Tips On How To Hump Pillow To Get The Most Sexual Pleasure

Last Updated 26.10.2022
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Do you want to take your solo play to the next level? Have you already tried a pillow-humping experience? If it's a new thing for you, we invite you to learn how to hump a pillow and have a mind-blowing orgasm.

Dry humping is something that everyone must try at least once in a lifetime. This type of sexual act feels like no other. Well, you may feel a little bit awkward when starting your play. But once you get turned on, you will not want to stop.

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What Is Pillow Humping Exactly?

Pillow humping is a solo play in which you are supposed to mount a pillow and grind yourself to orgasm. It's a masturbation technique that involves dry humping - it doesn't require the use of sex toys or other sex-shop products.

Don't want to spend money on new expensive vibrators and lubes? Just take your pillow, get in the mood, and get wild!

Do you find this sexual experience kind of embarrassing? We can ensure that many people masturbate this way, so you have nothing to be embarrassed about. Some Twitter users are very open about their desire to hump a pillow and feel no shame about it.

You should say "yes" to pillow humping if:

  • You want to explore your sexuality to the fullest.

  • You want to improve your masturbation experience and enhance your pleasure.

  • You maintain a long-distance relationship and want to surprise your partner with something new during your next FaceTime sex session.

  • You are one of those young people who want to "try it all" and enjoy every type of sex shown in videos. 

6 Steps to Get Ready for Humping-Pillow Experience

Do you want to make your first experience more enjoyable? Do some prep work, and your pillow-humping play will go smoothly.

Set the Mood

Think of things that turn you on and try to create an intimate atmosphere in your room. Light on the candles, use some essential oils, play relaxing music, or drink some wine to shake off your shyness. Get comfortable in your bed, and everything will go smoothly. Focus on playing with your body and forget about the rest.

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Lock Your Door

If you live with parents or roommates, don't forget to lock your door. It's important to ensure that no one enters your room and sees you riding a pillow. It's better to prevent this situation rather than get embarrassed.

Tip: Remember that the experience of awkwardness may result in psychosexual dysfunction. Make sure to prevent awkward situations for the sake of your sexual well-being.

Wear Comfy Panties

You can choose any underwear that makes you feel sexy and comfy. Just keep in mind that it's better to wear panties made of smooth and natural fabric as they prevent rubbing and irritation. Also, it's better to opt for underwear with no seams in the intimate area.

Interesting fact: Silk underwear works the best for pillow humping - it allows to slide against the pillow smoothly to build up sexual tension.

Imagine Having Sex with Your Partner

Sexual satisfaction is not purely physical by nature. It has an emotional aspect, and you should take it into account. If you want to have a mind-blowing orgasm, you need to imagine that you are humping your partner, not a foam pillow. It will make your feelings stronger and more real.

Does your partner currently stay far away from you? Take your partner's pillow, smell it, and let your imagination go wild. Ride that pillow thinking of your hot lover until you reach the highest point of satisfaction.

Many people use this approach to get a sexual release when they miss skin-to-skin contact with their partners. Here is a tweet from a girl who gets sexually excited from the smell of the pillow.

Take Your Clothes off Slowly

You can make your solo play steaming hot if you start it wearing clothes and then slowly take your shirt and underwear off. Even though you will be the only person in the room and no one will see you, the undressing process will make your experience more exciting.

Don't Be Afraid to Break the Silence

When you're humping pillows, don't feel shy to make some noise. Moaning and screaming will make your sexual act feel more real. If there are other people in the house, turn the music on loudly so no one will hear your sweet trembling voice.

Pieces of Advice for Females

People of different genders use different approaches to dry humping. If you have a vagina, the following pieces of advice are for you.

Build a Mountain

If you want to enjoy this sexual act to the fullest, you should use two pillows or more to build a little "mountain". You should feel comfortable while sitting on the top of the "mountain" with your legs spread wide.

Start in a Cowgirl Sex Position

Well, you are free to experiment with different sex positions in whatever way you like. But if you are a true beginner, we recommend you to start in a cowgirl position. It will give you more control over the process and allow you to get more or less friction depending on your personal preference and sensitivity level.

Use a Corner of Your Mattress

Do you prefer standing sex positions? If so, you can place your pillow in the corner of your bed and make humping movements while standing. It will allow you to boost direct stimulation and help you climax faster.

Use a Stuffed Toy

Is your pillow too soft and unsuitable for dry humping? What about using a teddy bear toy instead of a pillow? You can rub your genitals against the nose button to add more pressure and get more pleasure.

Well, it may feel awkward. But guess what? Many people do it with their favorite toys and say it feels good. Here is a tweet from a user who encourages others to try out this weird yet pleasurable sexual experience.

Play with Your Body

When you are into the play, don't focus purely on humping movements. Be present in the moment and try to feel every cell of your body. Play with your breasts and nipples, touch your butt gently, suck your finger, or do other things that bring you satisfaction.

Pay attention to your erogenous zones and explore the limits of your inner sexuality. Use this experience to "get familiar" with your own body, so later you can get more pleasure making love with your partner.

“Masturbation is a normal part of development, a part of learning about self, and about communication. It opens the door for greater reliance on finding one’s own pleasure as opposed to seeking it elsewhere,” says Dr. Deitsch, a professional counselor with a doctorate in human sexuality.

Fold Your Pillow and Put a Vibrator Inside

Do you want to facilitate your dry-humping experience? Add your favorite vibrator to your solo play. Tuck it inside a pillow, and you will get double pleasure: you will feel the friction from rubbing your genitals against the pillow, plus you will feel a sensation from the vibration.

Pieces of Advice for Penis Owners

Not only girls can enjoy dry humping. Penises owners also can get sexual pleasure from humping a pillow. Here are a few pieces of advice to take into account to make this experience more fun.

Stay Dressed

As a penis owner, you should increase the friction to heighten your pleasure. Sex experts recommend wearing jeans or bottoms made of thick materials to boost the sensation.

However, you should always choose whatever feels good for you. If you want to start your session naked, you can go with this option. If you have sensitive skin down there, you don't need extra clothes to get enough friction. Just rub your penis against the pillowcase - that will be an enjoyable feeling for you.

Make a Hole

Are you looking for penetrative experience? Make a hole in your pillow - the size of the hole should correspond with the size of your penis - and thrust into it. The stuffing of the pillow is soft and nice to touch - so it will be a brand new experience for you.

Keep It Clean

Do you want to keep your pillow totally clean? Use two or more pillowcases to protect your pillow from body liquids. Or place a towel or paper towels nearby so you can use them at the "moment of the highest pleasure".

Try It with Your Partner

Pillows humping is a great way for spicing up your relationship. It can be a part of your foreplay. Or It can be a part of your FaceTime sex session if you maintain a long-distance relationship. You can do it in different ways to enjoy the dry humping experience to the full extent.

Tip: Talk dirty to engage your partner in the "pillows" play. Try lying and standing positions to find the most comfortable position for you and your partner.

If your partner doesn't want to hump a pillow, don't push them into the play. Respect your partner's choice. As an option, you can offer your lover to watch you masturbate using pillows.

Don't Pay Attention to What Other People Say

Most people want to experiment with their bodies in a sexual way, but they have a fear of being judged. "What if someone gets to know what I do with my pillow? They will think that I'm a freak!"

Remember that your body and your life are only yours. If you want to do crazy things lying in your bed and using your pillow, go ahead. You shouldn't care about what another person may think.

Fold your pillow in half, get on top of it with your legs open, and rub your genitals against a firm surface. Spend your evening in a fun way - add novelty to your life!

Improve Your Sex Life Today

We have just discussed how to hump a pillow step by step. Now you have two options. You can take your pillows, get locked in your room, and "entertain" yourself. Or, you can try lesbian dating - you can meet hot sexy girls online and have fun with them. Feel free to choose whatever feels right for you today.

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