The Best Lesbian Wedding Outfits For Every Style

Last Updated 17.03.2022
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If you and the love of your life are planning on getting married soon, you are probably looking for the best lesbian wedding outfits for your special day. The options for brides are many and trying on every signed wedding dress is so time-consuming and you will need all the free time you can save.

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Most brides like to already make a plan of styles, colours, and fabrics they prefer for their gowns. While it is good to have an idea of what you want, it is not rare to end up getting something completely different from what you anticipated. This is exactly why we have put together some of the best wedding outfit ideas for your dream same-sex wedding.

Finding Inspiration For Your Outfits Online

If you're trying to find lesbian wedding outfit inspiration online, you might have found so many different posts telling you what is trending or in fashion right now. The truth is that you and your partner are the only ones that can define what will be in fashion for your own wedding.

The wedding fashion is subjective to the brides that are getting married and you can shape your wedding style however you want it to be. Despite that, there are still many reasons why you might need some outfit inspiration and probably the best way to find your style is through Pinterest.

Pinterest has one of the largest selections of pictures where you will definitely be able to find inspo for your same-sex wedding and wedding dresses. The best thing of all is that you can save pictures in albums you create and have ideas on what you want for everything revolving around your wedding.

There are also posts and categories related to gay weddings where you can take inspiration from fellow brides and see what they did for their special days. Before you do that though, it is a good idea to have a few things in mind about what you wish to find. This way, it will be much easier for you to pick through styles and colours and complete the vision you have in your head.

"It may be that same-sex couples will save the institution of marriage." Elizabeth Gilbert

Picking a Common Colour Theme

One of the very first things you should agree upon with your future wife is the colour theme of the wedding. This in return can help you have a better idea of what colours you will want your outfits to be. For example, if the wedding is taking place during the summer, you might want to go for lighter, pastel colours on your wedding dress.

Instead, if the wedding is taking place during the colder months of the year, you can choose some darker colours for your outfits. You can also mix and match the different colours you choose for your own clothes with the dress code of the guests or those of your other half.

Nowadays, it is a lot more common for a same-sex wedding to have a certain dress code with particular styles and colours. As the brides, you can use this to your advantage to add a different element to your wedding dress and make the wedding party a fun experience for everyone.

Ditch the White Theme Completely

White wedding dresses are not for everyone. Some women love them but others could never see themselves getting married in them. If you like the idea of a white outfit but don't want to pick just another full-on white ballgown, you can easily choose between different shades of light colours that can easily replace white such as a lovely ivory shade.

For example, a wedding dress with very light pink and nude tones will look beautiful on every skin tone and can bring the perfect balance between your outfit and the one your other half will wear. You can even go for light pastel shades like a light blue or green dress which will be perfect for spring and summer weddings.

While a classic white dress will never go out of style, you should not feel obligated to change your style for the big day, just because tradition says so. Same-sex couples can create new habits for their new families and if white isn't your colour then you should definitely be the brides to make the difference.

Similar Outfits in Different Colours

Another very fun style you can wear along with your loved one is to choose the same outfit but in different colours. This doesn't necessarily have to mean the exact same wedding dresses, but a piece of clothing in a similar style or one that shares the same type of fabric.

There is nothing cuter than a lesbian wedding outfit that has its matching set and whether you choose to wear suits or you're definitely wearing wedding dresses, you can still pick them in the same style but different colours.

This is something you can ask for help with from the wedding shop you will visit. Most of them will be happy to make alterations to any wedding dress they have available. The only thing is that you should make sure you leave them enough time before your wedding day comes.

Changing colours will most likely mean that they will have to make the wedding dress from scratch and that can take some time. Therefore, make sure you go a few months before your wedding day comes so you can have your perfect matching wedding dresses ready on time.

Floral Embroidery and Real Flowers

Real flowers are one of the best ways to create a romantic feel to your dress or wedding outfit and bring on those sweet boho vibes you love. Lace and floral details will simply make your outfit feel romantic and special, no matter whether you are wearing a dress on not.

Even if you choose to wear white, you can still add some with different colours as accessories to enhance your style. Another thing you can try is for your wedding gown to have real or embroidered flower details on it. The lace details can turn a casual dress into a fun surprise for everyone and will make it that much more wonderful.

Something a lot of couples also love to include in their same-sex wedding looks is flower crowns. There is nothing cuter or boho than two brides with gorgeous real-flower crowns on and it can fit any style from a full ballgown to a more silky flowy wedding dress.

This is a wedding day style that is especially popular during the warmer months for a same-sex wedding, but there is no one stopping you from making this your wedding style during the winter too. You can even swap them with maple leaves or other colourful leaves which will have the same floral effect but make the gowns more fitting to the colder mo

Choosing a Well-Tailored Suit

Wedding suits can be an amazing choice when it comes to same-sex wedding attire that is classy, comfortable, and very stylish. It is also one of the LGBTQ wedding outfits that many choose for their special day as they can create a balance between a more traditional bridal suit choice and one with a modern twist.

There is nothing sexier and more stylish than a well-tailored suit. This can make it have the perfect fit which still makes you feel comfortable and confident during your wedding. Plus, you will be able to dominate the dance floor in your suit without having to worry about your dress getting in the way.

Plus you can still match your favorite accessories to the ones your wife will be wearing or choose similar colours with your bridal party. This will make the look come together a lot more and your look will be much more personal than just one suit.

If this is to your liking, you can also choose a couple of bow ties that match your suit and that you can wear at different points of the ceremony. Dresses might sound more elegant but there is nothing that a suit can't match.

Opposite Fabrics in Your Outfits

Another thing you can try that can make your dresses or your partner's suit stand out that much more is choosing opposite fabrics and materials. This will give both brides a lot of creative freedom to decide exactly what each of them wants to wear without having to follow a certain theme.

For example, you can wear an ivory silk gown and your partner can wear a red blended fabric suit. There are actually quite a few different fabrics to choose from such as:

  • Cashmere

  • Silk

  • Lace embroidered pieces

  • Cotton

  • Flannel

  • Linen

  • Velvet

  • Wool

All of these will add a completely different feel to your dress of choice and you can go to any shop or tailor to create your perfect piece. This goes to show you that you and your bride can choose anything that represents you for your big day and still make it work. Besides, having variety in your outfits is what will make you both stand out.

Classy Jumpsuits Instead of Dresses

If you're not the biggest fan of a slick suit or a fluffy gown, bridal outfits can also include jumpsuits. These can be worn by themselves or something more detailed like with a very chic blazer. Also, you can choose a white jumpsuit to match a more traditional wedding theme if your bride would also prefer that.

Dresses are definitely not for everyone but a jumpsuit can make you feel like you're wearing a flowy comfortable dress but with pants. It is something between a dress and a comfy suit. The pants aspect can resemble the feel of a dress while making the jumpsuit look amazing in pictures. This will allow you to move around freely and dance all you want.

A jumpsuit can be very chic and when paired with the right accessories look even more beautiful. It is a casual choice that can easily replace gowns and make your bridal look special without having to opt for suits or dresses.

Comfy in Your Jeans

Last but not least, it is also important to note that you can always plan on getting married in something that makes you feel comfortable and doesn't involve dresses or suits or anything chic and formal. Deciding on doing your same-sex wedding in jeans is totally okay as long as both brides agree.

It feels like society puts a lot of pressure on women especially to pick a chic dress for their wedding day and same-sex couples can choose to do differently. If a fairytale-inspired wedding with fluffy wedding attire, floral details and lace isn't your thing, then don't force yourself or your bride to dress up in something that doesn't feel like you.

If you and your partner can't decide on what you would like to do in regards to your wedding suits, you can both compromise and wear something fancy during the reception, then something comfortable during the celebration.

If you're not used to wearing dresses, suits, and gowns, they can be rather uncomfortable and make you enjoy your special day less. Your wedding day style should be your own and as long as you communicate your needs with your bride, everything will be alright.

Picking the Outfit That Best Suits Your Personality

Above all else, this is your special day and you should choose to wear whatever makes you feel happy, comfortable and most like yourself. Whether you choose to match outfits with your bride-to-be or you go for something completely different, you will both look stunning. Make sure you take a lot of bridal pictures, enjoy the time with your families, and dance until your feet hurt!

Which would be the perfect wedding outfit you would choose for your own marriage?

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