Stargender - What is it? What does it mean?

Last Updated: 12/19/2022
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Stargender typically is a term that is used to refer to people’s gender identities. Identifying one's gender as a stargender is not widely used but it does not matter how many other terms are out there. Your self identity is valid.

A person self identified as a stargender may use the term to refer to a xenogender in which they self identify as a star. In more accurate terms the word may also refer to worldly non human gender that is beyond which genders are discovered, coined or comprehended by earthly terms. The word may also describe a gender that cannot be defined by any meaning.

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According to the most accurate definition of stargender on Urban Dictionary, the term stands for: 

“A xenogender identity where someone's (usually with Autism) gender is connected to a star. “

The term may refer to a xenogender in which a person’s gender is or is like a star. Among the many genders are discovered subgenders for this definition. Among them are blue star, therefore being an O-stargender or B-stargender. Other terms might include A-stargender, F-stargender, G-stargender, K-stargender or M-stargender for other types of stars. In addition, a stargender person might identify as a binary or multiple star system.


The term stargender seems to have originated online sometime in 2014. The second definition of it is well documented with posts on Tumblr and other discord servers. Some dispute the existence of this gender regardless of how many genders a person may use to identify emself. 

Flag and Symbols

There are several versions of the stargender flag available online. Most of the feature variations of star imagery along with blue and white colors. Some cite the flag that has a dark star on a five stripe blue and white background whereas others suggest the official flag is split into four sections with a yellow star in the left corner. 

Stargender flagStargender flag

The other official flagThe other official flag


People who identify as stargender typically use neopronouns. Some of the neopronouns individuals may use are: 

  • star/star/stars/stars/starself 
  • nov/nova/novas/novas/novaself
  • com/comet/comets/comets/cometself
  • wi/wish/wishes/wishes/wishself

These are just some of the pronouns stargender people may use to refer to themselves. Always remember to ask the person about their preferred pronouns. If in doubt, use their name. Try to do your best to share pronouns in conversation and written communication. Never assume someone’s pronouns based on their gender identity or expression. 

How to Support Someone Who is Stargender?

If you would like to show your support, you can follow some of these steps:

  • Do not make assumptions about the person’s gender identity
  • Do not judge or mistreat someone based on their gender
  • Do not ask intrusive and impolite questions 
  • Educate others about the gender spectrum

An outdated original flagAn outdated original flag

Alternative flagAlternative flag

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