Finding Your Hookup During Pride Events – Some Tips

Last Updated 04.06.2022
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The Muppet Movie was a huge hit when it came out in 1979 – wow that’s a long time ago. And in that movie, there was a song, “The Rainbow Connection,” that literally referred to actual rainbows.

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The rainbow as a symbol of the LGBTQ+ community was almost a natural outcome. Now, the connection part. Making those “rainbow connections'' during Pride means finding hookups that make the event far more exciting and pleasurable. If you are going to Pride with the intention of hookups, no matter what your gender identity, here are some tips to help you do just that.

You Can’t Be Spontaneous With All Sorts of Gear

You want to be ready for action, but don’t want to carry around a bulky bag or purse. This is understandable, after all, pride can be a very intense type of event and it is much more efficient to travel light during it. Instead, travel light with a fanny pack, or bum bag if you prefer. There is just enough room for condoms, lube, and other little necessities like dental dams. Now, continue that minimalism with your clothing. Halter tops, high heels, booty shorts, thigh-highs, you name it!

Find Your Hookup Groups

You have to connect with the right groups. For example, if you’re out at night in search of a woman (or women), find a group and chat them up. After all, you cannot expect to be able to connect or hook up with anybody without communicating with them. Also, read the room. Figure out the activity whether it’s dancing or listening to music, and ask to join in.

Get Your Flirt On

Yes, it’s all about the alluring eye contact. Just be sure to practice in the mirror before you head out. What you think is a sultry gaze could look more like constipation. A sultry or flirtatious look should both look and feel natural. It should be noticeable to the person that you're trying to seduce as well as easy to hide from others. 

Next, notice something about the other person and pay them a compliment. Be sincere and detailed. Don’t say, “you look nice.” Instead, say “I really think those sapphire earrings look amazing in this light.” Remember that a person is likely going to be a lot more responsive to a more detailed compliment than a generic one. After all they probably hear generic compliments all the time from people they would never consider becoming involved with. 

You can also try giving a small gift. Nothing expensive or super meaningful, but something that you believe they would enjoy. Maybe a handheld pride flag or pin. Tell them you think it would look better on them. While it might just be a trinket, a small gift makes you a more memorable person. Which leads to the path of potential future interactions.

Offer to buy them a drink. Just use good judgment. Don’t get them drunk. Don’t buy them drinks if they are drunk. Remember, consent, consent, consent.

Now, you can try something physical. Just go slowly, and read their cues. You can increase your intensity if they respond positively. For example, you could start off by putting your hand on top of theirs. If they seem to recoil or pull back that is most likely a signal that you need to back away as they likely don’t want to connect in that way. However, if they seem to lean into the touch somehow, such as putting their other hand on top of yours or giving you a glance or a smile then you can move forward. 

Finally! It’s time to take things to the next level. Try inviting them out to a pride party, or back to your digs.

More Fabulous Pride Hookup Tips

  • Stay hydrated to be energized and ready for amazing sex

  • Ask and wait for clear consent

  • Make sure they are into the same things as you

  • Don’t catch feelings - the point of this is a hookup!

Final Thoughts

Hookups at Pride events are common and to be expected. If that’s what you are looking for, you will probably not be disappointed. Just prepare in advance, put your flirt on, and take your cues for moving forward. If you are on the receiving end of a come-on, you get to choose – move into that situation or politely decline without being hurtful.

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