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Gut Feeling You're Meant to Be with Someone: to Trust on Not to Trust?

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At some point in your life, you may get a gut feeling you're meant to be with someone. And it may make you feel hesitant about whether you should trust your gut and do what feels right or think rationally and make an informed decision about your relationship.

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    In most cases, strong gut feeling is associated with the right life choices. So if you are looking for a healthy and successful relationship, you should trust your gut instinct. Here are ten reasons that support this point.

    What Is Gut Feeling?

    A gut feeling can be described as a "deep knowing" - you know exactly what you should do without being able to explain why it will be the right choice. It's an intuitive, unconscious reaction to someone or something. This reaction takes place on a physical level - you can literally feel it in your body. 

    14 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Ignore Gut Feeling You're Meant to Be with Someone

    Do you want to have a clear idea of why you should trust your feelings? Here are 14 solid reasons to tune in with your intuition.

    You Have a Positive Experience of Trusting Your Gut Feeling

    Probably you have been ignoring your gut feeling, but it has always been there. I bet there were situations in your life when you thought: "OMG! I knew it! I was right!" Yep, you were right a million times before because of your gut instincts. And this time, you will make the right choice again if you listen to your gut.

    Everyone has a story to share about trusting their gut feelings when building romantic relationships. Here is a tweet from a girl who knew she couldn't trust her best friend.

    Do you have a feeling you're meant to be together? Listen to the little voice in your head - put effort into winning the heart of this special person.

    You Know Better What's Right for You

    Humans are social creatures, and that's the main reason we greatly depend on the opinions of others. When we meet someone, we start asking our best friends and family what they think about this person. And that's a big mistake. Never make it again! Remember that when it comes to a romantic relationship, you are the only person who knows the right answers.

    Here is what one Twitter user says about relying on unsolicited advice from others.

    Don't pay attention to what other people say. Even if they have good intentions, their advice may bring more harm than good. Focus on your feelings and trust your gut. If you feel like it's something more than just physical attraction, go for it.

    You Don't Want to Waste Your Time

    Pay attention to your gut feelings at the early stages of your relationship. It will prevent you from wasting your time on relationships with the "wrong partners". If your gut instinct tells you to stop dating, you should break up immediately.

    Let's imagine the following situation. You've started dating someone who is smart, open-minded, and loves baseball as much as you do. It seems like this person is a good match for you. But every time you go on a date, you have gut feelings that this person will never make you happy.

    Instincts rarely fail. If you keep dating, you will unlikely build a healthy relationship. In situations like this, the best decision is to break up and start over. Want to find the right person? Use a dating app where you can chat with like-minded people and get to know them better before going on a real date.

    You Want to Be the Most Authentic Self

    Do you want to connect with your true self? Listen to your gut, and you will develop your self-awareness in the right direction.

    You should trust your inner voice because it's an integral part of you. It's something you were born with - you can't ignore it. If you've met someone with whom you share the same core values and have a strong emotional connection, don't be afraid to take the next step and take your relationship to the next level.

    Tip: Whatever happens, stay true to your inner self. Don't go against your intuitive feelings. It will allow you to build a successful relationship and find true happiness.

    It All Happens on a Physical Level

    Even though we, human beings, differ from wild animals in many ways, we still have many things in common. And instincts are one of those things. When we meet a special person, a sudden instinctive hit happens on a physical level and then reaches our consciousness level.

    Definition: Instincts are genetically hard-wired body reactions and behaviors we use to cope with sudden changes in the environment.

    When you see a snake, you immediately get the feeling of danger and disgust. When you meet someone special, you get an immediate understanding that you're meant to be together. When you see this person, you feel warm inside, your heart starts beating faster, and you can't keep a smile off your face.

    TIP: Pay close attention to how your body reacts to different people: if someone in the room makes you feel special, put effort into winning this person over.

    You Have Vivid Dreams About This Person

    Your dreams represent your true feelings and desires. If you have dreams about one person over and over again, it's a clear sign that there is a deep connection between the two of you, and it will never go away. On a subconscious level, you already know that you have met the love of your life.

    Days and nights, your gut feeling tries to direct you to the right path. And it's your job to read these cues and follow the direction given. The more you trust your gut, the easier you navigate your life and make the right choices.

    Have you seen your soulmate in your dream today? That's great! Call them right now and share your dream. If both of you feel connected, your soulmate has likely also seen you in their dreams.

    You Get a Déjà Vu

    Have you just met this person, but it feels like you have known each other for many years? This feeling is one of the key signs that you're meant to be together. Don't be afraid to trust your gut feeling - you are one step away from the best relationship you have ever had.

    Love is undeniable chemistry. When you meet your soulmate, the world around you changes in an instant. You breathe easily, feel peaceful, and want to spend every spare minute together. You don't want to hide your feelings - you want to tell the world about your love. And yes, sometimes it feels like a deja vu because it's hard to believe that you feel so good next to someone you barely know.

    You Want to Feel Confident

    The feeling of confidence goes hand in hand with gut feelings. Just think of it. You can't feel confident if you do something that goes against your gut instinct.

    Do you feel like you need to call this person or meet them one more time? Do it right away. Otherwise, you will have to deal with self-doubt and overthinking.

    You Will Regret It if You Don't

    As we have mentioned earlier, gut feeling rarely fails. People who don't trust their sixth sense regret their choices later in life. If you don't want to miss an opportunity to be with someone who makes you feel loved and valued, you should trust your gut feeling.

    Let's say you have met someone who is ten years younger than you. You are on the same wavelength and feel relaxed with each other. Your gut feeling tells you that you have found your soulmate. But your friends tell you that this person is too young and can't be genuinely interested in you.

    What will happen if you go against your gut instinct and listen to what others say? You will grow old alone, regretting your past decision. You will blame yourself for losing the love of your life. That sounds pretty sad, isn't it?

    Do you want to have zero regrets in ten years or thirty years? Do whatever gut instincts tell you to do. Don't believe this strategy works? Talk to your older relatives and ask their opinion. The happiest of them will say they always listen to their gut feeling.

    Tip: Follow your gut instinct to have fewer regrets later in life.

    You Need to Stop Self-Sabotaging

    Going against gut feeling is a form of unconscious self-sabotage. You know what is right for you, but still, you make decisions that lead to negative outcomes.

    Brad Brenner, Ph.D., provides the following definition of self-sabotage:

    "Self-sabotage occurs when we destroy ourselves physically, mentally, or emotionally or deliberately hinder our own success and well-being by undermining personal goals and values."

    You see clearly that there is mutual respect and mutual understanding between the two of you. You are on the same page, and your gut tells you to invest all your time in this relationship. Why on earth would you sabotage your happiness by cheating on this person?

    Listen to your gut and choose long-term happiness over immediate pleasure. If you have already met someone you want to share your life with, forget about having one-night stands with random people. Be faithful and focus on your shared values.

    You Can Read Body Language Instinctively

    Non-verbal communication is crucially important in a romantic relationship, especially in the early stages. When two people, who are meant to be together, meet for the first time, they can't find the right words to describe their strong feeling. But their body language is pretty explicit and can be read instinctively.

    When you see how a person mirrors your posture and gestures and gives your the biggest and the most genuine smile, you get an instinctive hit. You don't need to analyze all these cues - your brain does it automatically. Intuitively, you understand that this person has the same feeling - you are both in love and are meant to grow old together.

    Note that not only you can see and read these non-verbal communication cues, but other people too. So don't be surprised if some of your friends call you a couple before you declare your relationship.

    One Twitter user writes about how easy it is to spot two people in love.

    You Want to Be with Someone Who Likes the Same Things

    Your gut feeling helps you find people with the same interests as you do, and it all happens unconsciously.

    Interesting fact: Unconscious cognition allows us to process the perception without being aware of it. We can analyze the world around us without paying attention to the things we actually hear and see.

    Imagine you are in a coffee shop waiting for your order. There are other people around you, but you don't pay attention to them. But then boom! You notice someone for the first time and get an instant connection. How does it happen?

    Let's see. This person has come to your favorite coffee shop, ordered a caramel latte (your favorite drink), and has been dressed in sneakers of your favorite brand. Your brain has processed this information faster than you have noticed and identified this person as a perfect match for you. And now your gut feeling tells you to come closer to this stranger and start a talk.

    You Feel Comfortable When They Enter Your Personal Space

    We tend to protect our personal space - we don't allow strangers to invade it. But when we meet someone who makes us feel comfortable, it changes our world upside down. We want this person to be around us 24/7, and we want to feel touches, kisses, and more.

    Have someone entered your comfort zone, and you don't mind it? That's a sign that you need to pay attention to what your gut says. If it feels like true love, it is true love.

    You Have Been Dreaming About This Person All Your Life

    Have you been asking the universe to send you a sign once you meet the partner of your dreams? Now your gut instinct is pointing you to the sign, and it's your job to notice it.

    Just think of it. You have been dreaming about this person long before you met. Every night before falling asleep, you have been thinking about someone special who will walk into your life and change it forever. You have been dreaming about a person with whom you will be able to can finish each other's sentences and understand each other without words.

    Well, if you have never followed your gut instinct, it might be scary to trust it for the first time - it's completely normal. But you need to overcome your fears and do it for your own sake. Be open about your feelings, and your biggest dream will come true.

    3 Ways to Start Trusting Your Gut

    Some people have a strong intuition from day one. Others need to learn to trust their gut feelings. If you want to practice this skill to improve your decision-making, here are a few ideas on how to do it.

    Start small

    Have you always been a person who heavily relies on analytical thinking? You need to change your approach to the decision-making process and stop thinking twice when making minor decisions. Let's consider two situations in which you can start using your gut feeling instead of analytical thinking.

    • When you come to the restaurant, open the menu and order the first meal that grabs your attention. Don't read the whole menu, and don't ask the waiter any additional questions. Your gut already knows which meal will bring you the most joy, so there is no sense in spending time on menu reading.

    • When using a dating app, swipe left or right as soon as you see a picture. Don't try to analyze what you see in the picture. Have you swiped right on someone with five cats while you have a cat allergy? Well, if you are meant to be together, you will figure out how to deal with it.

    Learn the difference between fear and gut feeling

    Another common problem why people don't trust their gut is that sometimes it's hard to see the difference between fear and gut feeling.

    Harward Business Review provides the following definitions of fear and intuition:

    "Fear has a pushing energy as if you're trying to force something or selecting an option because you want to avoid a threat, rejection, or punishment. While intuition, on the other hand, has pulling energy, as if your choice is moving you toward your best interest, even if that means pursuing a risk or moving more slowly than others."

    Let's say you feel connected with someone but don't want to have a committed relationship. Stop for a moment and think of whether you feel this way because of your fear or gut feeling.

    If you have ever been fooled by someone you love, you likely have a fear of taking your current relationship to the next level. If this is the case, you should overcome your fears and start a committed relationship.

    But what if your gut feeling tells you that you haven't met the right person just yet? You should follow your gut instinct and avoid committed relationships until you find someone you are meant to be together.

    Once you figure out how to differentiate fear from strong intuition, it will be much easier for you to listen to your gut feeling and achieve positive outcomes in relationships and life.

    Run a small experiment today

    Are you ready to see your gut feeling in action? Have a "Yes Day" - say yes to your gut instinct all day long and see where it will lead you. Turn off rational thinking and turn on your sixth sense - it's a fun way to discover what's really important for you and connect with people who hold a special place in your heart.

    During the experiment, focus on your feelings while making small and big decisions. As long as you have a positive feeling toward the experiment, keep going. If you get a negative feeling, put your experiment on pause and try again later.

    Tip: Use your gut feeling to navigate your life in the same way as you use a navigation app for driving your car. When in doubt, double-check whether you have set the right direction.

    Wrapping Up

    If you have a gut feeling you're meant to be with someone, don't ignore it, even if you don't completely understand how "deep knowing" works. Trust your instincts and choose the right path. Once you start using your intuition on a daily basis, you will simplify your everyday life and become a happier person.

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