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Last Updated 24.10.2023
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Taimi Presents a Cosmic Celebration of Queer Identity this Halloween

Las Vegas, October 23 - Taimi, a fully inclusive LGBTQ+ dating app, is launching a campaign, Fluid Love Beyond Space, to take the LGBTQ+ community on a celestial journey.

The campaign's key message revolves around the belief that the cosmos is fluid, unexplored, and incredibly beautiful. Often, the idea of peering into the endless expanse of space can be intimidating, but Taimi wants you to dare to dream. "What's queer on Earth might not be in space," we say, inviting you to explore the unknown and discover the common threads that connect us to extraterrestrial beings.

Halloween, often called "Gay Christmas," is a time for self-expression, where individuals embrace alternate identities and explore their true selves. It provides a safe space for self-discovery, imagination, and creativity, all essential for finding genuine love and forging meaningful connections. Taimi's "Fluid Love Beyond Space" campaign encourages exploration, challenges stereotypes, and celebrates love's infinite possibilities.

The centerpiece of this campaign is an interactive map, a collaborative work with aspiring Ukrainian pixel artist and musician Anton Khomenko (Nuath Pixel). The map showcases a universe featuring seven distinct planets inhabited by extraterrestrials, who challenge conventional notions of gender and sexuality. Users will have the opportunity to embark on a journey of self-discovery and understanding by wandering the universe and interacting with these creatures, at the same time learning more about different gender identities, sexualities, and relationship practices with the integration of Taimi's LGBTQ+ Wiki and Blog Posts.

Taimi invites you to join us this Halloween as we delve into the cosmos, explore the uncharted, and celebrate the diverse tapestry of queerness that binds us together.

To explore what fluid dating is click here.

CAMPAIGN KIT: Available here.


Taimi is one of the largest, fully inclusive LGBTQ+ dating app. It is carefully designed so that you can explore your sexuality and passion. We and our users believe that people find their attractions and mutuals in a sexually fluid environment with full freedom of choice.

Everyone talks about fluidity, and we’re making it happen.

While the heteronormative world continues to live within binary constraints, we are creating a platform for fluid dating for the entire LGBTQ+ community.


Through the algorithms and functionality of our product.

The app’s design makes it possible for users to fully express their identities and personalities. With 17 sexual orientations, 22 gender identities, and countless vibes and intimacy preferences, you can customize your profile to the fullest, while search criteria allow you to explore diverse people.

Through our audience.

Taimi is the only dating app on the market with the most diverse audience. While other queer apps cater for one segment, and mainstream dating apps do not focus on the LGBTQ+ community in general, we are creating dating for everyone.

Through our communication.

Taimi consistently launches branding campaigns and projects that support the values and rights of the LGBTQ+ community.

We are queer, we are beautiful.

Download Taimi for free and start your queer journey today.

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SOCIAL: @taimiapp

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