Poly Lesbian - What is it? What does it mean?

Last Updated: 12/16/2022
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Poly lesbian flag

Poly lesbian or polysexual lesbian may refer to a person who identifies as both polysexual and lesbian. Some people choose to use the term to refer to their sexuality instead of just polysexual or lesbian.

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Terminology & History

According to the Urban Dictionary, the term means polysexual refers to someone who is attracted to more than two genders, but not all genders. Every polysexual person's attractions are different. 

The terminology may be used with the split attraction model meaning that it may apply to someone who is polysexual homoromantic, polyromantic homosexual or a person who experiences poly and/or lesbian tertiary attraction. 

The term may also be used by people who experience changing attraction or abrosexuality. It may be applied by someone who is a polysexual person and prefers to date feminine or feminine-aligned people. 

Flag and Symbols

There are two versions of the poly lesbian flag currently available online. The first poly lesbian flag was designed by a Tumblr user in 2020. 

The flag features pink shades, aqua, and purple. The colors have no known meaning. 

Poly lesbian flagPoly lesbian flag

The alternate version of the poly lesbian flag was created later that same year by another Tumblr user kenochoric. The flag features magenta, green, blue, and purple shades. It has no known meaning. 

Alternative poly lesbian flagAlternative poly lesbian flag


Polysexual lesbian or poly lesbian people may use a variety of different pronouns. Some poly lesbian persons may use neopronouns of their choice, while others may use pronouns like she/her or they/them even he/him. It is important never to assume someone’s pronouns based on their sexuality or gender. 

Always do your best to use gender inclusive language in written and oral communication. If you doubt someone’s pronouns - use the person’s name instead. 

How To Know If You’re a Poly Lesbian?

You may be a poly lesbian if you identify as both lesbian and polysexual. Also, if you believe the label fits you well and you feel comfortable with it, then, by all means, go ahead and claim it for yourself.

If you are a poly lesbian or woman-identifying person who believes they are polysexual and lesbian - you may use the label of poly lesbian.

Remember, no market research or audience insights can tell you how to feel. You are the only person to choose a label for yourself. Terms and identities shift over time and you may personally feel the need to change how you ultimately identify. So, never allow anyone to tell you how to call yourself. 

Poly lesbian flagPoly lesbian flag

Alternative poly lesbian flagAlternative poly lesbian flag

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