Uranic - What is it? What does it mean?

Last Updated: 12/16/2022
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Uranic typically refers to an attraction to masculine non-binary people, androgynous NB people, male-aligned individuals as well as males. It is also sometimes called nofemsexual which means people are attracted to all genders except women, women-aligned, feminine-aligned enby folks.

Non-binary people most often use this label to discuss their sexuality but anyone can use the label to talk about their feelings for males, masculine-aligned and neutral enby people.

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Terminology & History

The terminology around uranic should not be confused with a similar word. Despite the fact that these two terms are spelled the same way, it also means containing uranium.

According to Urban Dictionary, the term that talks about feelings towards people who are male, male-aligned, masculine-aligned, or neutral can be best defined as: 

"The attraction to men and non-binaries or the attraction to all except females and feminine-aligned non-binaries.

The word uranic was coined by a Tumblr user in August 2017.

Flag and Symbols

The uranic flag was created by a Tumblr user loud-and-queer on September 17th, 2017

Uranic flagUranic flag

There is also a simplified version of the flag featuring the planet Uranus: 

simplified version of the flag featuring the planet UranusSimplified Uranic flag


People who are uranic typically identify as non-binary. That means they will tend to use neutral pronouns like: 





That said, NB people may also use pronouns like he/him or she/her if they choose to. Also, people of any gender may identify as uranic. It is important to never assume someoneโ€™s sex and pronouns based on their sexual orientation, presentation, or expression. Always share your pronouns in conversation and written communication and ask the person about their preferred pronouns in a polite way. Some people may prefer to use their names instead of pronouns. 

How to Know if You are Uranic?

If you are an enby person or a person of any gender on the spectrum who experiences feelings for male-aligned, males, masculine, and androgynous enby individuals - you may be uranic. 

If you feel the label fits your sexuality well then go ahead and claim it. Please note, that nobody can tell you what your sexuality is but yourself. If you believe that uranic is the best way to describe your feelings for people then it is the best label for you at the moment. 

Your orientation and identity are yours and yours alone. No person can tell you how to live your life, so if you believe that you are uranic- then great, feel free to use the word to define the way you feel towards others. 

Another version of the flagAnother version of the flag

An alternate version of the flagAn alternate version of the flag

6 stripe version of the flag6 stripe version of the flag

Another alternate version of the flagAnother alternate version of the flag

Four stripe version of the flagFour stripe version of the flag

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