Christmas Mission: The Ideal Package

Last Updated 19.12.2022
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No Matter What Jingles Your bells Nick and Jesse Claus Can Help!

Taimi, the fully inclusive LGBTQ+ dating app, is back with another holiday surprise. This time, Nick and Jesse Claus are here to offer their relationship expertise on dating and relationships. The proud members of the LGBTQ+ community are sure to show app users an amazing time! They will travel around the United States and United Kingdom, try to catch them and accept their challenge.

December, LA – Taimi, the first fully inclusive LGBTQ+ dating app, has a jolly surprise for its users. Anyone using the Taimi app between December 19 thru December 25, may come across Mr. and Ms. Claus’s profiles. Not only is this couple surprisingly hot, but they are also full of amazing advice on dating and relationships.

Anyone who says yes to a virtual challenge with Nick and Jesse Claus will enjoy a fun, virtual conversation with Christmas mood experts and get guaranteed presents for a better swiping experience. This will be full of great social interaction, the best dating advice, and an all-around great time. The couple also has a special Christmas treat in mind - Christmas dating challenge, accepting which users may win a premium subscription. This will increase their chances of landing a truly compatible date for the holidays. During 48 hours after the match, Nick and Jesse Claus will share their best dating experience stories and sex tips and ask users to complete special dating tasks.

Nick and Jessie Claus have a long-term but open relationship. The couple has maintained busy schedules, pursued their kinks together and as a couple, and still manage to share special time keeping one another warm at the frigid North Pole.

The team at Taimi decided to invite this queer rebranding of the holiday’s oldest and most famous couple to infuse some fun representation into the festivities this year. With Nick and Jesse, Taimi hopes to normalize the notion that mixed-orientation couples and participants in the kink scene can have healthy, long-term relationships. No matter what users are experiencing over the holidays, this Christmas experience may brighten their day, and give them an opportunity to win an amazing prize.

“This year we decided to give some Christmas ho-ho-ho to our customer as they can challenge themselves and develop their dating skills, once they meet our fabulous experts. This is a great opportunity for everyone who want to have some fun and, at the same time, receive some guidelines while their fluid-dating journey. Who knows who you gonna be kissing under the mistletoe this time?”, says Roman Kalynchuk, Product Manager at Taimi

Christmas is for everyone. That includes gays, lesbians, bi, trans, and all queer folks. Taimi is happy to take this step to make the holiday special for members of this amazing community.

How can you meet Mr. and Ms. Claus? Visit the app each day between the 19nd and 25th. Keep scrolling, and swipe if you come across their profile!


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