TAIMI continues its global expansion tour!

Last Updated 17.07.2019
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The next stop is the country of windmills, tulips and canals. You’ve guessed it — TAIMI is going to the Netherlands.

Why the Netherlands? Well, because you’ve asked, so we’ve delivered!TAIMI’s release is scheduled for July 20th will be just a week before one of the biggest Pride events in the world. AMSTERDAM PRIDE!! Yes! All CAPS because our amazingly awesome TAIMI crew is heading to the Netherlands too! Can you tell that we’re excited to spread the love?Speaking of love… the Netherlands will be joining a lovely list of countries experiencing everything TAIMI has to offer — France, Germany, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, United States, Canada and Brazil just to start.

In addition to all the greatness above, TAIMI has super exciting plans in the works. The company plans to make the news public this August, but we’ll raise the curtain a bit for you — we love EVERYBODY not just gay men (not to worry we still love you a lot!)So, for now, gay men in the Netherlands and the countries TAIMI is already available in will be able to install, register and use the app to its fullest.TAIMI’s CEO is also pretty enthusiastic about the upcoming release in the Netherlands. Alex Pasykov says, “It is only fitting that TAIMI is launching in the Netherlands next. We proudly support world pride and Amsterdam Pride is no exception. TAIMI even recently started a social media campaign #taimipride to promote pride around the globe! We plan to announce the winner during the Pride in Amsterdam and truly cannot wait to welcome everyone in the Netherlands to TAIMI”

If you didn’t know that TAIMI prides itself on being a reliable and safe network where users can freely post their opinions, create groups and form communities you’ve probably been living under a rock.TAIMI is the best application on the market for dating and socializing. Our recently updated easy-to-use interface gives users an ability to produce interactive feeds, publish stories, make video calls, send ice-breaks without compromising their safety and security.

TAIMI has zero tolerance for judgment, discrimination, hate or aggression. To keep things that way — TAIMI has several layers of verification, 24/7 profile moderation, around-the-clock live support, and PIN/Fingerprint/Face recognition.Yes, TAIMI is indeed is free and available to download in the App Store and Google Play. Although, there is a stunning subscription-based premium version is available. So, we look forward to Amsterdam Pride, to the launch in the Netherlands, to you joining us soon!

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