Pride Enthusiasm – Your Sexual Fluidity Can Rule

Last Updated 15.06.2022
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It can happen. You have a solid sexual identity (gay, lesbian, bi, etc.), and your identity has stuck with you all your adult life.

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At a party a couple of years back, though, you got caught up in an experience you’ve never had before. Maybe you are gay and you joined a threesome with a female. And you liked it. You had a sexually fluid moment. Does that mean you were no longer gay? Of course not. But it does mean that, even through the COVID pause, you remembered that fluid encounter and the pleasure it brought. Now it’s time for the first Pride in two years, and you are ready to get out there and celebrate. Maybe this means you can find more fluid moments to enjoy. Let’s explore this.

Just What is Sexual Fluidity?

There are actually two kinds of sexual fluidity - permanent or temporary.


Permanent fluids do not have a specific gender identity or preference. They don’t seek sexual pleasure with any one gender but, instead, experience sexual satisfaction across the board of LGBTQ+ genders and even with straights. Permanent fluids should not be confused with bi-sexuals. Bi’s have a fixed gender identity; fluids do not.


The example above is temporary fluidity. Basically, this person has a gender identity (gay, lesian, bi, trans, etc. but moves outside of that identity and preference on occasion, depending on unique occasions or situations. But the vast majority of their sex occurs within their gender.

How Your Pride Enthusiasm Can Let Your Sexual Fluidity Rule

You’ve been without a Pride celebration for two years and have definitely suffered Pride withdrawal. Now that’s all over and you are making all the preps for this year’s celebration. In fact, you are prepping for a full blowout, because that’s exactly what it’s going to be.

  1. As you are prepping, you are also remembering that one or those few sexually fluid moments you have had. And you remember how much you liked it.

  2. Now here you are wondering what may be waiting for you at Pride this year. You are looking forward to meeting up and hooking up with whoever you may feel attracted to at the moment. It’s definitely time to experience some fluid moments again. Just go for it!

  3. You will come upon groups who have as much enthusiasm as you. They may or may not be of your gender preference – so what? At Pride, all gender identities intermingle. Are some of them looking for fluid moments? Yes. Are some of them permanent fluids? There will be some.

  4. Don’t force anything, if you find yourself attracted. Just be your enthusiastic self and gauge how they are responding to you. You can use the normal flirting techniques – make eye contact, compliment them on their outfit, hair, whatever, and see if you are getting a welcoming response. If so, go for a drink and see what happens next.

  5. Keep your ear to the ground about parties and other smaller events that seem to be “all-inclusive.” These will be potential hook-up gatherings, perhaps even for threesomes. And you should let it be subtly known that you are “up for anything.”

None of these fluid moments means that you will become permanently fluid. But you will want to make friends with a few and become a part of their groups - the perfect environment for your fluid moments. And remember, the saying is always true: “What goes on at Pride stays at Pride.” When you return home, there is no reason for you to talk about your Pride fluidity at all, unless you choose to share.

Let’s Recap

Sexual fluidity can be permanent or temporary, and fluid encounters are not associated with any gender identity. No matter what your identity, you can have moments of fluidity and find lots of pleasure and satisfaction. Pride is a great place to give in to your fluidity and just let it rip. Indulge yourself - it’s been two long years.

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