Know Before You Go - A Summary Of Pride Sex Parties And Other Key Gatherings

Last Updated 31.05.2022
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It’s not just about the parades. It’s about the celebrations. And those celebrations include parties – big public parties and smaller ones at bars, hotels, and even private homes.

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Anyone who participates in Pride in major cities will have opportunities to go to a variety of sex parties, where they can hook up with others of their gender identity, as well as celebrate their peers in the larger LGBTQ+ community. Parties are an essential part of the celebration of pride and you very well need to take the time to enjoy some of them. Here’s a look at just a few of the types of parties you may attend.

Large Public Venues

These are common events. They are well-known and heavily advertised. Expect big crowds, lots of celebrities, and music. Some of these gatherings are serious bucket list items for scene queers. Here’s just a brief sampling of these glitz and glam get-togethers.

London, UK – June And July

Okay. This one isn’t technically during Pride month, but it is pride weekend. This is quite possibly one of the largest pride celebrations around and has a lot to see and do. Just check out these events. These and more are part of Pride in London’s celebration of 50 years of pride!

  • Parade - Back to its traditional route to celebrate 50 amazing years.

  • Fundraiser Concert - Calum Scott & Haley Kiyoko on June 4th

  • “We Pink” Party at Electric Brixton - July 2nd 18 and older! House music

  • Future Disco Pride Party – #90 Bar and Restaurant -  July 2nd! Lineup TBA

  • Pride in Surrey – Watchetts Recreation Ground, Camberley August 27th. All are welcome.

There are sure to be even more festivals coming soon. Check Google and other local listings!

U.S. – June

You can bet that every major city in the United States is going to be celebrating pride. Hell, most small towns will as well. Just check out these big-ticket events from the East to West Coast.

New York City

As one of the most prominent and populous cities in the entire country, you can expect that New York City Pride will be an event to remember. After all, New York City was where the Stonewall riots occurred, making this city much more prominent in its importance to pride. Shopping, concerts, parades, and so much more. If you happen to miss one event during the month there are plenty of others to check out as well.

The Rally (June 22), Youth Pride (June 25), Pride Island Music Festival(24-26), Pridefest Street Festival, The Brunch (19th- a celebration of Back LGBTQ+ leaders)

San Francisco

The state of California is well known for its support of the LGBTQ community as well as its festivals and events. After all, being home to many celebrities you can expect to find plenty of celebrations that are televised for everyone to see. This in turn makes these events well looked forward to across the country. 

Pride slogan “Love Will Keep Us Together;” Civic Center Plaza Outdoors day-long party; Haight-Ashbury bar parties; smaller bars and restaurants along the parade route.


Visiting the windy city has a lot of appeal. Museums, food, theater, and so much more. Pride in this city isn’t very different either. 

Pridefest – two-day block party (food, drink, and performances); Concert at Grant Park – two-day music festival; Navy Pier music and fashion show.

Los Angeles

LA Pride in the Park (ticketed concert-music, comedians, etc.); beach parties; West Hollywood separate celebrations – music festival and celebration of the local queer community.

For the full calendar, go to Gay Pride Calendar 2022 - Travel Gay

Smaller Private Parties

Held in hotel banquet rooms, large bars and restaurants, and even in private homes. You really have to pay close attention or be in the right place or the right time. Check out social media as well.

Some are by invitation only; others, first-come, first-serve; some or specific gender identities – promoted by fliers and/or word of mouth. Take a close look at these ground rules so that you will always be welcome!

  • Cash only admission

  • Bring your own booze/pot or cash bar

  • Responsible for own gear and valuables

  • Costume requirements

  • Condoms, dental dams, toys, and lube on you

Parting Thoughts

Pride celebrations are far more than just parades. There are both free and fee-based parties. Do your research or keep your ear to the ground during the time you are there to find out which ones are for you. We promise there is a  pride gathering for every personality!

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