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Last Updated 05.04.2023
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When we are dating, we probably have a huge variety of activities. We may take a dinner cruise; we may go rock climbing or ice skating; we may try a wine and painting event or escape rooms with a group of friends; perhaps we play games, cook a gourmet meal, attend a wine-tasting event, or even just watch a movie together. All of these things are part of the fun of dating, from the first date forward.

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But there comes a time when a regular date night just doesn't cut it. We are ready for a sexy date night that will move our relationship to a new level. And so, we are looking for sexy date night ideas that will bring lots of satisfaction and feel hot to ourselves and our partner.

You're in luck. Whether you have been in a long-term relationship or are in the middle road of a relationship that could go places, you can take these sexy date ideas and run with them.

Sexy Date Night Ideas

There are plenty of romantic date ideas out there - a candlelit dinner at an amazing restaurant, regular date nights that involve walks on the beach or in the park, watching a movie romance while cuddled on the couch. And many of these end up in the bedroom with wonderful love-making.

But if you want to spice things up, it's time to get creative and think about some sexy date ideas.

And if you are not feeling all that creative, here are a bunch of sexy date night ideas you should consider or at least put on your bucket list.

Sexy Date Ideas for Home

Sexy date nights don't have to involve going out somewhere. In fact, you will find that date nights in your own home can be amazing. It's all about turning your sex life into quality time in your own digs. Here are a few sexy date night ideas:

Play Strip Poker

This can be a pretty hot activity with your partner. And the winner gets to choose where and what kind of sex you'll be having. If you've never played strip poker before, you're in for some fun.

Set the Mood With Sexy Dress and Food

When your partner arrives, be in see-through sexy lingerie or a speedo that really shows off your "junk." Have your favorite wine and snacks ready. Have a bit of wine tasting and settle in to watch an adult film or two. And, with a blanket on the floor, try copying what you are watching.

Dirty Dancing in the Nude

Get that playlist out, lose the clothes, and get your dirty dancing on. Just close the blinds or curtains in your house, so nosy neighbors don't get a show. Dance the night away, get your "horns" on, and end that night with hours of fun and amazing sex. You'll be ready. Just don't plan on much the next day.

Sex Isn’t Just for Bed

So, here's a sexy date night idea. Get some incense or scented candles and put different ones in every room (well, maybe not in the kitchen). And set up a sex scene in each of those rooms - maybe a blanket with rose petals or one with tasty goodies (cherries, whipped cream, chocolate) that can be consumed on or from various parts of the body, or maybe a room with sex toys or some amazing massage oil. In short, get as hot as you want. Yes, this will take some creativity and some prep, but isn't your partner and your need to make things fresh worth it?

Get Some Kink On

You don't need to be into any hard BDSM to get kinky. Here are a few ideas:

  • Get into some role-play that includes a dominant-submissive relationship. It could be a teacher-student, doctor-patient, or cop-minor criminal relationship. Purchase costumes to dress the parts.

  • Use some soft bondage - use handcuffs or scarves to "immobilize" your partner and then reverse the roles - yes, your sex life can get pretty steamy, in bed or not.

For That Long-Distance Partner

It's hard to be feeling sexy when you and your partner are apart. Fortunately, technology now allows you two to spend time together with video dates any night you want. So, you and your partner climb into bed and have that late-night lesbian, gay, or bisexual video chat date while you both pleasure yourselves in full view of each other.

And before you do that, how about you read some naughty stories or watch some adult movies together, just as a matter of foreplay.

Sexy Date Nights Away From Home

When was the last time you and your partner planned a sexy date night someplace out of your home and your bedroom? If you haven't recently, it's time to plan some sexy dates somewhere else. Here are a few sexy date ideas to think about.

How about a DRIVE-IN movie for some nostalgia?

Remember those nights you spent getting the car windows all steamy? Even if you and your partner were not together then, you can now create new memories, if you can find one relatively close by. So go forth and steam up those windows.

If this is not an option, take your car to where you and your partner first had sex and relive that night (or day). This is not just romantic but can be pretty sexually exciting too.

Plan Sexy Date Ideas at a Hotel

When was the last time you took your partner for a romantic splurge at a hotel? This is a sexy date idea that can be a big deal and will make both of you feel sexy. There are many things you can plan.

  • Have a bubble bath in the hotel hot tub. Add some oils and votive candles, and have fun right there in that tub

  • Play pretend that you are on a “honeymoon” of sorts (if that doesn’t make you nervous, of course). Maybe, you just decided to be a monogamous couple and want to celebrate that decision. Undress each other slowly, using your fingers, hands, and mouth to caress and excite each other.

  • Order up room service and celebrate that meal in various states of undress. Feed each other.

ROLE-PLAY a First Meet Up

Here's one of the best date ideas ever. Set a meet-up spot - perhaps a bar or nightclub. Arrive separately. Sit apart, make eye contact, and send nonverbal flirty messages. Ultimately, one of you will approach the other, offer to buy them a drink, and begin a conversation that ends up with leaving the bar and heading home for some hot sex.


This can be outside anywhere - on your patio or deck, on a hill while star-gazing, at a campground, or on a late-night picnic, etc. There's just something about having sex in the open air that just seems more romantic.

Sexy Date Night Ideas in Weird and Risky Places

These sexy date night ideas involve public places that are also at risk of getting seen or caught. And for lots of people, this just adds to the excitement and getting turned on. So, here's a list that you will want to spend some time thinking about.

  • Concerts. Outdoor concerts are less risky than indoor ones. At outdoor concerts, there will be plenty of crazy behavior, so yours won't seem too risky. But still, you may very well be seen.

  • The mile-high club. This club has "members" who have done it on airplanes. You'll need to do a bit of research on how this can be accomplished. Just know that if you are caught and the plan has a layover, you will probably get kicked off.

  • The beach. This is far less risky if at night. Just be sure to bring a blanket - sand in your privates is not a good thing.

  • Public Restrooms. Close the stall and try to be as quiet as possible. The thrill is that others are in there doing their business, but nothing like your business.

  • Escape Rooms. If you go as just a single couple or with other couples who have the same thing in mind, you are in an enclosed space that others cannot get into. But, there are usually cameras, so the staff will see you. If you are into "performing" for others, have at it. You probably won't get arrested.

  • In an Elevator. Lots of elevators have "stop" buttons. And that will be in your favor if you decide that this is on your bucket list for some late-night sex. But the key will be to make it a quickie.

  • A Ferris wheel? Yes. Some people have actually made love at the top of a Ferris wheel at night when it stops to let people off. This could be a bit dangerous and difficult, given the restraint bars - lol!

Why are Sexy Date Nights Important?

Researchers say that the average truly romantic relationship lasts about two years. After that, relationships settle into a more mundane day-to-day existence. Couples become "comfortable" with each other, but the romance takes a back seat to the regular demands of work, errands, and just the routines of life itself.

Date nights really become a necessity, if couples intend to spend time together just by themselves. and keep their love alive. These can even be very cost-effective events if budget is a problem. Couples can simply plan to see a movie together at home if both really want to see that movie.

And dates can always be during the daytime too - a short day trip, golf or tennis, hiking, fishing, and such. And certainly, this lets couples have alone time to themselves to reconnect.

Where's the Pizzazz?

But even these romantic-inducing events can fall a bit flat. It's nice to cuddle and watch TV, and it's nice to go out to dinner for a date night, but where is the pizzazz? The pizzazz comes when couples add some sexiness to their date nights. Because sex is a connection that really cannot be duplicated in any other way.

So, couples can plan standard date nights, but sexy date nights must be included in the mix.

This is a Good Start

This list is filled with sexual date night options. Some will be immediately appealing. Others maybe not so much. Take a look at your and your partner's inclinations, and present some of these options. Talk about them, choose a few you both want to try and move forward from there.

Who knows? You may both discover some hot new ways to spend some of your couple time.

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