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Last Updated: 12/16/2022
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A squish typically refers to a platonic crush. It may be defined as a strong platonic or non-romantic desire for an emotional relationship with a person. It is most often used by aromantic people but is not limited to folks on the aro spectrum. 

A-spec individuals may use the term to refer to the object of their platonic desire. It means a person who has a squish on someone experiences an intense feeling of attraction and admiration for someone without romantic or sexual attraction. 

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Terminology & History

According to the Urban Dictionary, a squish is a platonic crush, one where you like someone and want to be close to them, but not in a romantic way.

A squish is not limited to people who identify as asexual or aromantic. Since it refers to a form of platonic attraction, people of any sexuality or romantic attraction may experience squishes.

Typically the word refers to a strong desire to be close or best friends with a particular person or become friends with them eventually. A squish can apply to any attraction that is not sexual or romantic. 

Flag and Symbols

There is a platonic attraction flag available online. People who experience squishes may use it. The flag was published some time in January 2021 on Reddit. It features four stripes. 

  • The orange stands for joy

  • Pink represents tenderness

  • Yellow stands for friendship

  • White represents unity


Folks who have squishes are often on the aromantic and asexual spectrum. That said, many of them use different pronouns that may be gender-neutral they/them or gender-specific she/her or he/him. They may also use neopronouns of their choice. It is crucial never to assume someone’s pronouns based on their romantic attraction or sexuality. If you are unsure what pronouns the person uses - always refer to them by their name. Do your best to share pronouns in written and oral communication at all times. 

How To Know If You Have a Squish?

If you express an interest or desire to be friends with a particular person, you may have a squish. If you question whether your platonic attraction is intense enough to want to learn more about the individuals and have them as your close friends- you may be squished.

A person is not limited to only one and may experience multiple squishes. Remember, only you can learn more about yourself and tell others what labels to use to reflect your experiences.

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