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Late Night Date Ideas for Couples: The Only List You'll Need!

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Date night is something that should be on every couple's schedule. The only problem is that it can be difficult for some couples to find time to get together. Sometimes, a late-night date is the only option! Also, we know that some of you just love the action that happens around midnight!

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    So, what should you and your lover do when everybody else is asleep? We've compiled an amazing list of 30 late-night date ideas! See how many you can check off your list. You should be able to use these ideas to plan many future late night dates.

    Have a Late Night Outdoor Picnic

    There's never a bad time to pack some food, a great bottle of wine, and a blanket for a cozy late-night picnic. But, if you've never done it late at night, you're missing something really special. Head to a park, the beach, or some other special spot. We especially love this idea for the early fall. That's when it's just chilly enough to make snuggling for warmth a necessity.

    Here's a list of must-have items for your late-night outdoor picnic:

    • A thick blanket

    • Plates and cutlery

    • Wet wipes

    • A cute picnic basket

    • Wine glasses

    Don't forget the corkscrew!

    Hit up an All-Night Diner

    We've all ended some wild nights at a late-night diner, but have you ever spent a whole date there? What better place to enjoy some cheap and greasy food while chatting the night away? Let's not forget that these spots are great for watching some really interesting characters. Artists, musicians, travelers, and restaurant industry folx - they're all at the all-night diner! Don't forget the pie!

    Dig The Old Video Game Console Out of The Closet

    Sure, you play games with your pals and by yourself, but when was the last time you and your boo challenged one another? We say you should take date night old school! Dig that Nintendo WII out of the closet or maybe your OG PS2 from high school! You'll both have so much fun. We promise this is one of those late-night date ideas that both of you will want to put on repeat.

    Here are a few ideas for old games you can pull from the closet just to play with your partner.

    Pokemon Stadium (Nintendo 64, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo Wii-U)

    Pokemon has always been a popular game for playing with friends. The issue however lies in the fact that for many of these games, you most likely need more than one console. The Pokemon Stadium game takes care of this issue by allowing you to only require another controller rather than another console. This game was available digitally on the e-store for both the Wii and Wii-u. However, we can guarantee that you'll score some great impression points if you manage to pull out the original Nintendo 64 gaming system.

    Animal Crossing New Leaf (Nintendo 3DS)

    Of course, this is one of the games which you would likely need more than one console for. However, we think that a game like this is definitely worth it. You can both collaborate and start a couple of new islands. Or you can simply check out each other's old islands. Of course, if you both feel up to it the two of you can just head out to a vacation island and just enjoy some minigames with each other.


    Whatever Mario Kart game you decide to play does not matter because each one of them is incredible. You can set yourself a couple of mini-tournaments with a few choice characters, or even take turns racing the computer. Either way, it's a good time to have.

    Have A Late Night Board Game Tournament

    Are you looking for late-night date ideas for more than one couple? Invite some people over and have a great night of playing board games and drinking. Have everybody bring a game they love, or stick with something you can play all night. We love DND if you have someone who's a skilled dungeon master!

    In addition to a good game of DND, here are some other games you could try playing with your partner and your friends.

    Apples to Apples

    Some may call this a tamer version of the ever-popular "Cards Against Humanity" however, this does not mean that it isn't just as, if not more entertaining.

    Pick Your Poison

    A game where you and everyone around you have to make a choice between two terrible scenarios. Would you rather try to give a great big hug to a porcupine, or would you rather let your parents have complete access to your browsing history from the past 6 months?

    Red Flags

    Enjoy a date by basically telling your date how low you are willing to bring yourself when it comes to romance. Bonus points if you end up drawing a combination that is literally the description of your partner. We've spent many date nights up until dawn playing this one!

    Enjoy Some At-Home Wine Tasting

    Going to a winery seems like the perfect date idea. Then, you realize you have to drive all the way to the winery, deal with crowds, pick a designated driver, and get pressured to buy a case of wine you may not even want. So, why not skip the hassle and focus on the best parts of wine tasting? That's drinking wine you know you like with someone you can have sex with later.

    So, head over to the local wine store and grab a couple of bottles. Ask for some recommendations based on what you like to drink and the food you plan to serve. Then, enjoy some time together late in the evening with your special someone.

    Seek Out Some Live Music

    Live music is always a great fit for a late-night date. As long as you don't live somewhere that rolls the sidewalks up past dawn, there is always live music during the late-night hours. In fact, if you are a fan of local music, then the late-night hours are the ideal time to go to a show.

    There's an added bonus to consider. Tickets and cover charges tend to drop late at night. Also, this is a great chance to go see some bands that you've never experienced before.

    Go Late Night Bowling (look for glow-in-the-dark options!)

    When you imagine bowling alleys, you might picture dark, wood-paneled spaces that your grandparents frequented. Well, it turns out that bowling alleys have been reinvented. If you haven't gone bowling in years, you should check it out. We definitely recommend checking out late-night bowling.

    What's happening at your local bowling alley? You might be surprised at what you see. These places have truly gone upscale. Many have gourmet food options, microbrews, dance music, and more. Ask your local bowling alley if they offer glow-in-the-dark bowling or cosmic bowling late at night. This creates a fun, club atmosphere that is ideal for some late-night fun.

    Plan A Karaoke Night

    Karaoke night is another activity that truly deserves to make a comeback. If you and your partner want to experience something truly different, check out some of the late-night karaoke bars in your city. You will have a fun time whether you get up on stage yourself or simply enjoy the show.

    Have Your Own At-Home Spa Night

    If you are looking for late-night date ideas on a budget, add this one to your list. Plan a fun, at-home spa night to pamper each other without spending a ton of money. We also like this late-night date idea because it involves a lot of touching and closeness. Besides, don't both of you deserve a bit of pampering?

    Stay up All Night (or into the post-midnight hours) Talking

    One of the best things about a late-night date is the lack of disruption. It's so much easier to find a bit of solitude to talk without any interruptions or distractions. Use this time to have the kind of in-depth conversations that you don't usually get to have. Plan a vacation, discuss your dreams, and really check in with each other. You can even take a few couple's quizzes online to learn how compatible you really are!

    Watch The Sunrise Together

    This is a great date idea that gets you and your partner outside together and enjoying nature. Does your city have a special spot that is ideal for experiencing the sunrise? If so, make a special date for a late-night walk that ends with the two of you watching the sun come up. This is the kind of peaceful and romantic scenario that truly makes you realize how much you value your time with your significant other.

    Visit Late-Night Markets

    Grab your date and head out late at night to visit the markets in your city. You will be pleasantly surprised at what you find. These markets feature everything from ethnic food to used electronics to vintage clothing. It's so much fun to explore what's available and see how far you can stretch your dollar.

    We love this date idea for people who want to avoid the stereotypical drinking and clubbing that seem to define LGBTQ+ dating culture. Not that there's anything wrong with getting a bit lit and partying. There are just so many other ways for two people to have fun and spend quality time together. Also, late-night markets are often clustered together so you can enjoy a nice walk while you go.

    Create Your Own Couples Bucket List

    How about a late-night date idea that helps you create even more late-night date ideas? Find a quiet spot, like a local coffee shop, and write out a buck list of future date ideas for late-night get-togethers. This idea is particularly helpful if most of your dates happen late at night.

    Order Takeout From Your Favorite Restaurants

    It can be a real struggle to get two people to agree on where to eat. With this date night idea, that isn't a problem any longer. Don't settle on just one spot. Instead, order takeout from a selection of your favorite local spots. Bring everything home and enjoy a feast together. Combine this idea with the picnic in your own backyard for a truly enjoyable evening.

    Go Camping in Your Backyard

    Have you ever had amazing sex in a tent? It's truly unbeatable. That's why we could never publish a list of late-night date ideas without mentioning a backyard camping trip. Pitch a tent, cook some smores, and snuggle up together. The great thing about this is that you're probably close enough to your house to get wifi. It's all the fun things about camping with a warm, comfortable house nearby if the weather doesn't cooperate with you.

    Road Trip

    Road trips are an amazing idea for a couple who have been dating for a while. The only problem is that if you leave in the morning, you can lose almost an entire day to traveling. Instead, consider living with your date late at night. Those long-distance drives are perfect for having great late-night conversations, listening to music, and truly enjoying one another's company.

    Just be careful about drowsy driving. Switch off or stop and rest. It's worth a few bucks for a hotel room in order to be safe.

    Play A Dare Or Dare Game

    No, that isn't a typo! A dare or dare game is a version of truth or dare that simply gets rid of the boring parts. It's a great game for enjoying some intimate, naughty fun with a date. Have you felt shy about doing a bit of sexual experimenting? This game lets you do that as you spend quality time together.

    Take A Bath Together

    This date night idea may not be for everybody, but some couples absolutely love the idea of enjoying a warm soak in a tub late at night. So, if that is your thing, grab some bubbles and a bottle of bubbly. Then, enjoy spending time together with no distractions or disturbances.

    Hit The Town For Some Drinks And Dancing

    This may seem pretty generic for a list of late-night date ideas, but drinking and dancing after midnight just hits a bit differently. The crowd is a bit wilder, the bartenders are a bit more generous with the drinks, and the vibe is just a little more intense. Chances are, no matter what you think you know about the nightlife in your city, you haven't truly experienced it without a late-night tour of LGBTQ+-friendly bars and nightclubs.

    Take a Long Bike Ride

    Sometimes spending time with each other is nice but it can be boring if all you do is sit around and exist in each other's presence. Take the time, plan out a route, pack up some snacks and water, and just ride your bikes together. This is a great way for you to enjoy some time outside, get a look at nature, and just enjoy being together without having to spend a lot of money.

    Make DIY Projects Together

    Whether you have the plan to grab a kit at the store or to go completely off the rails with an idea and very little knowledge. Making a project together can either be the most stressful event you could put yourself through, or an incredibly fun time. Either way, it will always make for an interesting and more often than not incredibly fun date night to be had.

    Here are a couple of ideas for DIY Projects you could do together

    • Glass Picture Painting

    • Crocheting Stuffed animals

    • Scrapbook

    • Costume Making

    • Cake decorating

    Alternatively, you could also spend your date night making those two-ingredient recipes or following along with one of the internet's famous crafting tutorials.

    Tell Each Other Ghost Stories

    Whether you plan to make each other laugh or cry a good ghost story can always be a good time for the both of you. There is no shortage of ghost stories for you to share with each other, and if you are both feeling creative you can create your own stories to share.

    Watch a Classic Movie Neither of You Has Ever Seen

    Did you know that there are an estimated 500,000 movies that have been made? With that many movies, there's absolutely no way either of you has managed to see even a percentage of them in your entire life. Of course, we understand that not all movies are good, however, it's actually pretty incredible to think about. If you have a hard time finding or picking out a title we definitely suggest checking out "pick a movie for me".

    This website will recommend movies based on preferences, moods, and more. All you would have to do is fill it out, pick a film you haven't seen before, and then find where to watch it.

    A Drive-In Movie Date

    Should your next date be at the drive-in movie theater? If you are lucky enough to have one of these rare treasures in your city, the answer is yes! Best of all, the best time to go to a drive-in is late at night into the wee hours of the morning.

    What's happening during these late hours? This is when the theater is likely to show some of the best, most intensive flicks available. You may get to see late-night reruns of vintage horror movies, animated films, and genre-specific movies that you will never see at the local multiplex.

    Experience Your City's Late-Night Tours

    Spend your next date night as a local tourist. Many cities offer really interesting, late-night tours that explore some of the more interesting landmarks in the area. If you are a fan of ghost tours, underground history, or urban exploration, these tours are something you shouldn't miss.

    Challenge One Another to a Few Games of Pool

    Are you and your date bored late at night? Hit the local pool hall or bar that is open late to enjoy some playing time together. Don't worry if you are a bit intimidated. Pool halls are truly welcoming spaces. You may even be able to find an old-timer to give you some helpful tips. Don't worry if you get hungry or thirsty, most pool halls serve both food and drinks for both you and your date to enjoy.

    Try Some Glow in The Dark Body Painting

    Do you want to spend time in the wee hours doing an activity that is sensual and brings you closer together? In that case, it's a great idea to invest in some glow-in-the-dark body paints. This tactile and creative experience will allow both of you to express yourselves. It also gives you plenty of reasons to touch each other quite a bit.

    Learn How to Dance Together

    Both you and your partner can set yourselves up for plenty of fun nights at the club in the future if you learn to dance together. Try to find some fun, YouTube dance tutorials. Then, have plenty of fun as you both learn. The best part of this is that you can both laugh at your mistakes while you master the steps.

    Do an After-Dark Scavenger Hunt in Your Backyard

    The best late-night dates don't have to involve going out or spending a lot of money. You can have a blast and enjoy quality time together with just a little creativity. Put together a post-midnight scavenger hunt in your own backyard.

    Simply make a list, and enjoy watching your date find the items in an effort to win a prize or at least gain bragging right

    Cook a Fabulous Meal Together

    Date nights are always better with some great food. If ordering takeout isn't in your budget, why not cook a great meal in the late hours with your date? Yes, we are very serious. If you haven't experienced the tasty creativity that emerges when people are hungry and maybe a bit buzzed, then you are certainly missing out.

    You can also class things up with a bit of cocktail-making to end the evening with an amazing experience for both of you.

    Go Stargazing

    There's always something happening in the night sky. It's true! Grab a telescope if they have them at your local library, or connect with an astronomy club. Then, find the best place for stargazing in your city. You may even be able to take a late-night walk to find a place close to your home. Remember, if light pollution is bad, you may have to head out of town.

    Then again, that just gives you the opportunity to combine two fun date night ideas. You get the road trip along with the romantic stargazing opportunity.

    Create a date-Night Jar For Future Late Night Date Ideas

    More often than not coming up with an idea for date night can be even more time-consuming than the actual date. But it can also be a lot of fun as well. You can spend a night watching your favorite show, drinking a bottle of wine, and simply swapping ideas for future dates. You may be surprised by what they suggest to you.

    What Are Your Best Ideas For Late Night Dates?

    We'd love to know your best late-night date ideas! Have you ever done a midnight champagne and hot air balloon ride? What about one of those late-night riverboat cruises? Maybe you like something a bit raunchier! Late-night lap dances, anybody?

    We're down for any fun date ideas, maybe a little sexy too! As long as it involves spending time with someone amazing.

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