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Last Updated: 12/16/2022
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The term (Xoy) typically refers to a non-binary gender that identifies as a non-binary boy. This means a person may refer to themselves in some way related to masculinity. 

The word essentially refers to an individual that is non-binary with alignment to manhood or boyhood but prefers to use a more neutral sounding word than boy. There are several similar terms like non-binary man or enboy that some individuals use interchangeably. 

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Terminology & History

There is no clear indication as to when the term originated. It seems that it was coined fairly recently in 2021. This is when the flag was posted on a website to refer to non-binary identification. 

The term can be used by any non-binary individual that has a link to masculinity.


Xoy people fall under the non-binary umbrella. This means they typically will use either gender-neutral pronouns like they/them or neopronouns of their preference. That said, there may be non-binary folks that use specific pronouns like he/him or she/her. 

It is always best to double-check with the individual about their preferred pronouns. Remember to never assume someone’s pronouns based on their gender expression or identity. Always share your pronouns in oral and written communication. If possible, politely ask them whether they prefer to use their name instead. 

Flag and Symbols

There are currently two versions of the flag available online. The original flag features the following colors:

  • greenish-blue represents closeness to boyhood
  • green represents non-binary identity
  • white for genderqueer identification
  • grey represents the entire spectrum or an individual meaning of the grey area

The alternate flag has a different color scheme. It features red for the disconnect with the binary, orange for the detachment from the binary masculinity, white for being non-binary, green represents a partial connection to boyhood, and blue for the general connection to boyhood/masculinity. 

Xoy flagXoy flag

How to Know if You are Xoy?

If you are non-binary and accept a connection to masculinity or boyhood, if you are content with the term, it makes you feel happy, then go ahead and claim it. 

No one can tell you who you are and are not. So, if the term is how you accept your non-binary masculine nature then it is the best term for you. Remember, it is valid no matter what. Sexuality may and often does change.

An alternate version of the flagAn alternate version of the flag

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