Taimi and Dice Unite to Bring Unforgettable Dating Experiences to the Queer Community

Last Updated 21.06.2023
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New York City, June 21, 2023 — Taimi, the fully inclusive queer dating app, is excited to announce its partnership with DICE, the ticketing and live event discovery platform. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the way the queer community connects, combining the convenience of online dating with the thrill of real-life experiences.

Imagine this: two users on the Taimi platform match, reside in the same city, and share similar interests like live music, clubbing, and drag shows. It's a flawless connection! To make their experience even better, we'll send them a gig recommendation right in their chat, highlighting a DICE event happening in the next week that would be absolutely ideal for their first date. Taimi users that engage with the recommendation will be redirected to the DICE app to purchase tickets. This feature is available for Taimi users in New York, Miami, and Philadelphia. 

Nightlife has always been an integral part of queer culture, serving as a space of acceptance, celebration, and connection. 

“Taimi and DICE recognize the importance of nightlife in fostering a sense of community, self-expression, and joy within the queer community. We truly believe that this partnership not only elevates nightlife for Taimi users, but also empowers them to take their digital connections into the vibrant world of live gigs and experience the magic of face-to-face encounters.” - said Oleksii Shevchenko, CPO at Taimi

With Taimi's dedication to inclusivity and authentic connections and DICE's expertise in curating exceptional live events, this partnership offers easy, feel-good rendezvous designed to enhance dating. From intimate concerts to thrilling performances and everything in between, Taimi and DICE will ensure that users have access to a diverse array of events that resonate with their interests and passions.

"We are thrilled to partner with DICE and bring together the best of both worlds — the convenience of online dating and the excitement of real-life experiences," said Diana Lysenko, Partnership Lead at Taimi. "Our collaboration will provide Taimi users with incredible opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals while enjoying unforgettable events tailored specifically to their preferences."

"DICE is about helping people get out more, which makes Taimi a perfect match! At the heart of it, we're two teams who believe that human connections are instrumental to happiness. Taimi has done so much to bring people together to celebrate love and life; it's exciting to think that through this partnership, DICE will be suggesting events and experiences where many of Taimi's users will make their first live connections.”said Jan Klug, DICE's Product Director.

How Taimi x DICE integration works:

  • Users from the same city have a mutual like

  • Users start a chat conversation

  • After a few messages between the users, Taimi app will send a DICE  event happening in the next seven days in their city into the chat

  • The event message will be sent to both users at the same time

  • Clicking on the message, Taimi users will be redirected to DICE to buy tickets to the suggested event or discover other events in their area

About Taimi

Taimi is a fully inclusive LGBTQ+ dating app. It is carefully designed so that you can explore your sexuality and passion. Our users and we believe that people find their attractions and mutuals in a sexually fluid environment with full freedom of choice.

Download Taimi for free and start your queer journey today.

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About DICE

Founded in London in 2014, DICE has transformed how fans discover and buy tickets to live events all over the world. From the up-and-coming to the world’s biggest acts, DICE works with major artists, leading promoters, and renowned venues worldwide. The fast-growing music discovery and ticketing platform is live in the U.K., U.S., France, Italy, Spain, India, and Australia. DICE arrived in the U.S in 2019 and has been partnering with some of the best independent venues and promoters across the country, including Avant Gardner, Elsewhere, Teksupport, Sound, and Newport Folk and Jazz Festivals.

Download DICE on iOS or Android.

WEB: dice.fm

SOCIAL: @dicefm

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