocking of Scotland's gender reforming act.

June 26th, London - Taimi is partnering with Pride In London, the city's volunteer-powered LGBTQ+ force, to help unite queer voices, amplify diversity, and protest against inequality. This long-term partnership between Taimi and Pride in London aligns with the values of visibility, unity, and equality that underpin all of Pride in London's work. Taimi is honored to, once again, become a part of this powerful celebration of love.

Pride in London's new campaign, 'Never March Alone: Championing Trans Allyship,' showcases the vibrant and multi-faceted nature of the trans and non-binary community, emphasizing their importance, vitality, and unwavering spirit. The campaign was developed in collaboration with a group of trans advocates, including Mz Kimberly, Hannah, and Jake Graf, and Dani St. James. It seeks to counter the dangerous rhetoric and increasing hate crimes targeting transgender individuals, with a particular focus on demonstrating that this community is not a problematic or marginalized minority but a joyful and resilient group supported by Pride in London and its 1.5 million attendees.

Taimi understands the significance and power of Pride events as a place where gender expectations, social norms regarding sexual orientation, and prejudice are transcended. It is a space where people can authentically express themselves and find like-minded individuals without shame or fear. That is why Taimi takes great pride in being London's Pride partner and is dedicated to fostering unity, amplifying diverse voices, and standing against inequality alongside Pride in London.

“As a fully inclusive dating app, we are thrilled to partner with Pride in London to become part of such a powerful celebration of visibility, unity, and equality. We can't wait to show our support for the thousands of participants marching in the Parade and for the whole queer community in London.” - says Diana Lysenko, Global Partnerships Lead at Taimi. 

To support the work of Pride in London, individuals can donate to The Unity Fund, an awards program created to support grassroots charities and organizations that seek to improve the lives of LGBT+ people across the capital. Further details about Pride in London 2023 will be unveiled soon.


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About London Pride

Pride in London is a vibrant and dynamic organization that relies on the passion and commitment of both staff and volunteers who share a common goal of advancing equality and diversity. As a non-profit organization, any surplus funds we generate are reinvested back into the LGBT+ community, to support initiatives and campaigns that aim to promote greater inclusivity and acceptance.

WEB: https://prideinlondon.org/

SOCIAL: @prideinlondon:

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