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Last Updated 22.11.2018
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Sometimes you might find yourself in a situation when you’ve been swiping for hours and wondering if there is something wrong with you or the people you are swiping right. Whether this has happened to you or not, something we, in Taimi, have learned is that very often users lack self-awareness or self-confidence. They swipe on guys they think will swipe back, failing to realize that they are liked by a completely different type of people.

This issue is an obstacle for you to find your perfect match. We realized that for you to better understand what kind of people like you and thus to get more matches on Taimi, you need to be able to access this information on a dating app. In Taimi we have developed this great feature, which allows our users to see whom they are liked by. The feature is a great way for you to discover how you are perceived, get more confident in your attempts and dozens of matches, trust us on this one. Also, apart from having access to this data, you can even purchase an additional feature which will allow you to message people who have shown interest and taken a look at your profile.Have you used this feature yet? If not, go check it out by logging in now!

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